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Name: Karen Bolette Olsdatter

Birth: 27 Mar 1857 Berger, Rakkestad, Ostfold, Norway

Death: 06 Aug 1926 Berger, Dagernes sogn, Rakkestad, Østfold, Norway

Father: Ole Johnsen Berger

Mother: Elen Marie Larsdatter

Name: Karen Olsdatter

Birth: 1813 Magleby, Storstrom, Denmark

Death: 29 July 1884 Udby, Denmark

Father: Ole RASMUSEN

Mother: Margrethe HANSDATTER

Name: Karen Bergitte Olsdatter

Birth: 18 Dec 1866 Foldøy, Jelsa, Rogaland, Norway

Death: 08 Feb 1934 Norman, Traill, North Dakota, USA

Father: Ole Knudsen Høyviktre

Mother: Elin Serine "Ellen" Falentinsdatter

Name: Karen Olsdatter

Birth: 04 Oct 1838 Solør, Brandvold Prestegjeld, Norway

Death: 23 Apr 1918 Decorah, Iowa

Father: Ole Ander Olson Anderson Viker Viger

Mother: Anna Lunder Gudmundsdatter

Name: Karen Maria Olsdatter

Birth: 14 Apr 1828 Toftlia (Storsteinmoen), Mo, Nord Rana, Nordland, Norway

Death: 09 Feb 1863 Rana, Nordland Norway

Father: Ole Amundsen

Mother: Dorothea Jensdatter

Name: Karen Johanne Olsdatter

Birth: 26/February/1853 Holter Sogn Nannestad

Death: 8 Oct 1929 Worth County, Iowa, USA

Father: Ole Gulbrandsen Vollougseie

Mother: Inger Olsdatter

Name: Karen Olsdatter

Birth: December 28, 1784 Lunner, Oppland, Norway

Death: November 6, 1823 Gran, Oppland, Norway

Father: Ole Gulbrandson

Mother: Mari Larsdatter Haakenstad

Name: Karen Marie Olsdatter

Birth: 06 Jun 1841 Sannidal, Telemark, Norway

Death: 30JUN 1916 Forest, Winnebago, Iowa

Father: Ole Ellingsen Kil

Mother: Ingebor Abrahamsdatter

Name: (Karen) Elise Olsdatter

Birth: 12 Nov 1860 Nord Odalen, Sand, Norway

Death: 7 Mar 1949 Sand, Norway

Father: Ole Jørgensen Steinshagen

Mother: Eli Pedersdatter

Name: Karen Berg Olsdatter

Birth: 21 Feb 1866 Risberget, Aabogen, Grue, Hedmark, Norway

Death: 31 May 1924 Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Ole Johannessen Risberget

Mother: Kirsti Johannesdatter

Name: Karen Serine Olsdatter

Birth: 1888 Oddernes, Norway

Death: Nov 1978 Hillsdale, Bergen, New Jersey, USA

Father: Ole Tobias Olsen

Mother: Mathilde Nikoline Eriksdatter

Name: Karen Olsdatter

Birth: 1816 Ullensaker, Akershus, Norway

Death: 28 Apr 1861 Rodenes, Ostfold, Norway

Father: Ole Anensen

Mother: Lena (Jakobsdatter) Olsdatter

Name: Karen Sophie Olsdatter

Birth: 16 Aug 1841 Skindpingrud Farm, Eidskog, Hedmark, Norway

Death: 14 Aug 1933 Harvey, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Ole Wilhelmsen

Mother: Gunne Tostensdatter

Name: Karen Olsdatter

Birth: 23 Aug 1757 Nykøbing Sjælland, Vestsjalland, Denmark

Death: 27 Aug 1831 Nykøbing Sjælland, Vestsjalland, Denmark

Father: Oluf Lauridsen

Mother: Dorthe Hansdatter

Name: Karen Olsdatter

Birth: 19 December 1852 Trondheim, Norway

Death: 13 Apr 1926 Britton, Marshall County, South Dakota, USA

Father: Ole Iversen

Mother: Eli Olsdatter

Name: Karen Johanna Olsdatter

Birth: 1778 Enga, Hugeløya, Nesna, Nordland, Norway

Death: Nov 1858 Handsteen, Handnesøya, Nesna, Nordland

Father: Ole Christophersøn

Mother: Karen Johansdatter

Name: Karen Olsdatter

Birth: 1734 Lunde i Eidanger, Tvilling

Death: 1780 degården i Eidanger

Father: Olle Christensøn-Lunde-Øvre

Mother: Anne Anunsdatter

Name: Karen Gurine Olsdatter

Birth: 8 Mar 1825 Nyerød, Våler, Vestfold, Norge

Death: abt 1880 Drammen, Buskerud, Norway

Father: Ole Gundersen

Mother: Anne Kirstine Christophersdr

Name: Karen Olsdatter

Birth: 31 Oct 1790 Vardal, Oppland, Norway

Death: 21 Nov 1868 Skarkerud, Vardal, Oppland

Father: Ole Christophersen

Mother: Johanne Amundsdatter Børstad

Name: Karen Olsdatter

Birth: 1695 Vikten or Flakstad Parish Sandnes

Death: Not Available

Father: Ole Halstensen

Mother: Kirsten Johannesdatter

Name: Karen Margrethe Olsdatter

Birth: 1832 Bamble, Telemark, Norway

Death: 1900 Bamble, Telemark, Norway

Father: Ole Larsen Glittum

Mother: Inger Maria Larsdatter Glittum

Name: Karen Maria Olsdatter

Birth: 19 Sep 1844 Beiarn, Nordland, Norge

Death: Abt. 1922 Beiarn, Nordland, Norway

Father: Ole Michael Ellingsen

Mother: Maren Kirstine Holgersdatter

Name: Karen Olsdatter

Birth: 19 MAY 1855 Meraker, Nord-Trondelag, Norway

Death: 14 Mar 1944 Red Lake, Minnesota

Father: Ole Larson Stjorval

Mother: Sigrid Olsdatter Stordal

Name: Karen Olsdatter

Birth: November 1657 Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark

Death: 19 Jun. 1693 37´Sg. Bodilsker Bornholm

Father: Oluf Andersen

Mother: Kirstine Hansdatter

Name: Karen Olsdatter

Birth: 11 MAR 1849 Lier, Baskerud County, Norway

Death: 29 Aug 1933 Long Rapids, Alpena, Michigan, USA

Father: Ole Ottersen

Mother: Helle -Hansdatter

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