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Name: James Willoughby

Birth: Jan 1842 Allen County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 1912 Missouri City, Fort Bend, Texas, United States

Father: William Willoughby

Mother: Kesiah Smith

Name: James Allison Willoughby

Birth: 17 Feb 1833 Tenneesee

Death: 23 June 1896 Butler, Kentucky, USA

Father: Jefferson Willoughby

Mother: Elizabeth Dockery

Name: James Wallace Willoughby

Birth: 6 Oct 1898 Alabama USA

Death: 7 May 1986 Wooster, Wayne, Ohio, USA

Father: John Willoughby **

Mother: Martha Melissa Rankin

Name: James A Willoughby

Birth: 03/20/1843 Montgomery County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 20 Dec 1927 Powell, Kentucky, United States

Father: Benjamin/Ben Willoughby

Mother: Amanda Horne "Hahn" "Hon"

Name: James Russell Willoughby

Birth: 17 Feb 1919 Santa Barbara County, California

Death: 16 Feb 1980 Pacifica, San Mateo, California, United States of America

Father: Russell Holloway Willoughby

Mother: Maria Ramona Garcia

Name: James Lee Willoughby

Birth: 1 Feb 1927 Indiana

Death: 1 Jun 2005 Pendleton, Madison, Indiana, USA

Father: William Henry Willoughby

Mother: Mary Edna Rector

Name: James Willoughby

Birth: 16 Jan 1888 England, United Kingdom,

Death: 7 Mar 1982 Calumet, Houghton, Michigan, United States of America,

Father: John Willoughby

Mother: Ann (Annie) UREN

Name: James Willoughby

Birth: 15 Feb 1870 Campbell, Tennessee

Death: 21 Dec 1930 Knox, Tennessee

Father: John Willoughby

Mother: Eliza Henegar

Name: James Arthur Willoughby

Birth: 22 Feb 1929 Kennett, Missouri, USA

Death: Mar 1977 Missouri USA

Father: David Willoughby

Mother: Lois Dora Stanton

Name: James Stanley Willoughby

Birth: 3 Jul 1883 Montgomery, Kentucky, USA

Death: 10 Jun 1960 Taylorsville, Spencer, Kentucky, USA

Father: William Walter Willoughby

Mother: Etta Brady

Name: James I Willoughby

Birth: 25 Dec 1900 Kentucky

Death: 07 Sep 1956 Montgomery,Kentucky

Father: Pleasant Wade Willoughby

Mother: Matilda Nunn


Birth: 04 NOV 1860 LaFollette, Campbell, Tennessee

Death: 30 July 1926 La Follette, Campbell, Tennessee, United States

Father: Joseph Willoughby

Mother: Rhoda Heatherly Willoughby

Name: James Eli Willoughby

Birth: 8 Oct 1883 ,,Ohio

Death: 21 Apr 1952 Portland Oregon, USA

Father: Robt. Willoughby

Mother: Honore Canon

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