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Name: Julia Ann Bailey

Birth: 17 Dec 1828 Gales Ferry, New London, Connecticut

Death: 20 Sept 1911 Manhattan, Riley, Kansas

Father: Isaac Bailey

Mother: Hannah Lester

Name: Julia A Bailey

Birth: 06 Feb 1885 Forest, Scott, Mississippi, USA

Death: 21 Jun 1924 Madison, Mississippi, USA

Father: Osborn Bailey

Mother: Cynthia Rebecca Long

Name: Julia M Bailey

Birth: 04 June 1891 Cocke County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 18 Sept 1980 Clarendon County, South Carolina, USA

Father: George W. Bailey

Mother: Mary Ann Wilson

Name: Julia Bailey

Birth: 03 Jul 1884 Newton, Newton, Texas, USA

Death: 13 Dec 1978 Beaumont, Jefferson, Texas, USA

Father: Edmund M Bailey

Mother: Martha Ann Hamilton

Name: Julia Victoria M. Bailey

Birth: 1872 Ripples, Sunbury County, New Brunswick, Canada

Death: 9 Apr 1915 Ripples, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada

Father: Henry Luke Bailey

Mother: Melinda Sowers

Name: Julia Alice Bailey

Birth: 7 NOV 1861 Relief, Mitchell Co., North Carolina

Death: 10 July 1950 Burnsville, Yancey, North Carolina

Father: William Jefferson Bailey

Mother: Emoline Edwards

Name: Julia Ann Bailey

Birth: 27 OCT 1820 near Glasgow, Howard County, Missouri

Death: 19 Jul 1906 Linn, Missouri, United States

Father: Jacob Gilliam Bailey

Mother: Catherine Mary "Kitty" Maddox

Name: Julia Flournoy Bailey

Birth: 20 Feb 1874 Bristol, TN

Death: 13 May 1960 Emporia, Greensville County, Virginia, USA

Father: David Flournoy Bailey

Mother: Sarah Eleanor Preston

Name: Julia Ann Bailey

Birth: 1 Jan 1902 Hilham, Overton, Tennessee, United States

Death: 4 Dec 1929 Hilham, Overton, Tennessee, USA

Father: Solomon Benton Bailey

Mother: Mary Ann Gore

Name: Julia Estella Bailey

Birth: 02 Nov 1911 Ohio

Death: Feb 06, 1978 Buffalo, Wright, MN

Father: Bazzil Bermont Bailey

Mother: Lora Mabel Fullwiler

Name: Julia Ann Bailey

Birth: 15 MAR 1853 Clear Fork District, Tazewell County, Virginia

Death: 25 JAN 1941 Tazewell County, Virginia

Father: Harvey George Bailey

Mother: Nancy B. McDonald

Name: Julia Bailey

Birth: 16 Jan 1847 Pennsylvania

Death: 15 Dec 1933 Randolph, Crawford, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Theobold Bailly

Mother: Marguerite (Margaret) Bobay

Name: Julia A. Bailey

Birth: 7 Aug 1856 Lordstown, Trumbull, Ohio

Death: 27 Dec 1923 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio

Father: Peter William BAILEY

Mother: Rufina Kistler

Name: Julia Winchell Bailey

Birth: 26 Jun 1830 West Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 23 FEB 1862 Southampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Aaron Thomas Bailey


Name: Julia Ann Bailey

Birth: 8 Dec 1811 Litchfield, Kennebec, Maine, United States

Death: 9 Aug 1887 Belloit, Mitchell County, Kansas, USA

Father: Isaac Bailey

Mother: Mary Polly Watson

Name: Julia Ann Bailey

Birth: 21 Oct 1838 Claysville, Harrison, Kentucky, United States

Death: 9 Jul 1912 Pendleton, Kentucky, United States

Father: George Washington Bailey

Mother: Jane Harrison

Name: Julia Ann Bailey

Birth: 21 Dec 1936 Bandytown, Boone, West Virginia

Death: 4 Feb 2005 Winchester, Independent Cities, Virginia

Father: Bernard Curbert Bailey

Mother: Mary Alma Jasper

Name: Julia E Bailey

Birth: 19 Sep 1893 Linn, Missouri, United States

Death: 1968 Linn, Missouri, USA

Father: Andrew Jackson "Jack" Bailey

Mother: Mary Jane Phillips

Name: Julia Ann Bailey

Birth: 11 May 1848 Kettering, Northamptonshire, England

Death: 21 Jun 1924 Surrey, England

Father: Thomas Bailey

Mother: Roseanna Hopkins

Name: Julia Bailey

Birth: 25 Feb 1874 Amherst

Death: 6 June 1917 Amherst County, Virginia, USA

Father: James Andrew Bailey

Mother: Ann "Nannie" Archer Bailey.Bailey

Name: Julia Anne M. Bailey

Birth: 31 Jan 1857 Yancey, North Carolina

Death: September 29 1941 Yancey Co., NC

Father: Ezekiel H Bailey

Mother: Winnefred "Winnie" Phillips

Name: Julia Belle Bailey

Birth: 7 Jun 1890 New York

Death: 1 Sep 1964 Los Angeles Co., CA

Father: John Harvey Bailey

Mother: Cora Ellen LaBar

Name: Julia Ida Bailey

Birth: 6 Oct 1888 Washington County, Virginia, USA

Death: 5 Nov 1950 Bristol, Sullivan, Tennessee, USA

Father: Milton H Bailey

Mother: Margaret A Rouse

Name: Julia A. Bailey

Birth: 2 July 1890 Green Mountain, Yancey County, North Carolina, USA

Death: November 30, 1977 Concord, Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA

Father: Isaac B. Bailey

Mother: Mary Jane Laughrun

Name: Julia Bailey

Birth: 1783 Somerset County, Pennsylvania

Death: 1883 Laclede County, Missouri, USA

Father: Edmond Bailey

Mother: Margaret Kindrick

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