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Name: John Floyd Anderson

Birth: 12 Jun 1831 French Camp, Attala Co. Mississippi, USA

Death: 18 Jan 1916 Sanderson, Terrell, Texas, United States

Father: David Overton Anderson

Mother: Sarah "Sally" Drake

Name: John Anderson

Birth: 8 Nov 1830 Armley, Yorkshire, England

Death: Apr 1913 Yorkshire North Riding, England

Father: Thomas Anderson

Mother: Ann Gaunt

Name: John Eric Anderson

Birth: 29 May 1851 Riis, Sweden

Death: 27 APR 1940 Salina, Saline, Kansas, United States

Father: Andrew Larson Anderson

Mother: Marta Olson

Name: John Anderson

Birth: November 1856 Eastwood, Oxford, Ontario, Canada

Death: 11 Oct 1933 Huron, Ontario, Canada

Father: John Anderson

Mother: Mary Ann Leake

Name: John Carl Anderson

Birth: 21 Nov 1892 Rush City, Chisago, Minnesota, United States

Death: 18 Jan 1979 Bell, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Peter A Anderson

Mother: Anna Cecelia Andersson

Name: John F. Anderson

Birth: 19 Aug 1809 Virginia

Death: 23 Nov 1902 New Albany, Floyd, Indiana, USA

Father: Jabez Anderson

Mother: Margaret Anderson

Name: John Anderson

Birth: 13 August 1817 Maryland, United States

Death: 13 Sep 1880 Harmony City, Wisconsin

Father: George Anderson

Mother: Elizabeth Salkeld

Name: John LeRoy Anderson

Birth: 12 July 1884 Conway, Laclede County, Missouri

Death: 10 June 1952 Wheatland, Hickory County, Missouri

Father: George Washington Anderson


Name: John Alfred Anderson

Birth: 15 Dec 1880 Viborg, Finland

Death: Mar 1958 Duval, Florida, United States

Father: Johan Lejd Waisenan

Mother: Elsa Greta Pellikka

Name: john Anderson

Birth: 3 July 1897 Cleveland, Ohio

Death: July 20, 1967 Cheboygan County, MI

Father: John Anderson (Andreasen)

Mother: Othilie Marie Anderson (Andreasdatter)

Name: John Oscar? Anderson

Birth: 29 Apr 1876 Houston, Houston, Minnesota, USA

Death: Apr 1964 Huron, Huron, Michigan, USA

Father: Johannes Andreasson

Mother: Lena Anderson

Name: John Russell Anderson

Birth: 1921 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Death: 2006 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Father: Walter Van Anderson

Mother: Ethel Elizabeth Smith

Name: John Anderson

Birth: 15 Feb 1889 Joplin, Newton, Missouri, USA

Death: 04 Mar 1964 Orange Cove, Fresno, California, USA

Father: Joseph Iddings Anderson

Mother: Susannah "Anna" Gibson

Name: John Anderson

Birth: 1 Aug 1840 Canada

Death: 7 Jul 1889 Bathurst, Lanark, Ontario, Canada

Father: Robert Andison

Mother: Isabella Mathewson

Name: John Wesley Anderson

Birth: 4 Oct 1898 Georgia

Death: 2 Aug 1952 Terrell, Georgia, USA

Father: Earley Lee Anderson

Mother: Hattie Sears

Name: John Anderson

Birth: abt 1857 Norway

Death: 30 Jan 1945 Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: Andreas Brynildsen

Mother: Olia Jorgensdaughter

Name: John Magnus Anderson

Birth: 07 Aug 1851 Kolvarp Sodergarden, Rydaholm, Jonkoping, Sweden

Death: 21 Jan 1919 Red Wing, Goodhue, Minnesota, USA

Father: Magnus Andersson

Mother: Stina Persdotter

Name: John William Anderson

Birth: Nov.15,1853 Murray County, Georgia, USA

Death: 10 Jan 1911 Franklin, Texas, United States

Father: James Nathaniel Anderson

Mother: Sarah Ann Holbrook

Name: John Edward Anderson

Birth: 30 Jul 1875 Montpellier, Stanislaus, California, USA

Death: 11 February 1957 Stockton, San Joaquin, California, USA

Father: Hendrick Armstead Anderson

Mother: Charlotte Fine

Name: John Anderson

Birth: 26 Nov 1768 Rothes, Moray, Scotland

Death: 15 SEP 1858 Musquodoboit Harbor, , Nova Scotia, Canada

Father: Patrick Anderson

Mother: Elizabeth Rothes

Name: John Anderson

Birth: 6 Nov 1813 Xenia, Greene, OH

Death: 6 May 1885 Spring Valley, Greene, Ohio, United States

Father: James Anderson

Mother: Priscilla House Coffin

Name: John Annie Anderson

Birth: 26 Aug 1862 Arkansas City, Arkansas, Arkansas, USA

Death: 06 Aug 1953 Ravia, Johnston, Oklahoma, United States

Father: John Chearly Anderson

Mother: Nancy Ann Coffelt

Name: John Andrew Anderson

Birth: 5 Feb 1881 Tennessee

Death: 10 Apr 1966 Bedford, Lawrence, Indiana, United States

Father: David Anderson

Mother: Thancy Margarett Hensley

Name: John B. Anderson

Birth: 22 Apr 1873 Tennessee, USA

Death: 10 Jul 1939 Maryville, Blount, Tennessee, USA

Father: William Harris Anderson

Mother: Louisa Matilda Blankenship

Name: John Henry ANDERSON

Birth: 20 Feb 1852 Shelby, Illinois, USA

Death: 24 Dec 1911 Seneca, Christian Co., Missouri, USA

Father: William C ANDERSON


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