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Name: Joseph Odell Estes

Birth: 29 Sep 1913 Tiptonville, Lake, Tennessee, USA

Death: 9 Jan 2000 Sedalia, Graves, Kentucky, United States

Father: Joseph Henry Estes

Mother: Eva L. Scarbrough

Name: Joseph C. Estes

Birth: 1774 Halifax County, Virginia

Death: 27 Feb 1846 Mount Vernon, Jefferson, Illinois, USA

Father: John Estes

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Chisum


Birth: 19 Aug 1878 Burns, Dickson, Tennessee, USA

Death: 18 May 1948 Dickson County, Tennessee, USA

Father: William Joshua Estes

Mother: Margaret Amanda Bryant

Name: Joseph H. Estes

Birth: 15 Mar 1856 Saline Co., IL

Death: 1 Dec 1919 Harrisburg, Saline, Illinois, United States

Father: James Hosea Estes

Mother: Phoebe Ann Barnes

Name: Joseph Henry Estes

Birth: 22 Mar 1872 Marshall County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 27 Aug 1918 Tiptonville, Lake County, Tennessee, USA

Father: William Franklin Estes

Mother: Francis P. Scarborough

Name: Joseph Estes

Birth: 8 Nov 1837 Missouri, USA

Death: 03 Jan 1914 Arkansas, USA

Father: Bruford Estes

Mother: Rebecca Estes

Name: Joseph Carroll Estes

Birth: 30 DEC 1818 Franklin, Ill

Death: 12 Aug 1887 Keokuk, Lee, Iowa, USA

Father: Joseph C. Estes

Mother: Ritty Lee

Name: Joseph Monroe Estes

Birth: 6 October 1871 Hickman Co, Tennessee

Death: 28 Feb 1951 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA

Father: William Garrett Gary Estes

Mother: Margaret Austin

Name: Joseph Estes

Birth: 4 Jul 1820 Boone County, Missouri, USA

Death: 17 Mar 1893 Boone, Missouri, USA

Father: Ambrose Carlton Estes

Mother: Margaret Brock

Name: Joseph Hezekiah Estes

Birth: 6 May 1828 Missouri, USA

Death: 22 November 1884 Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, USA

Father: Joseph Hezekiah Estes

Mother: Catherine "Katie" Miller

Name: Joseph Jodie Walter Estes

Birth: 18 Nov 1875 Marshall, Kentucky, United States

Death: 14 Apr 1937 Marshall, Kentucky, United States

Father: John McGilbra Wyatt Estes

Mother: Sophia Jennings

Name: Joseph Shirley Estes

Birth: 5 March 1902 Kentucky, USA

Death: 9 Sep 1970 Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky, USA

Father: Charles Milton Estes

Mother: Lillie Frances "Fannie" Washburn

Name: Joseph Estes

Birth: 26 Aug 1696 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 15 May 1770 Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, USA

Father: Richard Estes

Mother: Elizabeth Beck

Name: Joseph L Estes

Birth: 12 DEC 1849 Johns River, Caldwell, North Carolina, USA

Death: 12 MAR 1932 Johns River, Caldwell, North Carolina, USA

Father: William Estes

Mother: Mary Polly Clarissa White

Name: Joseph Hezekiah Estes

Birth: 25 Aug 1865 Missouri

Death: 25 Jan 1940 Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States

Father: Joseph Hezekiah Estes

Mother: Lavina Virginia (Limbaugh) Estes

Name: Joseph Hezekiah Estes

Birth: 16 Jan 1796 Georgia, USA

Death: 8 Jan 1877 Bollinger County, Missouri, USA

Father: ASA Estes

Mother: Georgia Annie Roberts

Name: Joseph Henry Estes

Birth: 01 Apr 1867 Izard Co., AR

Death: 13 Feb 1954 72519 Calico Rock, Izard, Arkansas, United STates of America

Father: William Patrick Estes

Mother: Sarah C "Sally" Laird

Name: Joseph Harry Doad Estes

Birth: 27 Sep 1904 Tennessee

Death: 9 Dec 1994 Fairfield, Wayne, Illinois, USA

Father: William George Estes

Mother: Ollie Florence Bolton

Name: Joseph Vernon Estes

Birth: 20 August 1916 Belgrade Gallatin Montana

Death: 8 August 2005 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana

Father: Joseph Benjamin Estes

Mother: Lena Taylor Bastin

Name: Joseph L Estes

Birth: Abt. 1865 Georgia

Death: 19 Dec 1931 Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA

Father: Edward B. Hart

Mother: Lucynda Hodge

Name: Joseph Norton ESTES

Birth: 12 Apr 1908 Ashford, Pierce, WA, USA

Death: 9 Aug 2004 Sequim, Clallam, WA, USA

Father: Samuel Mac King Estes

Mother: Zilpah Leora DUNHAM

Name: Joseph Emory Estes

Birth: 11 May 1867 Illinois, USA

Death: 11 April 1928 Granby, Newton, Missouri, USA

Father: Joseph Henry Estes

Mother: Amanda Jane Myler

Name: Joseph Ziffanard Estes

Birth: 3 Apr 1881 Carrollton, Carroll, Georgia, USA

Death: 3 Feb 1954 Tupelo, Lee, Mississippi, USA

Father: Zipthania Estes

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Jane Gallman

Name: Joseph Ray Estes

Birth: 29 Mar 1901 Estill, Kentucky, USA

Death: 28 Dec 1971 Winchester, Clark, Kentucky, USA

Father: James Sylvester Estes

Mother: Elvina ELLEN Tipton

Name: Joseph Eli Estes

Birth: 1855 Clayton County, Georgia, USA

Death: 08 Nov 1943 Hiram, Paulding, Georgia, USA

Father: Green Berry Estes

Mother: Elizabeth A Thomas

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