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Name: Johan Petersson

Birth: 8 sep 1831 Björneke Södergård, Herråkra, Kronoberg, Sverige

Death: 24 nov 1921 Björneke Södergård, Herråkra, Kronoberg, Sverige

Father: Peter Månsson Spång

Mother: Sara Månsdotter

Name: Johan Erik "John" Petersson

Birth: 20 Apr 1843 Karlstorp, Jönköping, Sweden

Death: 11 Oct 1924 Western, Henry, Illinois

Father: Peter Haraldsson

Mother: Lisa Eriksdotter

Name: Johan Ernst Petersson

Birth: 1 nov 1856 Gårdsby , Kronoberg, Sverige

Death: 11 maj 1935 Gårdsby , Kronoberg, Sverige

Father: Peter Svensson

Mother: Anna Stina Pehrsdotter

Name: Johan August Petersson

Birth: 28 Maj 1872 Svensgöl, Rödeby, Blekinge Län, Sweden

Death: 27 Jun 1923 Carnegie, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Peter Hansson

Mother: Anna Maria Gustafsdotter

Name: Johan August Petersson

Birth: 19 Aug 1851 Angelstad, Kronobergs län, Sweden

Death: 12 Aug 1921 Ahslöv, Tönnersjö, Halland, Sweden

Father: Peter Olofsson

Mother: Marta Catharina Johannisdotter

Name: Johan Peter Petersson

Birth: 10 apr 1874 Karlsäng, Amundebo, Ulrika, Östergötland, Sverige

Death: 25 Maj 1961 Ulrika, Kyrksäter, Amundebo, Östergötland, Sverige

Father: Peter Svensson

Mother: Anna Lovisa LARSDOTTER

Name: Johan Adolf Petersson

Birth: 6 June 1857 Hanhals, Brogården 1, Halland, Sverige

Death: 17 Aug 1946 Batavia, DuPage, Illinois, USA

Father: Johan (Johannes) Peter Berndtsson

Mother: Anna Brita Hansdotter

Name: Johan Gustaf Petersson

Birth: 28 nov 1847 Nottebäck med Granhult, Kronoberg, Sverige

Death: 9 dec 1929 Nottebäck, Kronoberg, Sverige



Name: Johan Magnus Petersson

Birth: 27 Feb 1791 Gröndahl, Rumskulla, Kalmar, Sverige

Death: 25 Juli 1859 Udden, Ramsfalls Ägor, Södra Vi, Kalmar, Sverige

Father: Peter Jansson

Mother: Greta Mansdotter

Name: Johan Magnus Petersson

Birth: 23 Mar 1825 Skurebo Södergård Långasjö H

Death: 20 Jan 1864 Fridlevstad socken Blekinge län

Father: Peter Johannesson

Mother: Helena Månsdotter

Name: Johan August Petersson

Birth: 27 OCT 1873 Eringsboda, K

Death: 19 mars 1931 Eringsboda, Blekinge, Sverige

Father: Peter Mansson

Mother: Kjerstin Olasdotter

Name: Johan Peter PETERSSON

Birth: 19 May 1836 Madesjö, Kalmar, Sweden

Death: 26 May 1901 Gelebo, Madesjö, Småland (H), Sverige

Father: Jonas Carlsson

Mother: Ingrid Lena Carlsdotter

Name: Johan Magnus Petersson

Birth: 13 August 1824 Hörnebo, Fröderyd, Sweden

Death: September1884 Ellsworth County, Kansas, USA

Father: Peter Jansson

Mother: Annica Danielsdotter

Name: Johan Petersson

Birth: 13 OCT 1851 Ringamåla, (K

Death: 9 mars 1901 Grönadalstorpet Ringamåla Blekinge Sverige

Father: Peter Magnusson Allvarsam

Mother: Christina Johansdotter

Name: Johan Peter Petersson

Birth: 19 Nov 1863 Hallingeberg, Kalmar, Sverige

Death: 18 Jun 1924 Swede Praire Township, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota, United States

Father: Per Svensson

Mother: Anna Andersdotter

Name: Johan Alfred Petersson

Birth: 16 Nov 1837 Kulltorp, Älghult, Kronoberg, Sweden

Death: 30 Jan 1925 Kulltorp, Älghult, Kronoberg, Sweden

Father: Petter Mangus Isaksson

Mother: Annicka Carlsdotter

Name: Johan Magni Petersson

Birth: 17 FEB 1861 Tryteke, Urshult

Death: 16 Jan 1939 Utnas, Urshult, Sweden

Father: Peter Magnus SAMUELSSON


Name: Johan Petersson

Birth: 21 nov 1858 Klövarör, Rickelsboda, Slätthög, Kronoberg, Sweden

Death: 16 Okt 1953 Lekarby, Kronoberg, Sverige

Father: Peter Magnus Johansson

Mother: Kajsa Lisa Svensdotter

Name: Johan Reinhold Petersson

Birth: 1 Okt 1873 Högsby, Sverige

Death: 13 Okt 1953 Högsby, Kalmar, Sverige

Father: Pehr August Danielsson

Mother: Fredrika Andersdotter

Name: Johan August Petersson

Birth: 02 Apr 1874 Godegård, Kristineberg, Östergötland, Sverige

Death: 4 Maj 1940 Godegård, Östergötland, Sverige

Father: Per August Pettersson

Mother: Sophia Friman

Name: Johan (John) August Petersson

Birth: 21 Dec 1810 Solberga, Kronobergslan, Smaland, Sweden

Death: 10 Jan 1887 Denton County, Texas, USA

Father: Peter Svensson

Mother: Stina Månsdotter

Name: Johan Petersson

Birth: 26 Oct 1837 Sweden

Death: June 26, 1911 Two Harbors, Lake, Minnesota, USA

Father: Peter Olsson

Mother: Johanna Larsdotter

Name: Johan ¤ Petersson

Birth: 15 JUN 1770 Hovmantorp (Kronobergs län, Småland

Death: 3 APR 1824 Madesjö (Kalmar län, Småland

Father: Petter Hansson

Mother: Catharina Larsdotter

Name: Johan Petersson

Birth: 12 nov 1871 Kransbro, Istorp, Älvsborg, Sweden

Death: 15 December 1925 Istorp, Älvsborg, Sweden

Father: Petter Gunnesson

Mother: Edla Britta Johansdotter

Name: Johan Petersson

Birth: 10 Sep 1849 Brostorp, Glömminge, Kalmar län

Death: 18 Sept 1936 Glömminge, Kalmar, Sverige

Father: Petrus Hansson

Mother: Stina Maria Binding Hansson

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