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Name: James Westbrook

Birth: 12 May 1812 Chester County, South Carolina, United States of America

Death: 29 September 1892 McCondy, Chickasaw County, Mississippi, United States of America

Father: Jarratt Westbrook

Mother: Lucy Blake

Name: James Hartley Westbrook

Birth: 11 April 1856 Linden, Morengo County, Alabama

Death: 29 August 1929 Lufkin, Angelina County, Texas, USA

Father: James George Westbrook

Mother: Joanna Hartley

Name: James T. "Bud" Westbrook

Birth: 24 Dec 1870 Williamson County, Texas, USA

Death: 1 Jan 1923 Menard, Menard, Texas, USA

Father: James Oliver Westbrook

Mother: Delana Ann Angelina Blair

Name: James William "Willie" Westbrook

Birth: 8 Nov 1855 Gallatin County, Illinois, USA

Death: 24 Mar 1917 Spokane, Spokane, Washington

Father: Francis Marion Westbrook

Mother: Pauline J Lafferty

Name: James Oliver Westbrook

Birth: 1828 North Carolina, USA

Death: 05/15/1891 Burnet County, Texas, USA Cauble Cemetary Lake Victor,Burnet County, Cemetaries of Texas

Father: Bartholomew Joseph Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth "Betsy" Hill

Name: James Westbrook

Birth: 25 Aug 1787 Virginia, USA

Death: 2 Jun 1854 Johnson County, Illinois, USA

Father: Josiah Amos Westbrook

Mother: Sally Bradley

Name: James Washington Westbrook

Birth: 17 March 1881 Marion County, Alabama, USA

Death: 28 September 1965 Winfield, Marion, Alabama, USA

Father: Dr Eldridge Lafayette Westbrook

Mother: Margaret Elizabeth Dickinson

Name: James Lee WESTBROOK

Birth: 26 May 1855 Jackson, Lowndes, Mississippi, United States

Death: 19 Mar 1936 Shamrock, Wheeler, Texas, United States

Father: James Henry Westbrook

Mother: Susan (Cooper) Westbrook

Name: James Lafayette Westbrook

Birth: Mar 1843 Illinois, United States

Death: 01 Nov 1921 National Home For Disabled Vol. Soldiers. Milwaukee, Wis

Father: James Westbrook

Mother: Polly Maria Putnam

Name: James Samuel Westbrook

Birth: 15 Jul 1868 Illinois, USA

Death: 10 Sep 1959

Father: George W Westbrook

Mother: Nancy Ellen Taylor

Name: James William Westbrook

Birth: 14 Feb 1939 Wisconsin

Death: 6 Jun 2017 Missouri, USA

Father: MORRIS LEVI Westbrook

Mother: Betty May Collins

Name: James Christopher Westbrook

Birth: 15 May 1882 Hartford, Kentucky

Death: 7 Jul 1951 Bowling Green, Warren, Kentucky, USA

Father: John C Westbrook

Mother: Frances Ann 'Fanny' Allen

Name: James Manley Westbrook

Birth: 1635 Essex, England

Death: 11 Jun 1717 Isle of Wight, Virginia, United States

Father: Thomas Westbrook

Mother: Joane Aylett

Name: James Dudley Westbrook

Birth: 28 Jun 1902 Mason County, Texas, United States of America

Death: 13 Jan 1994 San Angelo, Tom Green, Texas, USA

Father: John Barney Westbrook

Mother: Lennie McCollum

Name: James Monroe Westbrook

Birth: 02 Nov 1896 Mississippi,United States of America

Death: 17 Jan 1955 Houston, Chickasaw, Mississippi, United States

Father: JAMES "1863" "J L" LEE "JAY" "JIM" WESTbrook

Mother: Sarah Margaret (Maggie) Pearson

Name: James W. WESTBROOK

Birth: 5 Dec 1870 Alabama, USA

Death: 28 Mar 1941 Alba, Rains, Texas, USA

Father: Andrew Jackson Westbrook

Mother: Lougendia Flurry

Name: JAMES "1863" "J L" LEE "JAY" "JIM" WESTbrook

Birth: 7 Jan 1863 McCondy, Chickasaw, Mississippi, United States

Death: 10 Nov 1924 McCondy Baptist Church, Chickasaw County, Mississippi

Father: James Westbrook

Mother: Louisa Amelia Shell

Name: James L Westbrook

Birth: 24 May 1867 Licking County, Ohio, USA

Death: 16 Jun 1946 Newark, Ohio, USA

Father: Lemuel James Westbrook

Mother: Eliza Oatman

Name: James Kyne Westbrook

Birth: 20th Jan 1836 Rotherhithe, Surrey, England

Death: Not Available

Father: James Kyne Westbrook

Mother: Eliza Westbrook

Name: James H. Westbrook

Birth: 15 Dec 1836 Creal Springs, Williamson County, Illinois

Death: 20 Jul 1905 Creal Springs, Williamson, Illinois, USA

Father: William J Westbrook

Mother: Mary Polly Taylor

Name: James F. Westbrook

Birth: 28 Aug 1835 North Carolina, USA

Death: 17 Jan 1913 West Point, Clay, Mississippi, USA

Father: Lemuel Westbrook

Mother: Mary Jane Hardy

Name: James Henry Westbrook

Birth: 25 February 1877 Marengo County, Alabama, USA

Death: 21 March 1966 Pascagoula, Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Father: William Henry (Billy) Westbrook

Mother: Dialtha Cooke Varner

Name: James S. (C) "Uncle Jimmie" Westbrook

Birth: 1810 Westbrook Township, Sampson Co., NC

Death: 30 May 1885 Tallapoosa, Haralson County, Georgia, USA

Father: Moses B. Westbrook Sr.---DNA

Mother: Edna Frances Gainey

Name: James Calvin Westbrook

Birth: 7 Feb 1853 Franklin, Georgia, United States

Death: 1892 Saline, Arkansas, United States

Father: Mary Malinda Mays

Mother: Mary 'Malinda' Mayes

Name: James Henry Westbrook

Birth: 6 April 1850 Monroe County, Mississippi, USA

Death: 19 Feb 1926 Monroe, Mississippi, United States

Father: Joshua Westbrook

Mother: Abigail "Abi" Walston

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