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Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 11 Jul 1819 Ukkestadeie, Låke, Nannestad, Akershus, Norge

Death: 17 Jan 1891 Vestbystuen, Logna, Nannestad, Akershus, Norge

Father: Ole Gulbrandsen Døhlen

Mother: Dorthe Arvesdatter

Name: Kristoffer Hartvig Olsen

Birth: 20 May 1864 Holmstad, Nordland, Norway

Death: Apr 1923 Holmstad, Nordland, Norway

Father: Ole Johan Kristensen

Mother: Gjertrud Anne Sivertsdatter

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 15 may 1871 Sørum, Torpa, Nordre Land, Oppland

Death: 1935

Father: Ole Eriksen

Mother: Anne Gunilla Kristophersdatter

Name: Kristoffer Jakob Olsen

Birth: 1775 Maberg, Lista, Vest-Agder, Norway

Death: 19 Jan 1855 Ore, Lista, Vest-Agder, Norway

Father: Ole Larsen

Mother: Engel kristoffersdatter

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 1784 Kalleberg, Lista, Vest-Agder, Norway

Death: 17 Jan 1865 Raastad, Lista, Vest-Agder, Norway

Father: Ole Kristophersen

Mother: Anna Olsdatter

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 17 MAR 1870 Ulvik, Hordaland, Norway

Death: 16 OCT 1942 Cabri, Sask, Canada

Father: Ola Kjelson Tveite O

Mother: Gunilda Andersd.

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 05 jan 1797 Arstun Hafstad 21 4, Nannestad

Death: 1848 Arstun Hafstad 21 4, Nannestad

Father: Ole Jensen

Mother: Marte Toresdatter

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 1795 Lier, Nordsinni, Nordre Land, Oppland

Death: 2 Aug 1859 Sørum, Torpa, Nordre Land, Oppland

Father: Ole Olsen Lier

Mother: Anne Kristoffersdatter

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 15 Jul 1815 Hurdal Akershus Norge

Death: 1886 Hurdal. Akershus, Norge

Father: Ola Halvorsen

Mother: Marte Katrine Kristoffersdatter

Name: Kristoffer JAER Olsen

Birth: 1696 Ingelsrud Farm, Nannestad, Akershus

Death: 1725 Jaer Farm, Nannestad, Akershus

Father: Ola Toresen Ingelsrud

Mother: Marte Olsdatter

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 9 Jan 1876 Eggedal, Sigdal, Buskerud

Death: 1927 DEGARDEN, Sigdal

Father: Ole Kristoffersen

Mother: Kristi Andersdtr Kopseng

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 1808 Norway

Death: November 2 1849 Norway

Father: Ole Kristoffersen Knutsrud

Mother: Torunn Rasmusdatter

Name: Kristoffer OLSEN

Birth: 1837 Nedre Liknes, Åkra, Karmøy, Rogaland, Norway

Death: 29 Dec 1868

Father: Ola Kristofferson Øvre Liknes

Mother: Johanna Johannesdatter

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 10 Apr 1823 Våle, Vestfold, Norway

Death: 07 May 1907 Vale, Vestfold, Norway

Father: Ole Christoffersen

Mother: Ingeborg Abrahamsen

Name: Kristoffer Nordby Olsen

Birth: ABT 1791 Kåråsen Farm, Nannestad, Akershus, Norway

Death: 1854 Nannestad, Nordby, Karasen, Norway

Father: Ola Kristoffersen Nordre Bergan

Mother: Lisbeth Nielsdtr

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: ABT 1802 Baggerudeie, Land, Oppland, Norway

Death: 25 MAY 1872 Hougner, Nordreland, Oppland, Norway

Father: Ole Kristoffersen

Mother: Ingeborg Hansdatter

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 1747 Nedre tomten, Frogn, Akershus, Norge

Death: 1826 Glosli Lille, Frogn, Akershus, Norge

Father: Ole Gundersen Haavim

Mother: Viborg Kristoffersdatter

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: ABT 1771 Steiro, Sortland

Death: ABT 1813

Father: Ole Nilssen

Mother: Malena Kristoffersdatter

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 13 Aug 1793 Anildrød, Nøtterøy, Vestfold, Norway

Death: 1847 Nøtterøy, Vestfold, Norway

Father: Ole Jakobsen

Mother: Maria Arvesen

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 21 Oct 1759 mot, Helleland, Rogaland, Norway

Death: 1829 Seland, Nes, Vest-Agder, Norway

Father: Ole Olsen Grønning

Mother: Ingeborg Kristoffersdtr Odland

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: ABT 1525 Mørdre gård, Nes, Romerike, Norway

Death: BEF 1594 Holt gård, Ullensaker

Father: Ole Toresen

Mother: Mari Hansdatter

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 1807 St̆er i Dyry

Death: 1865 St̆er i Dyry

Father: Ole Christiansen

Mother: Anna Maria Nilsdatter

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 1762 Nordrok, Fluberg, Søndre Land, Oppland, Norway

Death: 22 Aug 1841 Kristofferstuen, Hov, Søndre Land, Oppland, Norway

Father: Ole Halvorsson Epselien


Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 18 Jun 1825 Kvarnebakken, Hedmark, Elverum, Norway

Death: 1906 USA

Father: Ole Arnesen

Mother: Kirsti Olsdatter

Name: Kristoffer Olsen

Birth: 20 Oct 1846 Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway

Death: Not Available

Father: Mauritz Olsen

Mother: Martine Olava Hansdatter

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