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Name: Joseph Frank Dillingham

Birth: 25 Dec 1872 Massachusetts, USA

Death: 20 Aug 1956 Los Angeles, California

Father: Perley Mitchell Dillingham

Mother: Ida Jane Hall

Name: Joseph R Dillingham

Birth: 20 Nov 1804 Hardin County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 16 Jan 1867 Star Mills, Hardin County, Kentucky, USA

Father: James Dillingham

Mother: Hannah Young

Name: Joseph Robert Dillingham

Birth: 9 Mar 1854 Tennessee, USA

Death: 2 May 1937 Kingston Springs, Cheatham, Tennessee, USA

Father: Joshua Dillingham

Mother: Vesta Jane Young

Name: Joseph Dillingham

Birth: 1 NOV 1776 Falmouth, Mass

Death: 20 APR 1845 Falmouth, Mass

Father: Ignatius Dillingham

Mother: Deborah Gifford

Name: Joseph Bobley Dillingham

Birth: 23 Feb 1883 Platte City, Platte, Missouri

Death: 17 Oct 1966 Smithville, Clay, Missouri

Father: John Henry Dillingham

Mother: Anna Lea "Annie" Oldham

Name: Joseph Oscar Dillingham

Birth: 25 Jan 1883 Normanton, Yorkshire, England

Death: 9 Sep 1954 San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA

Father: John Dillingham

Mother: Dinah Dillingham

Name: Joseph R Dillingham

Birth: 21 Oct 1893 Rural, Cheatham, Tennessee, USA

Death: 9 Feb 1982 Kingston Springs, Cheatham, Tennessee, USA

Father: Joseph Robert Dillingham

Mother: Hester J Cooley

Name: joseph felix dillingham

Birth: 24 Feb 1902 Graves County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 17 Aug 1977 Sarasota, Florida, United States(Buried in Graves Co, Liberty Cemetary

Father: (Gen) Josephus J Dillingham.

Mother: Mary Elizabeth May E) Harvey

Name: Joseph Caldwell Dillingham

Birth: 28 May 1861 Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina, United States of America

Death: 2 October 1937 Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina, United States of America

Father: James Dillingham

Mother: Charlotte Poyas Ripley

Name: .Joseph Doyle Dillingham

Birth: 12 March 1927 Kingston Springs, Cheatham County, Tennessee, United States of America

Death: 28 April 1993 Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama, United States of America

Father: Joseph R Dillingham

Mother: Lula D Appleton

Name: Joseph Henry "Henry Joseph" Dillingham

Birth: 11 Feb 1857 Skowhegan, Somerset, Maine, USA

Death: 30 Dec 1924 Skowhegan, Somerset, Maine, USA

Father: Horatio H Dillingham

Mother: Belindia Clark Dillingham

Name: Joseph Samuel Dillingham

Birth: 9 SEP 1865 Grayson Co., Texas

Death: 8 Jun 1938 Madill, Marshall Co., Ok

Father: James Hickman Dillingham

Mother: Susan Emily Willyerd or Willard

Name: Joseph Sidney 'Sidney' Dillingham

Birth: 30 July 1892 Austin, Travis, Texas, USA

Death: 6 December 1955 Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA

Father: John Logan Dillingham

Mother: Rosannah Price

Name: Joseph Dillingham

Birth: 02 Nov 1845 Falmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 03 Apr 1891 New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Edward Gifford Dillingham

Mother: Nancy Bassett Sanford

Name: Joseph Bobley (Jay B.) Dillingham

Birth: 8 Mar 1910 Platte City, Platte, Missouri

Death: 13 Aug 2007 Kansas City, Clay, Missouri, USA

Father: Joseph Bobley Dillingham

Mother: Edna Chesnut

Name: Joseph Edward Dillingham

Birth: 16 Aug 1821 Freeport, Cumberland County, Maine, USA

Death: 05 JUL 1852 Cincinnati, Ohio

Father: Samuel Doty Dillingham

Mother: Patience Bacon

Name: Joseph Ellis Dillingham

Birth: 19 Feb 1880 Dawson Springs, Hopkins, Kentucky, USA

Death: 1961 Arvada, Jefferson, Colorado, USA

Father: James F. Dillingham

Mother: Mary Catherine Howton

Name: Joseph W Dillingham

Birth: 8 November 1834 New York, United States of America

Death: 29 July 1916 Clinton, Lenawee County, Michigan, United States of America

Father: Joseph Dillingham

Mother: Elizabeth Allen

Name: Joseph Dillingham

Birth: 7 Jan 1801 Genesee Co, New York

Death: 13 OCT 1849 Palmyra, MI, USA

Father: Silvanus Dillingham

Mother: Mary Wing

Name: Joseph Jackson Dillingham

Birth: 8 Jun 1775 Kingston, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

Death: 1821 Middle Granville, Washington, New York, United States

Father: Thomas Dillingham

Mother: Remembrance (Dillingham) Jackson

Name: Joseph Pitt Dillingham

Birth: 24 Nov 1794 Augusta, Kennebec, Maine, USA

Death: 12 Apr 1854 Augusta, Kennebec, Maine, USA

Father: Pitt Dillingham

Mother: Elizabeth Hatch

Name: Joseph Dillingham

Birth: 28 Jan 1805 Flitwick, Bedfordshire, England

Death: 6 Jun 1863 Luton, Bedfordshire, England

Father: Joseph Dillingham

Mother: Alice Holmes

Name: Joseph Alexander Dillingham

Birth: 9 Nov 1828 KY

Death: Abt 1863 Civil War

Father: Vachel Dillingham

Mother: Elizabeth Estes Evans

Name: Joseph Esley "Ike" Dillingham

Birth: 29 Apr 1929 Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 14 Apr 2001 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

Father: Frank Aubrey Dillingham

Mother: Josephine "Josie" Prince

Name: Joseph Mack Dillingham

Birth: 29 Sep 1910 Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado, USA

Death: 6 May 2001 Aurora, Arapahoe, Colorado, United States of America

Father: John C Dillingham

Mother: Clara R. Wreath

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