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Name: John Sayre

Birth: Jul 1866 New Jersey

Death: 26 Nov 1955 Cape May Court House, Cape May, New Jersey, USA

Father: George Joseph Sayre

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Champion

Name: John Francis Sayre

Birth: 12 Jul 1871 Texas, USA

Death: 3 Apr 1939 New York City (All Boroughs), New York, USA

Father: "Moses" Sanford Milton Sayre

Mother: Mary Winifred May "Winnie"(Sayer) Springfield

Name: John Wesley Sayre

Birth: May 1879 New York

Death: 23 Feb 1968 Worcester, Worcester, MA

Father: Ezra Sayre

Mother: Mary Augusta McQueen

Name: John Wesley Sayre

Birth: 1/19/1823 Stillwater, NY

Death: 10 Jan 1855 Hadley, Saratoga, New York, USA

Father: Ezra SAYRE

Mother: Sophia Westfall

Name: John F. Sayre

Birth: 08 Aug 1833 Moscow, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 25 Apr 1919 Moscow, Lackawanna Co., PA USA

Father: Horatio Nelson Sayer

Mother: Catherine Frey

Name: John Jerome SAYRE

Birth: 22 August 1878 Cottageville, Jackson County, West Virginia, USA

Death: 23 Dec 1937 Spencer, Roane, West Virginia, USA

Father: George W. Sayre

Mother: Frances Rosella Minturn

Name: John A Sayre

Birth: 18 Mar 1814 Romulus, Seneca Co., New York, USA

Death: 13 Nov 1892 Richmond, Ontario, New York, USA

Father: Coe Brewster Sayre

Mother: Deborah CATON

Name: John Sayre

Birth: 22 October 1830 Virginia, United States

Death: 25 Jan 1911 Mason, West Virginia, United States

Father: Levi Sayre

Mother: Elizabeth Ball

Name: John Howell "Johnny" SAYRE

Birth: 25 May 1906 Oklahoma

Death: 23 Jul 1999 Sherwood, Pulaski, Arkansas, United States of America

Father: Jeremiah Mc "Mack" SAYRE

Mother: Martha Jane SHAW

Name: John C. Sayre

Birth: 22 Aug 1793 Westfield, Essex, New Jersey, USA

Death: 22 Feb 1876 North Shenango, Crawford, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Joseph Sayre

Mother: Sarah Littell

Name: John Sayre

Birth: 04 JUN 1738 New York City, New York, United States

Death: 5 Aug 1784 Burton, St Johns, New Brunswick, Canada

Father: John (4) Sayre

Mother: Esther Stillwell

Name: John Henry Sayre

Birth: 1852 Corinth, Saratoga, NY

Death: 7 October 1887 Albion, Boone County, Nebraska, USA

Father: John Wesley Sayre

Mother: Sarah Ann Sturdevan Sayre

Name: John M Sayre

Birth: 22 Dec 1836 Warren, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 21 April 1904 Hamlin, Eaton, Michigan, USA

Father: Nathan SAYRE

Mother: Eliza Elizabeth J Kirkendall

Name: John Nevin Sayre

Birth: 4 Feb 1884 South Bethlehem, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: Sep 1977 Nyack, Rockland, New York, United States of America

Father: Robert Heysham Sayre

Mother: Martha Finley Nevin

Name: John Alsop Sayre

Birth: 24 July 1767 Blooming Grove, Orange County, New York, USA

Death: 4 March 1848 Romulus, Seneca County, New York, USA

Father: James Sayre

Mother: Susannah A Stevens

Name: John Franklin Sayre

Birth: 1 July 1844 Dresden, Tennessee

Death: 18 Jan 1916 Paducah, McCracken, Kentucky, United States

Father: Henry Sayre

Mother: Elizabeth Underwood

Name: John Vernon Sayre

Birth: 19 February 1900 Jackson County, West Virginia, USA

Death: 18 Sep 1933 Leon, Mason, West Virginia

Father: Benjamin Samuel SAYRE

Mother: Euphamy Belle Stover

Name: John S Sayre

Birth: 20 Jun 1848 Jackson, Shelby, Ohio, USA

Death: 8 May 1932 Lincoln Twp., Neosho, KS

Father: Lewis Sayre

Mother: Margaret Babcock

Name: John B. Sayre

Birth: 10 Dec 1764 Philadelphia. Pennsylvania

Death: 29 Nov 1852 Plainfield, Union, New Jersey, USA

Father: John Sayre

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Bowes

Name: John Johnson Sayre

Birth: 1774 Newark, Essex, NJ

Death: 6 Jan 1809 Georgetown, D C

Father: Caleb Sayer

Mother: Sarah Johnson

Name: John Wilson Sayre

Birth: 25 May 1853 Scottown, Ohio, USA

Death: 18 Sept 1904 Rome, Lawrence, Ohio, USA

Father: Israel S SAYRE

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Reed

Name: John Neely Sayre

Birth: 16 Mar 1783 Redstone, Fayette, Pennsylvainia, USA

Death: 10 September 1836 Champaign County, Ohio, USA

Father: Joseph Sayre

Mother: Rebecca Neely

Name: John Oliver Sayre

Birth: 26 Mar 1856 Cow Run, Jackson County, Wv

Death: 13 July 1923 Evans, Jackson County, West Virginia, United States of America

Father: Elijah Sayre

Mother: Mary Jane Hunt

Name: John Owen Sayre

Birth: 15 Jan 1890 jackson County, Wv

Death: 10 Aug 1935 Ripley, Jackson County, West Virginia, USA

Father: John Oliver Sayre

Mother: Alice Jane Holmes

Name: John Thomas Sayre

Birth: 4 Jul 1863 Anderson, KY, US

Death: 07 Aug 1948 Woodford County, KY

Father: James Archibald Sire

Mother: Mary Elizabeth "Molly" Norton Sayre

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