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Name: John Carl (Jake) Ramsey

Birth: 25 Feb 1914 Perrin, Texas, USA

Death: 6 Aug 1953 Tucumcari, Quay, New Mexico, United States

Father: John Clinton Ramsey

Mother: Grace Pearl Freeman

Name: John G. Ramsey

Birth: 18 Oct 1839 Kentucky, United States

Death: 27 Apr 1926 Hopkins, Kentucky, United States

Father: Samuel Pratt Ramsey

Mother: Elizabeth Stevens

Name: John Anderson Ramsey

Birth: 31 Jan 1873 Cocke, Tennessee, United States

Death: 3 May 1943 Sevier, Tennessee

Father: John Ramsey

Mother: Theodocia "Dosia" Baxter

Name: John Simpson Ramsey

Birth: 10 Sep 1835 Wayne Co. Ky

Death: 27 Jun 1911 Huntsville, Randolph, Missouri, USA

Father: John Ramsey

Mother: Sarah "Sally" Simpson

Name: John Ramsey

Birth: 04 Jul 1836 Cocke, Tennessee, United States

Death: 23 Jul 1907 Sevier, Tennessee, United States

Father: John R Ramsey

Mother: Mary "Polly" McGaha

Name: John Marshall Ramsey

Birth: 7 June 1842 Loveland, Clermont County, Ohio, USA

Death: 24 September 1911 Billings, Yellowstone, Montana, United States

Father: William Ramsey

Mother: Nancy Ann Cox

Name: John William Ramsey

Birth: 17 Feb 1869 Alabama

Death: 26 Oct 1948 Mississippi, USA

Father: William Richard Ramsey

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Adams

Name: John Ramsey

Birth: 1730 Cockpen, Midlothian, , Scotland

Death: 1768 Bedford, Bedford, Virginia, United States

Father: William Ramsey


Name: John Pearce Ramsey

Birth: Unknown Scotland

Death: 13 Mar 1812 Burnt Creek, Springfield Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Thomas Ramsey


Name: John Ramsey

Birth: 1758 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Death: 31 Jan 1849 New Scotland, Albany, New York, USA

Father: Samuel Morrow Ramsey

Mother: Jannet Corbet

Name: John Ramsey

Birth: 25 Jun 1837 Irvinestown, County Fermanagh, Ireland

Death: 6 Aug 1918 Candelo MSW

Father: Francis Ramsey

Mother: Jane Hetherington

Name: John Boyette Ramsey

Birth: 1 Oct 1883 Paris, Lamar, Texas, USA

Death: 25 May 1955 McAllen, Hidalgo, Texas

Father: Jonathan Joseph Ramsey

Mother: Frances "Fannie" Ann Hood Ramsey

Name: John Ziegler Ramsey

Birth: 9 May 1828 Pittsylvania Co., Virginia

Death: 22 Mar 1906 Bells, Grayson Co., TX

Father: Hailey Sanford Ramsey

Mother: Esther Zeigler

Name: John Preston Ramsey

Birth: 23 Feb 1841 Wayne Co, KY, USA

Death: 14 Jan 1922 Mountain View, Stone, Arkansas, USA

Father: Richard Ramsey

Mother: Sarah "Sally" Rector

Name: John Millard RAMSEY

Birth: 10 Oct 1884 Berea, Madison, Kentucky, United States

Death: 8 Nov 1955 Farmington, St. Francois, Missouri, United States

Father: Robert George Ramsey

Mother: Harriett Jane Holcomb

Name: John Jefferson Ramsey

Birth: 30 November 1840 Franklin County, Alabama, USA

Death: 12 Dec 1921 Sharon, Weakley, Tennessee, United States


Mother: Jane Elizabeth GRAY

Name: John B RAMSEY

Birth: Sep 1836 Muskingum, Muskingum, Ohio, United States

Death: Jan 22, 1916 Marion Township, Boone County, Indiana

Father: Thomas Ramsey

Mother: Hannah Ross

Name: John Max Ramsey

Birth: 10 Feb 1885 Mount Pleasant, Henry, Iowa

Death: May 11, 1955 Reno, Nevada


Mother: ELIZA L. “Libbie” KIRBY Ramsey West

Name: John Thomas Ramsey

Birth: 14 Aug 1863 Dipton, Durham, England

Death: 7 JUL 1901 Dipton, Durham, England

Father: William Ramsay

Mother: Mary Ann (Ramsey) Robinson

Name: John Alexander Ramsey

Birth: 04 Mar 1870 Eden Mills, Wellington, Ontario, Canada

Death: 1939 Eden Mills, Wellington, Ontario, Canada

Father: Samuel Ramsey

Mother: Rachel Richardson

Name: John Spencer Ramsey

Birth: 15 March 1880 Montebello, Nelson, Virginia, USA

Death: 14 June 1954 Staunton, Augusta, Virginia, USA

Father: Andrew Jackson Ramsey

Mother: Lucy Ann Ham

Name: John Alexander Ramsey

Birth: 09 Jun 1869 Franklin County, Alabama, USA

Death: 24 Jun 1949 Pauls Valley, Garvin, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Milton Alfred Ramsey

Mother: Mary Catherine HEARNE

Name: John Ramsey

Birth: 18 March 1827 Chester County, Pennsylvania

Death: 21 MAY 1901 Rock Rapids, Lyon, Iowa, USA

Father: William Ramsey

Mother: Hannah Logan

Name: John Tilbert Ramsey

Birth: 07 Jun 1850 Overton County, Tennessee

Death: 7 Feb 1929 Monterey, Putnam, Tennessee

Father: Chambers E. Ramsey

Mother: Marena Speck

Name: john wesly Ramsey

Birth: 1874 Etowah County, Alabama

Death: 1963 Prairie Grove, Washington, Arkansas

Father: Richard Marian Ramsey


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