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Results for "joseph mckinney"

Name: Joseph B. McKinney

Birth: 25 Dec 1832 South Carolina

Death: 14 Aug 1910 , Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Father: Joseph McKinney

Mother: Clarinda Hodges

Name: Joseph Mckinney

Birth: Feb 1853 North Carolina

Death: 1929 North Carolina

Father: Stephen Brooks McKinney

Mother: Elizabeth "Bettie" Sartin

Name: Joseph R Mckinney

Birth: 22 Aug 1879 lives Trilby FL

Death: 21 JUN 1920 Killed in ambush-robbery.

Father: Henry Clay McKinney

Mother: Martha Jane Kilpatrick

Name: Joseph McKinney

Birth: 18 Jun 1863 Huron Co, Ontario, Canada

Death: 11 Sep 1925 Wingham, Huron, Ontario, Canada

Father: Joseph McKinney

Mother: Elizabeth Sarah Ross

Name: Joseph McKinney

Birth: 15 Aug 1867 , Clayton, Georgia, USA

Death: 19 May 1946 Riverdale, Clayton, Georgia, USA

Father: Mordecai McKinney

Mother: Jemima Lucinda Murphy

Name: Joseph Anderson McKinney

Birth: 25 Mar 1864 Roane County, Tennessee, United States of America

Death: 11 November 1918 Roane County, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: Caswell Walker McKinney

Mother: Margaret C Hacker

Name: Joseph McKinney

Birth: 06 Nov 1884 Paris, Monroe, Missouri, United States

Death: 5 Jan 1960 St Louis, Independent Cities, Missouri, USA

Father: Charles Peyton McKinney

Mother: Olivia Chiles Mason

Name: Joseph Floyd McKinney

Birth: Feb 1828 Kegley, Virginia, United States

Death: 1906 Wyoming, West Virginia, United States

Father: Joseph Floyd McKinney

Mother: Martha Mattie Dillion

Name: Joseph McKinney

Birth: 16 Jun 1855 Lebanon, Wilson, Tennessee, USA

Death: 08 Aug 1926 Mt. Calm, Hill, Texas, USA

Father: Samuel Jordan McKinney

Mother: Martha Ann Locke

Name: Joseph Ashley MCKINNEY

Birth: 12 Dec 1851 Mantua, Collin Co., TX

Death: 26 NOV 1910 Van Alstyne, Grayson County, Texas

Father: Daniel Leak McKinney

Mother: Martha Marilea Wilmeth

Name: Joseph W McKinney

Birth: 23 June 1890 Joaquin, Shelby County, Texas, USA

Death: 9 Apr 1935 Denning, San Augustine Co. Texas, USA

Father: Henry High McKinney

Mother: Amanda Ophelia Childers

Name: Joseph W Mckinney

Birth: 23 April 1914 Rose Hill, Dallas, Texas, USA

Death: 17 Dec 2005 Irving, Dallas, Texas

Father: William Thomas Mckinney

Mother: Beulah Faye Fleeman

Name: Joseph Claude Mckinney

Birth: 25 Mar 1897 North Carolina

Death: 1 Feb 1984 Marion, McDowell, North Carolina, United States

Father: Joseph Sherman McKinney

Mother: Nora B Brown

Name: Joseph Randolph McKinney

Birth: 24 October 1871 Ironton, Iron, Missouri, USA

Death: 17 January 1961 Vernon, Missouri, USA

Father: Theordore Freedling McKinney

Mother: Agnes Isabella Reyburn

Name: Joseph W. McKinney

Birth: 29 Jul 1883 Rose Bud, White, Arkansas

Death: 05 Jun 1958 Batesville, Arkansas


Mother: Nancy Elizabeth McKinney Cooper

Name: Joseph McKinney

Birth: 6 Oct 1859 Collin County, Texas

Death: 08 Aug 1925 McKinney, Collin, Texas, United States

Father: John McKinney

Mother: Mary Coffey

Name: Joseph W McKinney

Birth: 18 Aug 1880 Wilmore, Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 14 Nov 1940 Johnstown, Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: David McKinney

Mother: Angeline Leckey

Name: Joseph Steere McKinney

Birth: 04 Jul 1916 Sault Sainte Marie, Chippewa, Michigan

Death: 30 Jun 1985 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan

Father: Walter Hastings McKinney

Mother: Julia Barrell Walker

Name: Joseph Jefferson McKinney

Birth: 11 Jan 1816 Clark County, Ohio, United States

Death: 1 Jan 1892 Redkey, Jay County, Indiana, United States

Father: Anthony Wayne McKinney

Mother: Elizabeth Cantrell Bracken

Name: Joseph Ewing Mckinney

Birth: 12 Oct 1866 Crittenden, Kentucky, United States

Death: 3 Aug 1953 Baylor, Texas, United States

Father: James Harrison McKinney

Mother: Rowenna Jane Childress

Name: Joseph Howard McKINNEY

Birth: 30 MAY 1910 Manassa, Conejos, Colorado, USA

Death: 24 MAR 1991 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado, USA

Father: Benjamin Franklin McKinney

Mother: Nicolena Katrina Nielson

Name: Joseph Warren McKinney

Birth: 01 Apr 1873 , , Alabama, USA

Death: 31 Jul 1944 Andalusia, Covington County, Alabama, United States of America

Father: McKinney

Mother: Marth J. Brooks

Name: Joseph McKinney

Birth: 12 May 1839 WV

Death: 20 Nov 1921 Lewis County, West Virginia, USA

Father: William McKinney

Mother: Mary "Polly" Reed

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