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Name: Jesse Plummer

Birth: 04 Jan 1840 St Mary's, Luton, Bedfordshire, England

Death: 11 August 1908 113 Albert Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, England

Father: William Plummer

Mother: Mary Ann Nichols

Name: Jesse Reeves Plummer

Birth: 12 May 1838 Walnut Creek, Ashe county, nc

Death: 6 Feb 1899 Piney Creek, Alleghany, NC

Father: Samuel Plummer

Mother: Mahala M Reeves

Name: Jesse Plummer

Birth: 18 Sep 1740 Newbury, Mass

Death: 26 Dec 1824 Meredith, Belknap, New Hampshire, United States

Father: Nathaniel Plummer

Mother: Mary Stevens

Name: Jesse Emmett Plummer

Birth: 2 Apr 1863 Helton, Ashe County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 25 Jul 1943 Crumpler, Ashe County, North Carolina, USA

Father: John C Plummer

Mother: Mary Caroline Barnes

Name: Jesse Plummer

Birth: 06 Feb 1768 Londonderry, Rockingham, New Hampshire

Death: 23 Oct 1839 Meredith, Belknap, New Hampshire

Father: Jesse Plummer

Mother: Sarah MERRILL

Name: Jesse Plummer

Birth: 12 Jul 1803 Lynchburg, Independent Cities, Virginia, United States

Death: 10 Apr 1890 Polk City, Polk, Iowa, United States

Father: Asa Plummer

Mother: Grace Burgess

Name: Jesse Plummer

Birth: 13 Oct. 1814 Wilmore, Cambria, Pennsylvania

Death: 21 Apr 1893 Altoona, Blair, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Plummer

Mother: Mary Crum

Name: Jesse Plummer

Birth: 28 Oct 1763 Loudoun County, Virginia, USA

Death: 1840 Knox, Columbiana County, Ohio, USA

Father: Thomas PLUMMER III

Mother: Eleanor Walker Poultney

Name: Jesse William Plummer

Birth: Jan 1867 Luton, Bedfordshire, England

Death: 25 Aug 1935 Luton, Bedfordshire, England

Father: Jesse Plummer

Mother: Sarah Parkins

Name: Jesse Stanley Plummer

Birth: 06 Sep 1917 Bradford, Bracken Co, Kentucky

Death: 14 Feb 1985 Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky, USA

Father: Kelsey Edgar Plummer

Mother: Dora Ellen Boseke

Name: Jesse W. Plummer

Birth: Jan 1861 Illinois, United States

Death: 12 OCT 1940 Cambridge, Minnesota

Father: Addison G. Plummer (Dames)

Mother: Nancy Mary Bell (Dames)

Name: Jesse Plummer

Birth: 2 Jun 1834 Ringland, Norfolk, England

Death: 13 Nov 1903 Kempsey, New South Wales

Father: Samuel Plummer

Mother: Mary Reeve

Name: Jesse E Plummer

Birth: 9 Dec 1860 Frenchwood, Ind

Death: 8 July 1945

Father: Thomas Plummer

Mother: Nancy Moon

Name: Jesse B (Reverend) Plummer

Birth: 23 Feb 1830 Ashe County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 6 Feb 1899 Piney Creek, Alleghany, North Carolina, USA

Father: Samuel Plummer

Mother: Mary "Polly" Duvall Plummer

Name: Jesse Plummer

Birth: 1837 Lick Twp. Jackson Co. Ohio

Death: aft 1880 Ohio, USA

Father: William Plummer

Mother: Elizabeth Jones Ransom

Name: Jesse Plummer

Birth: 24 Apr 1815 Raymond, Cumberland County, Maine

Death: 29 Nov 1894 Raymond, Cumberland County, Maine

Father: Jesse Plummer

Mother: Mary Worring Marwick

Name: Jesse Plummer

Birth: 17 Feb 1816 Davidson County, North Carolina, United States of America

Death: 29 Jul 1851 Shelby County, Indiana, USA

Father: Zadoc Plummer

Mother: Catherine K. Fox

Name: Jesse Plummer

Birth: 9 Oct 1874 Radstock, Somerset, England

Death: 24 Mar 1950 Poole, Dorset, England

Father: Frederick PLUMMER

Mother: Martha Welch

Name: Jesse Woodrow Plummer

Birth: 27 Oct. 1916 Rains County, Texas, USA

Death: 20 May 1988 Van Zandt, Texas, USA

Father: Lloyd Wesley Plummer

Mother: Florence May Rhoton

Name: Jesse Plummer

Birth: 23 July 1802 Meredith, Belknap, New Hampshire

Death: 18 June 1854

Father: Nathaniel PLUMMER

Mother: Susanna FOLSOM

Name: Jesse Lucy Plummer

Birth: 14 aug 1878 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA

Death: 29 aug 1944 Hopkinton, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA

Father: Reuben Smith PLUMMER

Mother: Melvina Ella Whittier

Name: Jesse Plummer

Birth: 1815 Maine, USA

Death: May 1891 Addison, Washington, Maine, USA

Father: Jesse Jeremiah Plummer

Mother: Abigail Yeaton

Name: Jesse Plummer

Birth: 18 Nov 1824 Raymond, Cumberland County, Maine, USA

Death: 24 August 1862 Raymond, Maine, United States

Father: William Plummer

Mother: Hannah Plummer

Name: Jesse B. Plummer

Birth: 03 Feb 1792 Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, USA

Death: 30 Nov 1856 Hardin County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Joseph Plummer

Mother: Mary Cash

Name: Jesse Plummer

Birth: OCT 1775 Raymond, Cumberland, Maine

Death: 29 January 1853 Maine, United States of America

Father: Jesse Plumer

Mother: Mary P Davis

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