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Name: James Joseph Vaughan

Birth: 30 Mar 1890 Tennessee

Death: Apr 1964 Davidson county, Tennessee, USA

Father: Oscar Lee Vaughan

Mother: Alice Lenora Layne

Name: James Arthur Vaughan

Birth: 7 May 1877 Lafayette, Sussex, New Jersey, USA

Death: 20 Jul 1970 Ho Ho Kus, Bergen, New Jersey, United States of America

Father: Richard Vaughan

Mother: Hannah J. Bevans Vaughan

Name: James McClellan "Clell" Vaughan

Birth: Jan 02, 1861 Maries Co., MO

Death: 14 February 1954 Leota, Howell Co., MO

Father: Sherwood Vaughan

Mother: Keziah Spurgeon

Name: James L Vaughan

Birth: 15 OCT 1795 Halifax,VA

Death: 1860 Live Oak, Texas, United States

Father: John S Vaughan

Mother: Nancy Callicot

Name: James Abbet Vaughan

Birth: 20 Jul 1839 Jackson County, Alabama, USA

Death: 23 May 1921 Peach, Wood, Texas, USA

Father: Austin McClellan Vaughan

Mother: Emily Alice Proctor

Name: James Gilbert Vaughan

Birth: 01 Oct 1832 Orange County, Virginia, United States of America

Death: 03 Apr 1912 Monroe County, West Virginia, United States of America

Father: Paschal "Pascall" T Vaughan

Mother: Henrietta Dowell (Vaughan)

Name: James Harold Vaughan

Birth: 08 Dec 1896 Mount Pleasant, Titus, Texas, USA

Death: 12 February 1986 Mount Pleasant, Titus, Texas, USA

Father: Charles David Vaughan

Mother: Mallie Ida Hanes

Name: James Lawrence Vaughan

Birth: 12 Mar 1841 Cooper, Missouri, United States

Death: 25 Aug 1923 Miller, Missouri, United States

Father: Joshua Vaughan

Mother: Elizabeth Betsy Birdsong

Name: James Madison Vaughan

Birth: 25 Oct 1831 Lincoln County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 13 August 1906 Putnam, Indiana, United States

Father: Joseph D. Vaughan (Vaughn)

Mother: Elenora Eleanor Ellen OBannon

Name: James Hannabal Vaughan

Birth: 11 June 1826 Kentucky

Death: 15 APR 1900 Ebb, St. Clair County, MO

Father: John Jacob Vaughan

Mother: Nancy Alman Wortham

Name: James Tunstall Vaughan

Birth: 19 FEB 1906 Hartlepool, Durham England

Death: 22 JUN 1944 Billingham, Durham

Father: Joseph Vaughan

Mother: Eliza Jane Tunstall

Name: James Patrick Vaughan

Birth: 18 December 1866 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Death: 1 May 1940 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Father: Michael F Vaughan

Mother: Jane McCarthy

Name: James Thomas Vaughan

Birth: 19 OCT 1883 Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama

Death: 24 JUN 1940 Okmulgee, Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Father: John Andrew Vaughan

Mother: Sarah (Sallie) Fahey

Name: James O. Vaughan

Birth: 16 Nov 1741 Amelia, Virginia, United States

Death: 28 Jul 1803 Amelia, Virginia, United States


Mother: Martha Chappell

Name: James Ross Vaughan

Birth: 23 Feb 1867 Salamanca, Cattaraugus, New York, USA

Death: 16 Aug 1943 Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Father: James A Vaughan

Mother: Augusta Harris

Name: James Lawrence Vaughan

Birth: 28 Dec 1873 Washington, Le Sueur, Minnesota, United States

Death: 06 Dec 1941 Glencoe, Cook, Illinois

Father: Michael Vaughan

Mother: Ellen Brannan

Name: James Vaughan

Birth: 1832 Youghal Parish, Cork, Ireland

Death: Jan 25, 1911 Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, England

Father: William Vaughan

Mother: Ellen Walsh

Name: James Edwin Vaughan

Birth: 5 Sept 1876 Manchester, VA

Death: 4 December 1944 Richmond City, Virginia, United States of America

Father: Richard Holt Vaughan

Mother: Esther Marian Clarke

Name: (James) Espy "Epp" Vaughan

Birth: 11 Mar 1901 Howell Co., MO

Death: 11 June 1982 Mannford, Oklahoma

Father: Miles Turp Vaughan

Mother: Annie Hoggatt

Name: James F Vaughan

Birth: 13 September 1852 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Death: 16 JUN 1914 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Father: Patrick Vaughan

Mother: Mary Sullivan

Name: James Curtis Vaughan

Birth: 8 SEP 1881 Elmira, Braxton, WV

Death: 30 Jul 1968 Sam Black Church, Greenbrier, West Virginia, USA

Father: @ John Bennett Vaughn

Mother: Paulina Isabelle Sears

Name: James Newton Vaughan

Birth: 29 Oct 1845 New Santa Fe, Jackson County, Missouri

Death: 23 FEB 1924 Martin City, Jackson, Missouri, USA

Father: Reuben Vaughn

Mother: Rebecca Harper

Name: James Robert Vaughan

Birth: 6 oct 1919 Springfield, Greene, Missouri, USA

Death: 8 may 1993 Springfield, Greene, Missouri, USA

Father: Henry Lafayette Vaughan

Mother: Susie Melinda Reynolds

Name: James Samson Vaughan

Birth: 7 July 1915 Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 4 July 2012 Mequon, Ozaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Richard English Vaughan

Mother: Aimee Eloise Samson

Name: James C Vaughan

Birth: 28 Aug 1807 Cross Hill, Laurens, SC

Death: 17 June 1866 Chappels, Saluda, SC

Father: Drury Taylor Vaughan

Mother: Elizabeth (twin) Chappell

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