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Name: John Thomas Willoughby

Birth: 3 May 1865 Kentucky, USA

Death: 28 Jul 1934 Fayette, Kentucky, USA

Father: Reuben W Willoughby

Mother: Mary Elizabeth TUBBS

Name: john Willoughby

Birth: 1811 Carlow, Ireland

Death: 1881 Montague, Ontario, Canada

Father: William Willoughby

Mother: Jane Lydia Butler

Name: John Pollard Willoughby

Birth: 1800 Marsh Baldon, Oxfordshire, England

Death: 1866 Middlesex, England

Father: Sir Christopher Willoughby, 2nd Bt.of Baldon House, Oxon

Mother: Martha Evans

Name: John Wesley WILLOUGHBY

Birth: 26 January 1857 Mississippi

Death: 14 Apr 1934 Sartin(s)ville, Walthall, Mississippi

Father: William Marion Willoughby

Mother: Mary Narcissa Sistrunk

Name: John Vincent Willoughby

Birth: 4 Jul 1873 Missouri, USA

Death: 25 Dec 1953 Missouri

Father: Thomas Willoughby

Mother: Amanda Sims

Name: John Marshal Willoughby

Birth: 19 Nov 1898 Lineville, Clay, Alabama, USA

Death: 18 Feb 1966 Big Sandy, Upshur, Texas, USA

Father: Joseph Jackson Willoughby

Mother: Sarah Alice McCain

Name: John L Willoughby

Birth: 2 October 1886 North Carolina

Death: 8 Sep 1968 Willoughby Cemetery, Robeson, North Carolina, United States of America

Father: Stephen Emory Willoughby

Mother: Lucy Ann McLean

Name: John Willoughby

Birth: Dec 4, 1806 Columbiana, Co. Ohio USA

Death: 13 May 1872 Dayton, Greene, Ohio, United States

Father: John Willoughby

Mother: Mary Ann Robinson

Name: John Paul WILLOUGHBY

Birth: 27 Dec 1842 Bristols Cove, Marshall, Alabama, United States

Death: 17 Dec 1911 Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, United States

Father: John Hinchey Willoughby

Mother: Amanda Melvina Tyler

Name: John D.E.C. Willoughby

Birth: 27 Aug 1825 Kentucky

Death: 12 Apr 1899 Maple Grove, Jasper, Missouri, United States

Father: Enoch Leachman Willoughby

Mother: Susannah "Susan" Moyers

Name: John T Willoughby

Birth: 21 Jan 1818 Greene County, Tennessee

Death: 24 Jun 1892 Ash Grove Township, Iroquois County, Illinois

Father: Thomas S Willoughby

Mother: Nancy Chambers

Name: John Willoughby

Birth: 21 Jan 1880 Montgomery, Kentucky

Death: 1 Dec 1955 Oklahoma City, McClain, Oklahoma, United States

Father: Richard Willoughby

Mother: Judith Elisha McCall

Name: John Aaron WILLOUGHBY

Birth: 01 Sep 1876 Montague, Lanark, Ontario, Canada

Death: 18 Jan 1944 Mimico, York, Ontario, Canada

Father: John Willoughby

Mother: Mary Lang

Name: John Willoughby

Birth: 18 Nov 1852 St. Agnes, Truro, Cornwall, Eng.

Death: 9 Feb 1906 Santa Clara, California, USA

Father: Oliver WILLOUGHBY



Birth: 14 Feb 1854 Upper Canada (Ontario)

Death: Nov 8, 1926 New York, USA

Father: Thomas Willoughby

Mother: Mary Mawlam

Name: John Willoughby

Birth: 29 Feb 1908 Oran, Scott, Missouri, USA

Death: 31 Aug 1972 Wardell, Pemiscot, Missouri, USA

Father: William Noah Willoughby

Mother: Elizabeth Bell Murray

Name: John Thomas WILLOUGHBY

Birth: 18 Jan 1834 KENTUCKY

Death: 12 Jan 1898 Jasper County, Missouri, USA

Father: William Willoughby

Mother: Kesiah Smith

Name: John E. Willoughby

Birth: 05 Jun 1847 Centerville, Coffee, Alabama, USA

Death: 02/15/1882 Coffee County, Alabama, USA

Father: Thomas W Willoughby

Mother: Rebecca Arwood

Name: John Vincent Willoughby

Birth: 14 May 1888 Missouri

Death: 23 May 1960 Woodward, Woodward, Oklahoma, United States of America

Father: Anthony Augustus Willoughby

Mother: Mary Jane Smith

Name: John Willoughby

Birth: 10 April 1835 Snainton, Yorkshire, England

Death: 2 February 1901 Scott, Illinois, United States

Father: John Willoughby

Mother: Elizabeth Skelton

Name: John Samuel Willoughby

Birth: 16 Aug 1867 Cookstown, Tecumseth Township, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada

Death: 1938 Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Father: Samuel Willoughby

Mother: Sarah Jane Cooke

Name: John Willoughby

Birth: 12 Jun 1794 Western Township, Oneida, New York, United States

Death: 22 Mar 1877 Ingham County, Michigan, USA

Father: Josiah Willoughby

Mother: Susannah Thompson

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