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Results for "john james"

Name: John William James

Birth: 31 Aug 1868 New London, Ralls, Missouri, USA

Death: 17 Apr 1947 St Louis, Missouri, USA

Father: John William James

Mother: Mary Jane Miller

Name: John F James

Birth: 29 Sep 1839 South Carolina, USA

Death: 12 Aug 1918 Texas USA Buried at Hickey Cemetery near Peoria, Hill, Texas, USA

Father: Lott James

Mother: Rachel Caroline Youngblood

Name: John Thomas James

Birth: Feb 1844 Missouri

Death: 08 Feb 1913 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Father: Thomas W. James

Mother: Margaret Scott

Name: John James

Birth: 25 Mar 1907 Mississippi

Death: 18 May 1993 Columbia, Marion, Mississippi, United States of America

Father: John Thomas James

Mother: Mattie ("Mat") Sims

Name: John O James

Birth: 20 Mar 1884 Cravens, Vernon, Louisiana, USA

Death: 6 Feb 1976 Oakdale, Allen, Louisiana, United States

Father: Daniel Hubbard James

Mother: Octavia Johnson

Name: John W James

Birth: 13 Feb 1909 Ohio, United States

Death: 10/21/1997 Coshocton, Coshocton, Ohio, USA

Father: Clinton Taylor James

Mother: Katherina "Katie" Weideman

Name: John Elijah James

Birth: Abt. 1833 Brompton, Middlesex, England

Death: 10 Oct 1900 Bristol, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Father: John James

Mother: Maria Bull

Name: John James

Birth: abt 1873 Ruspidge, Gloucestershire, England

Death: abt 1943 east Glamorgan, Glamorganshire, Wales

Father: John James

Mother: Lucy Ann Smith

Name: John William James

Birth: 16 Jun 1833 Jefferson, Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Death: 28 Jul 1925 Wyoming, Jones, Iowa, USA

Father: Walter James (Ault)

Mother: Susana Ault

Name: John Henry James

Birth: 9 Sep 1917 Baltimore, Independent Cities, Maryland, USA

Death: 27 Apr 2006 Baltimore, Independent Cities, Maryland, USA

Father: John H James

Mother: Margaret Cummings

Name: John James

Birth: abt 1898 Alabama

Death: 28 October 1964 Alabama, USA

Father: Thomas James

Mother: Olive Ophelia Pugh

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