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Name: James Wesley Haney

Birth: 7 AUG 1868 Limestone Co, AL

Death: 9 APR 1920 Lauderdale Co, AL

Father: John Gideon Haney

Mother: Mildred Thornton Northern

Name: James S. Haney

Birth: February 18, 1830 Gap, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Death: February 24, 1900 Chester County, Pennsylvania

Father: John Haney

Mother: Ann Andrews

Name: James Haney

Birth: Mar 1847 Moultrie, Illinois, USA

Death: 8 October 1906 Grant County, Nebraska, USA

Father: Thomas B. Haney

Mother: Celia "Sally" Walker-Haney

Name: James Haney

Birth: 6 Oct 1820 Ohio

Death: 27 May 1904 Port Jefferson, Shelby, Ohio, United States

Father: Jacob C. Haney

Mother: Elizabeth Deweese

Name: James A Haney

Birth: 23 Mar 1884 Rowan, Kentucky, USA

Death: 19 Mar 1948 Olive Hill, Elliott, Kentucky, United States

Father: Pascal Haney

Mother: Phoebe Ann Ingram

Name: James Melvin Haney

Birth: 12 October 1906 Valley Head, Alabama, USA

Death: 23 Jun 1969 Fort Payne, Dekalb, Alabama

Father: Lawrence Haney

Mother: Bertha Nettie Blansit

Name: James William Haney

Birth: 29 July 1875 Dallas County, Missouri, United States of America

Death: 2 Feb 1946 Sapulpa, South Heights, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Father: Andrew Haney

Mother: Lucy A Stafford

Name: James O Haney

Birth: 17 Dec 1890 Murphy, Cherokee, North Carolina

Death: 24 Jun 1938 Polk county, TN

Father: David Crockett Haney

Mother: Florence Chastain

Name: James Richard Haney

Birth: 1845 Deer Creek Tazewell Co Illinois

Death: 1920 California, United States

Father: JAMES Jr. Haney


Name: James Harrison Haney

Birth: 31 Mar 1848 McMinn County, Tennessee

Death: 12 Dec 1929 Houston, Texas, Missouri, United States

Father: Thomas F. Haney

Mother: Eliza Ann Raby

Name: James William Haney

Birth: 28 Aug 1842 Lawrence, Kentucky, USA

Death: 8 Sep 1916 Wabash, Illinois, USA

Father: Samuel Haney

Mother: Elizabeth Rice

Name: James R Haney

Birth: 15 May 1860 Alabama, United States

Death: 1928 Haleyville, Winston, Alabama, United States

Father: William bradford Haney

Mother: Martha Jane Simpson

Name: James Haney

Birth: June 12, 1904 Arkansas

Death: November 1, 1975 Mountain View, Stone, Arkansas, USA

Father: James Harvey Haney Sr

Mother: Frances Hopper

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