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Name: James Caulk Benningfield

Birth: April 20, 1820 Robinson Creek, Green, Kentucky, USA

Death: 9 Sep 1893 New Market, Marion, Kentucky, United States

Father: Reuben Benningfield

Mother: Lydia Caulk

Name: James Lee Benningfield

Birth: 9 Mar 1906 Larue County, Kentucky

Death: Dec 22 1991 Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, USA

Father: Stephen Pepper Benningfield

Mother: Nancy 'Nannie' E. (Walters) Benningfield

Name: James Richard Benningfield

Birth: 18 Feb 1875 Marion County, Kentucky

Death: 4 November 1909 Dewitt, Caroll County, Missouri

Father: Daniel Henry Benningfield

Mother: Eliza Minerva Rader

Name: James Marion Benningfield

Birth: 29 July 1881 Marion County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 10 August 1950 Marion County, Kentucky, USA

Father: John B Benningfield

Mother: Eliza Ann Hardesty Benningfield

Name: James William Benningfield

Birth: 22 Nov 1873 Marion County, Kentucky

Death: 17 Mar 1948 New Market, Marion County, Kentucky

Father: Abraham Beningfield

Mother: Nancy Jane Wise

Name: James Oliver Benningfield

Birth: 12 January 1884 Hancock County, Kentucky

Death: 3 January 1949 Daviess County, Kentucky

Father: William Preston "Pres" Benningfield

Mother: Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Tichenor

Name: James Camble Benningfield

Birth: 21 May 1926 McAlester Pi, Oklahoma

Death: 7 May 1995 Benton City, Benton, Washington, USA

Father: Thomas Lee Benningfield

Mother: Irene Mary Bryce

Name: James Guss Benningfield

Birth: September 08, 1881 Hempstead County, Arkansas, USA

Death: 4 July 1957 Bagwell, Red River County, Texas, United States of America

Father: John William Benningfield

Mother: Sally M Benningfield

Name: James Bunion Benningfield

Birth: 20 December 1902 Alcorn, Greenup, Kentucky, USA

Death: 24 January 1988 Garland, Dallas County, Texas

Father: Columbus Watson Benningfield

Mother: Elisa Frances Jones

Name: James Henry Benningfield

Birth: 7 July 1869 Williamson County, Texas, United States of America

Death: 1 April 1950 San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas, USA

Father: Joseph William Benningfield

Mother: Francis Martha Rhoades

Name: James Campbell Benningfield

Birth: 12/03/1868 Gainesville, Cooke, Texas, USA

Death: June 1933 Pima County, Arizona, USA

Father: William "Ben" Benningfield

Mother: Jerentha V Banning

Name: James Hudson Posey Benningfield

Birth: 1846 Red River) TX

Death: 1880 Atascosa, Texas, United States

Father: Hudson Posey Benningfield

Mother: Susanna Burkham Benningfield

Name: James P. Benningfield

Birth: 5 Jul 1881 Larue County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 9 April 1900 Kentucky, United States

Father: George Taylor Benningfield

Mother: Harriet S. Kirkpatrick

Name: James R Benningfield

Birth: abt 1861 Taylor County, Kentucky

Death: bef 1900

Father: Fleming P Benningfield

Mother: Nancy S Killen

Name: James Luther Benningfield

Birth: 22 FEB 1918 McCurtain, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 10 SEP 1982 Clarksville City, Red River, Texas, USA

Father: James Guss Benningfield

Mother: Lula Belle Bean

Name: James Theophilus "Jim" Benningfield

Birth: April 2, 1906 Pilgrim, Texas - Gonzales Co

Death: August 13, 1972 Cuero, Texas - DeWitt Co

Father: Henry Washington Benningfield

Mother: Lue Christmus

Name: James Robert Benningfield

Birth: 1 Sep 1853 Red River, Texas, USA

Death: 12 May 1924 Red River, Texas, USA

Father: William Benjamin Benningfield

Mother: Mary Ann C. Bankston

Name: James Albert Benningfield

Birth: 2 Dec 1926 Taylor, Kentucky

Death: 17 Sep 1960 Lebanon, Kentucky, USA

Father: Samson "Sam" Benningfield

Mother: Rhoda A Wheeler

Name: James Monroe Benningfield

Birth: 17 OCT 1894 Red River Co, Texas

Death: Mar 19, 1946 Red River Co., Texas

Father: James Robert Benningfield

Mother: Lunette Belle Bankston

Name: James Theo Benningfield

Birth: 20 Jul 1924 Paris, Lamar, Texas, USA

Death: 10 Oct 2009 Paris, Lamar, Texas

Father: Robert Lee BENNINGFIELD

Mother: Nettie Mae Garrison

Name: James L Benningfield

Birth: abt 1817 Kentucky

Death: 23 Mar 1863 Larue County, Kentucky

Father: Daniel Benningfield

Mother: Susannah "Susan" Milby Benningfield

Name: James Redus Benningfield

Birth: 20 Oct 1938 Unity, Lamar County, Texas, USA

Death: 4 November 2001 Paris, Lamar, Texas, USA

Father: Samuel Ezra BENNINGFIELD

Mother: Flora Garrison

Name: James Edward (Edwin) Benningfield

Birth: 1 Apr 1921 Dallas, Dallas, Texas, United States

Death: 28 Jul 1995 Dallas, Dallas, Texas, United States

Father: Merlin James Benningfield

Mother: Rose Clementine 'Marie' Fritts

Name: James M Benningfield

Birth: Oct 1862 Larue County, Kentucky

Death: 1935 Kansas, United States

Father: Daniel Taylor Benningfield

Mother: Margaret L Reed

Name: James Lyle Benningfield

Birth: 4 Jun 1917 Marion County, Kentucky

Death: 11 Dec 1986 Lebanon, Marion County, Kentucky

Father: James William Benningfield

Mother: Eva S. Buckman

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