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NAME: Laura Marie Plummer

BIRTH: 24 Aug 1891 Boston, Massachusetts

DEATH: Nov 13, 1983 Wareham, Plymouth, Massachusetts

FATHER: George Eaton Plummer

MOTHER: Hilda K Bjorkegren

NAME: Laura Matilda Plummer

BIRTH: 1865 Bardwell, Suffolk

DEATH: 1884 Thingoe, Suffolk

FATHER: Arthur Plummer

MOTHER: Hagar Burrows

NAME: Laura Maria Plummer

BIRTH: July 1873 Plumstead, Kent

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Edward Arthur Plummer

MOTHER: Mary Jane Blake

NAME: Laura Nellie Plummer

BIRTH: Mar 1891 Chailey, Sussex, England

DEATH: 30 Oct 1958 Myrtledene, Chailey, Sussex

FATHER: Charles Plummer

MOTHER: Caroline Elizabeth Martin


BIRTH: 28 Jan 1870 Cedar Hill TX

DEATH: 01 Aug 1949

FATHER: Alson Richahd Plummer

MOTHER: Cordelane Hart

NAME: Laura Margaret Plummer

BIRTH: 12 Nov 1920 Greenup County, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 20 Dec 1956 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

FATHER: Lendon Olus(Tilghman) Plummer

MOTHER: Flora B. Tilghman

NAME: Laura E Plummer

BIRTH: 1871 Irving, Jackson, Wisconsin, USA

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Abraham Plummer

MOTHER: Lydia Ann Sears

NAME: Laura Plummer

BIRTH: Abt 1860 North Carolina

DEATH: WFT Est. 1912/1955

FATHER: John C Plummer

MOTHER: Mary Caroline Barnes


BIRTH: 1846 Thornton, New Hampshire

DEATH: 24 Dec 1932 Meredith, Belknap, New Hampshire, USA

FATHER: Joseph F Plummer

MOTHER: Rosetta Worth

NAME: Laura Correne Plummer

BIRTH: 10 Oct 1917 Cherryvale, Montgomery County, KS

DEATH: 27 Nov 1935 Mound Valley, Labette County, KS

FATHER: James Luther Plummer

MOTHER: Rose Florence Fowler

NAME: Laura J. Plummer

BIRTH: 1885/07/00 Clinton County, Indiana

DEATH: 14 April 1907 Clinton County, Indiana, United States of America

FATHER: William Henry Plummer

MOTHER: Alice May Gentry

NAME: Laura May Plummer

BIRTH: 07 Feb 1894 Summerhill, Cambria, Pennsylvania, United States

DEATH: 7 JAN 1981 Maple Avenue Hospital, DuBois, Pa

FATHER: David Plummer

MOTHER: Emma Schlosser

NAME: Laura Ethel Plummer

BIRTH: 17 May 1867 Indiana

DEATH: 05 Aug 1895 Marshalltown, IA

FATHER: Jacob Callender Plummer

MOTHER: Louella Shoptaugh

NAME: Laura Fairfax Plummer

BIRTH: Aug 1865 New Mexico

DEATH: 13 Oct 1930

FATHER: Capt. Augustus Holmes Plummer

MOTHER: Laura Fairfax Leeper

NAME: Laura Plummer

BIRTH: Dec 1898 Alabama, USA

DEATH: 21 Jan 1961 Marion, Perry, Alabama

FATHER: Alfred Johnson Plummer

MOTHER: Frances Elizabeth "Fannie" Rogers

NAME: Laura W Plummer

BIRTH: Apr 1897 Hillman, GA

DEATH: 19 Feb 1934 Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee

FATHER: Benjamin J Plummer

MOTHER: Nellie Plumber

NAME: Laura Lee Plummer

BIRTH: 22 Feb 1890 Bertram, Linn Co., Iowa

DEATH: Jan 1968 Mount Vernon, Linn, Iowa, USA

FATHER: Milton B Plummer

MOTHER: Charlotte Stoneking

NAME: Laura May Plummer

BIRTH: 5 May 1895 Catton, Norfolk, England

DEATH: Jan 1987 Norwich Outer, Norfolk, England

FATHER: Herbert Kent Plummer

MOTHER: Alice Self

NAME: Laura Plummer

BIRTH: 26 Jun 1807 Bristol

DEATH: April 1878 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

FATHER: Henry Waite Plummer

MOTHER: Elizabeth Williams


BIRTH: 28 Nov 1905 Hull, Yorkshire, UK

DEATH: 02 Mar 1981 Otley, Yorkshire, UK

FATHER: Geo. William Plummer


NAME: Laura Belle Plummer

BIRTH: November 8, 1895 Bracken County, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: March 20, 1954 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, United States of America

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Cora Biddle

NAME: Laura G Plummer

BIRTH: OCT 1865 California

DEATH: 30 SEP 1939 Contra Costa, California, USA

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private

NAME: Laura A Plummer

BIRTH: 1827 Maine

DEATH: 1860

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private

NAME: Laura E Plummer

BIRTH: 1871 Nebraska

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private

NAME: Laura Plummer

BIRTH: Jul 1857 Ohio

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private