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Name: John Calvin "JC" Bailey

Birth: 29 April 1855 Limestone County, Alabama, USA

Death: 11 November 1924 Leoma, Lawrence County, Tennessee

Father: Benjamin John Bailey

Mother: Emily Hall

Name: JOHN Bailey

Birth: 10 Feb 1830 Kettering, Northants

Death: 9th Apr 1894 111 Princes Street, Kettering, Northants

Father: SAMUEL Bailey

Mother: Mary Bridgford

Name: John Clark Bailey

Birth: 1811 Tazewell County, Virginia, United States of America

Death: Bet. 06 Sep–12 Dec 1882 Calfee cemetery, Beaver Pond District, Bluefield, WV

Father: Elijah L Bailey/

Mother: Agnes Nancy Clark

Name: John Bailey

Birth: 1753 Anson County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 20 Nov 1840 Granville, North Carolina

Father: Jeremiah Bailey

Mother: Mary Case

Name: John Wesley Bailey

Birth: 1798 Little King Creek, Wilkes, North Carolina, USA

Death: 1889 Yancey County, North Carolina

Father: Anselm Bailey

Mother: Susan Elizabeth Bradley

Name: John Carroll Bailey

Birth: 4 May 1748 Richmond, Northumberland, Virginia

Death: 1816/07/03 Lincoln,Stanford,Kentucky,USA


Mother: Ann Bradley

Name: John T. Bailey

Birth: August 10, 1820 Shelby County, Ohio, USA

Death: 7 Jan 1888 Rock, Cowley Co. Kansas, USA

Father: Francis Bailey

Mother: Mary M. WARRINER

Name: John Bailey

Birth: 2 Jun 1778 Richmond, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Death: 18 Aug 1841 Tully, Onondaga, New York

Father: Clarke Bailey

Mother: Sarah James

Name: John William Bailey

Birth: 10 Aug 1869 Georgia, United States

Death: 07 Apr 1944 Morgan County, Alabama, USA

Father: Riley Silvester Baily

Mother: Mary Jane Jennings

Name: John Baker William Bailey

Birth: 3 April 1846 Coffee County, Alabama, United States of America

Death: 25 March 1922 Shelby County, Texas, United States of America

Father: Green Berry Wilburn Bailey

Mother: Clarissa Elizabeth Harlow Kyser

Name: John Bailey

Birth: 03 Nov 1834 Augusta County, Virginia, USA

Death: 18 Nov 1893 Pleasant Valley,Rockingham, Virginia

Father: George Bailey

Mother: Malinda Sandy

Name: John Wilbert Bailey

Birth: 25 Dec 1900 Vichy, Maries County MO

Death: 21 Nov 1967 Jefferson City, Cole County MO

Father: Daniel William Bailey

Mother: Nannie M Hoggatt

Name: John Thomas Bailey

Birth: 8 July 1907 New Jersey, United States of America

Death: 19 July 1964 New Jersey, United States of America

Father: Benjamin Bailey

Mother: Mary R Naylor

Name: John Evans Bailey

Birth: 27 Feb 1875 Market Place, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England

Death: 4 Nov 1961 Farnham, Surrey, England

Father: William Hefford BAILEY

Mother: Emma Evans

Name: John Bailey

Birth: about 1798 Eye, Northamptonshire

Death: 30 Dec 1876 Eye, Northamptonshire, England

Father: Samuel Bailey

Mother: Sarah Steels

Name: John Bailey

Birth: 17 AUG 1784 Buck Creek, Winchester, Virginia

Death: Feb 11, 1860 Rosemont, Taylor, West Virginia, United States

Father: Joseph (Sr.) Bailey

Mother: Eleanor Foote/Frum

Name: John Bailey

Birth: 26 Feb 1812 North Towanda, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 13 July 1862 Murfreesboro, Rutherford, Tennessee, USA

Father: Joshua Bailey

Mother: Susannah Bennett

Name: John Woody Bailey

Birth: 03 Jul 1872 Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama, USA

Death: 17 Nov 1926 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

Father: William Green Bailey

Mother: Mary Ann Morris

Name: John William "Marion" Bailey

Birth: 29 February 1864 Hawkins; TN

Death: 28 Dec 1947 Lebanon, Linn, Oregon, USA

Father: William M Bailey

Mother: Dollie Light

Name: John Wesley Bailey

Birth: 7 February 1887 Saint Clere, Pottawatomie County, Kansas, USA

Death: 18 Mar 1970 Loveland, Larimer, Colorado, USA

Father: Samuel Bailey

Mother: Etta L Bowers

Name: John William Cicero Bailey

Birth: 8 Jan 1887 DeKalb, Bowie County, Texas, USA

Death: 19 JUN 1960 Altus, Franklin, AR

Father: Alexander Rudophus Bailey

Mother: Mariah Elizabeth Gazaway

Name: John Booker Bailey

Birth: 30 DEC 1855 Beckley, Raleigh County, West Virginia, USA

Death: 16 NOV 1941 Hinton, Summers, WV

Father: Booker Bailey

Mother: Sarah Stover

Name: John William Lance Linwood Bailey

Birth: 23 Jul 1856 Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Death: March 1888 Leeds

Father: Thomas Bailey

Mother: Jane Hepworth

Name: John Bailey

Birth: 1756 Brunswick, Virginia, United States

Death: 15 Aug 1827 Bath, Kentucky, United States

Father: William Thomas Bailey

Mother: Agnes Grace Parsons

Name: John Amos Bailey

Birth: 13 Mar 1882 Rockingham Co., North Carolina, USA

Death: 07 Sep 1950 Rockingham Co., North Carolina, USA

Father: James William Bailey

Mother: Mary/Mary Lubelle/Mary Belle Miller

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