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Name: John White

Birth: 25 July 1826 Wilton, Yorkshire, England

Death: 16 March 1910 Quincy, Adams Co., IL

Father: Christopher White

Mother: Esther Hesletine

Name: John W. White

Birth: 18 Dec 1852 Winchester, Franklin Co., Tennessee, USA

Death: 07 Jan 1923 Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas, United States

Father: Albert White

Mother: Martha A. Rushing

Name: John Charles Henry White

Birth: 23 Jul 1898 London, England

Death: 9 Nov 1970 Sarasota, Florida, United States

Father: John Thomas White

Mother: Clara Gorwood

Name: John Smith White

Birth: 21 Mar 1792 South Carolina

Death: 15 May 1859 Greene, Alabama

Father: Andrew White

Mother: Ezabella Gellah

Name: John H C White

Birth: 24 Dec 1851 Casey County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 5 Dec 1933 Liberty, Casey, Kentucky, United States

Father: William White

Mother: Sallie Miller

Name: John White

Birth: 7 May 1797 St Ives, Cornwall, England

Death: 1856 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Father: William White

Mother: Ann Hodge

Name: John Wesley White

Birth: 17 Jul 1849 Taylor, Kentucky, United States

Death: 30 Nov 1917 Bakersfield, Kern, California, United States

Father: Bushrod White

Mother: Margaret Doores

Name: John F. (Jean F. Leblanc) White

Birth: 20 Oct 1774 Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, France

Death: 5 Apr 1841 Hillard Station, Franklin Township, Franklin County, Ohio, USA

Father: Louis LeBlanc

Mother: Margueritte Thoret


Birth: 01 Nov 1809 Cage's Bend, Sumner County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 12 MAY 1878 McKenzie, Carroll County, TN

Father: Littleberry White

Mother: Nancy Caroline Dillard

Name: John Alfred White

Birth: 21 Feb 1891 Everton, Lancashire, England

Death: 18 Feb 1969 Pensby, Cheshire, England

Father: William R White

Mother: Annie Mason Murthwaite

Name: John A White

Birth: 22 Aug 1869 Kansas, USA

Death: 25 Mar 1936 El Paso, El Paso, Texas, USA

Father: Charles White

Mother: Patience Livannie Strickland

Name: John Benedict White

Birth: 02 Nov 1830 Alabama, USA

Death: 31 Jan 1904 Mount Vernon (Faulkner County), Faulkner County, Arkansas, USA

Father: John White

Mother: Mary Donley

Name: John Walter White

Birth: 30 Apr 1843 Savoy, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 29 Jan 1911 Locke, Cayuga County, New York, USA

Father: Roland Dresser WHITE

Mother: Emeline Bothwell

Name: John Roland Bald Head WHITE

Birth: 03 March 1756 Frederick, Maryland

Death: 23 April 1825 Fox Town, Madison Co., Kentucky, USA

Father: John White

Mother: Ann Elizabeth Brome

Name: John Henry White

Birth: 13 Sep 1865 Cottonwood, Salt Lake, Utah, USA

Death: 24 Mar 1936 Galt, Sacramento, California

Father: Thomas Philip White

Mother: Alice Potts

Name: John C WHITE

Birth: 9 May 1855 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 4 Jul 1903 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Jeremiah John WHITE

Mother: Margaret HARRINGTON

Name: John Howard White

Birth: 26 Dec 1879 McKeesport, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 24 May 1946 Montezuma, Rockingham, Virginia, USA

Father: William White

Mother: Martha A. "Mattie" Shaw

Name: John C. White

Birth: Abt. 1826 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: bet 1882 & 1889 Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Bowman White

Mother: Catherine "Kate" Castner 3ggm

Name: John W White

Birth: 06 Jun 1827 Franklin County, Alabama, USA

Death: 20 Nov 1912 Hamilton, Marion, Alabama

Father: Samuel B White

Mother: Amelia Ann Harris

Name: John Clement White

Birth: 29 May 1828 West Bayborough, Somerset, England

Death: 8 Feb 1903 Fountain City, Juneau, Wisconsin, United States

Father: Jacob White

Mother: Ann Clement

Name: John Buckner WHITE

Birth: 1803 Orange County , Virginia, USA

Death: Jul 1876 Greene, Virginia

Father: Richard White

Mother: Catherine Caty Oliver

Name: John White

Birth: 1726 Ulster, Ireland, Earl of Donegalship

Death: Aug 1806 Strabane, Washington, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Sir James White

Mother: Margaret McClintock

Name: John WHITE

Birth: 27 Aug 1865 Killowen, County Down, Ireland

Death: 14 May 1929 Marrickville, New South Wales

Father: Richard White

Mother: Anabella Naffy Smyth

Name: John White

Birth: 22 Jan 1864 Ardacra, Liscannor, Clare, Ireland

Death: 20 Sep 1938 Liscannor, Clare, Ireland

Father: John White

Mother: Margaret Guthrie

Name: John Henry White

Birth: 27 Aug 1862 Cherokee, San Saba County, Texas, USA

Death: 9 Feb 1939 Temple, Bell County, Texas, USA

Father: James Taylor White

Mother: Dicey Susan Gray

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