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NAME: Joseph Forest Vaughan

BIRTH: 9 Jul 1880 Palouse, Whitman Co., Washington

DEATH: 16 March 1948 Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington, United States of America

FATHER: Franklin White Vaughan

MOTHER: Mary Ellen Ringo Vaughan

NAME: Joseph Floyd VAUGHAN

BIRTH: 9 Mar 1912 Clifty, Madison, Arkansas, United States of America

DEATH: 30 Aug 1952 Eagleville, Modoc, California, United States of America

FATHER: Robert M Vaughan

MOTHER: Laura Alice Denney

NAME: Joseph Douglas "Joe" Vaughan

BIRTH: 24 Oct 1873 Harrison, Boone, Arkansas, USA

DEATH: 1963 Proctor, Adair, Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: James Daniel Vaughan

MOTHER: Maryann S. Parker

NAME: Joseph Vaughan

BIRTH: 20 Mar 1873 Durham, Yorkshire - North Riding, United Kingdom

DEATH: 17 Jun 1947 West Hartlepool, Durham, England

FATHER: James Vaughan

MOTHER: Bridget Murray

NAME: Joseph Eric Leige Vaughan

BIRTH: 13 July 1914 Malvern Wells, Worcestershire, England

DEATH: 11 Dec 2005 Warwick, Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom

FATHER: Rupert Reginald Vaughan ...

MOTHER: Georgina Josephine Edwards

NAME: Joseph Vaughan

BIRTH: 1814 Shotwick, Cheshire, , England

DEATH: 3 June 1886 Shotwick, Cheshire, England

FATHER: John Vaughan

MOTHER: Frances Thomas

NAME: Joseph Vaughan

BIRTH: 20 Aug 1654 Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

DEATH: 2 March 1734 Middleboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, USA

FATHER: George Vaughan


NAME: Joseph Pritchard Vaughan

BIRTH: 15 Aug 1845 Grayson, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 26 Aug 1905 Spring Valley, Grayson, Virginia, USA

FATHER: Robert Vaughan

MOTHER: Martha "Patsie" Pritchard

NAME: Joseph Vaughan

BIRTH: 1843 Freiston, Lincolnshire, England

DEATH: 20 Feb 1892 Boston, Lincolnshire, England

FATHER: William Vaughan Snr

MOTHER: Elizabeth Barnet

NAME: Joseph Sackett Vaughan

BIRTH: 23 May 1851 Greene County, Ohio

DEATH: 21 Jan 1918 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

FATHER: Benjamin Vaughan

MOTHER: Lucinda (Lutitia, Letitia) Sackett

NAME: Joseph Jackson Vaughan

BIRTH: 6 November 1876 Fosters Falls, Wythe County, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 2 December 1952 Kirkwood, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: William A Vaughn

MOTHER: Jane Elizabeth Vaughn

NAME: Joseph W. Vaughan

BIRTH: 1844 Kentucky, United States

DEATH: April 1876 Putnam, Indiana, United States

FATHER: George Washington Vaughan

MOTHER: Martha G. Hensley

NAME: Joseph Coleman Vaughan

BIRTH: 9 Jan 1875 White, Arkansas, United States

DEATH: 28 Jan 1919 Pulaski, Arkansas

FATHER: John Vaughan

MOTHER: Mary Frances Greer

NAME: Joseph Vaughan

BIRTH: 03 Feb 1877 Lee, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 02 Jan 1936 Villa Route Elk Two Mile, Kanawha Co., West Virginia

FATHER: Joseph Vaughan

MOTHER: Mary Waite

NAME: Joseph Warren Vaughan

BIRTH: Sep 1834 New Vineyard, Franklin, Maine, USA

DEATH: 05 Apr 1892 Salem, Massachusetts

FATHER: Ira Vaughan

MOTHER: Emily Johnson

NAME: Joseph Elkanah Vaughan

BIRTH: 9 Feb 1836 White, Tennessee, United States

DEATH: 19 Jan 1863 New Orleans, Jefferson, Louisiana, United States

FATHER: James Vaughan

MOTHER: Matilda Rader

NAME: Joseph Farrier Vaughan

BIRTH: 29 Sep 1863 Ozark, Christian, Missouri, United States

DEATH: 16 Feb 1934 Ozark, Christian, Missouri, United States

FATHER: James David Vaughan

MOTHER: Elizabeth Davis

NAME: Joseph Vaughan

BIRTH: 4 Sep 1816 Kentucky, United States

DEATH: 10 Apr 1885 Moniteau, Missouri

FATHER: Joseph Vaughn

MOTHER: Catherine Colflesh

NAME: Joseph Warren Vaughan

BIRTH: 5 Jan 1840 Cooper County, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 23 Jun 1923 Moniteau County, Missouri, USA

FATHER: James B Vaughan

MOTHER: Charity Hill

NAME: Joseph Norris Vaughan

BIRTH: 1802 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 22 MAR 1871 Kensington, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania

FATHER: Thomas Vaughan

MOTHER: Mary Bryan

NAME: Joseph Craddock Vaughan

BIRTH: 20 May 1822 Halifax County, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 22 Nov 1896 Tipton County, Tennessee, USA

FATHER: Edwin L Vaughan

MOTHER: Rebecca "1798" VAUGHN Owen

NAME: Joseph Jackson Vaughan

BIRTH: 18 Feb 1866 Greene County, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 18 Mar 1955 Greene County, Missouri

FATHER: Winkfield H. Vaughan

MOTHER: Amanda E. Akin

NAME: Joseph Edward Vaughan

BIRTH: 25 Apr 1913 Lowville, Lewis, New York, USA

DEATH: 27 Jul 1972 District of Columbia, USA

FATHER: Patrick Charles Vaughan

MOTHER: Margaret E. WALSH (Welch)

NAME: Joseph Vaughan

BIRTH: 1828 Callow, Herefordshire, England

DEATH: 17th August 1893 Twyford Park, Mount Napier

FATHER: Thomas Vaughan

MOTHER: Susannah Went

NAME: Joseph F Vaughan

BIRTH: 06 Jan 1853 Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 08 Nov 1931 Muskegon Heights, Muskegon, Michigan, USA

FATHER: Lorenzo Dow Vaughan