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Name: Leah FORD

Birth: 3 Feb 1786 Washington County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 1 May 1862 Lafollette, Campbell County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Stephen Hyland Ford

Mother: Ruth Stevenson

Name: Leah Ann Ford

Birth: 29 November 1867 Washington, Washington, Ut

Death: 27 November 1930 Kanab, Utah

Father: Edwin Ford

Mother: Emily H SANDALL

Name: Leah Ford

Birth: 21 Aug 1906 Holland, Bell, Texas, USA

Death: 15 May 1987 Iowa Park, Wichita County, Texas, USA

Father: Henry Steven Ford

Mother: Aleta "Leta" Bruce

Name: Leah Rachel Ford

Birth: 18 August 1888 Fannin County, Texas, USA

Death: 1 Apr 1985 Big Spring, Howard, Texas, United States of America

Father: William J. Ford

Mother: Nancy Lucretia Huston

Name: Leah Bonham Ford

Birth: 10 MAY 1868 Frankford, Pike, Missouri, USA

Death: 18 AUG 1950 Dixon, Solano, California, USA

Father: Samuel Benn Ford

Mother: Ann Linton Peake

Name: Leah Dolora Ford

Birth: 07 Dec 1890 Downing, Iowa, USA

Death: 24 Jan 1978 Wellsville, Franklin, Kansas, USA

Father: George Washington Tadlock

Mother: Elizabeth V Craddick

Name: Leah Ford

Birth: 09 May 1798 Somerset, Maryland, United States

Death: 9 April 1887 Great Bend, Meigs County, Ohio, USA

Father: Gilbert Ford

Mother: Esther Adams Ford

Name: Leah Ford

Birth: 24 February 1803 Blount County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 10 Apr 1891 Lancaster, Grant, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Alexander Ford

Mother: Elizabeth Birdwell

Name: Leah Emiline Ford

Birth: 25 Jun 1851 Washington County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 05 Jan 1940 Monroe County, Kentucky, USA

Father: Lisby Milton Richard "Dick" Ford

Mother: Mary Ann Eleanor Kanzady

Name: Leah Merideth Ford

Birth: Aug 1874 New York

Death: 19 Jan 1912 Richmond, New York, USA

Father: Daniel Ford

Mother: Annie L Sutton (Sullon)

Name: Leah Belle Ford

Birth: 6 Apr 1908 Climax, Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States

Death: 4 Apr 1991 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States

Father: Deo Ford

Mother: Eva Roxanna Taylor

Name: Leah Zinah Ford

Birth: 26 Dec 1858 Tippah, Mississippi, United States

Death: 18 Nov 1903 Tippah, Mississippi, USA

Father: John Addison Ford

Mother: Mary Caroline Petty Rogers

Name: Leah Ford

Birth: abt 1904 Concord, Michigan

Death: February 1990 Albion, Michigan, USA

Father: William Franklin Ford

Mother: Lydia Rothaermel

Name: Leah Elizabeth Ford

Birth: 2 Nov 1906 Grant Township, Guthrie County, Iowa, United States

Death: 12 June 1995 Faulkton, Faulk, South Dakota, USA

Father: William E Ford

Mother: Mary E Stewart

Name: Leah Ford

Birth: 1826 Campbell,,Tennessee,USA

Death: 1890 Whitman Hollow,Campbell,Tennessee,USA

Father: Stephen A Ford

Mother: Melinda Meadows

Name: Leah Ford

Birth: 19 December 1840 Buckheart, Fulton, Illinois, USA

Death: 30 January 1932 Fulton Co., Canton Twp, Canton, IL

Father: Absalom Ford

Mother: Mary Hufford

Name: Leah Alice Ford

Birth: 18 Jan 1892 Kings Heath, Worcestershire

Death: Sept 1970 Bedford, Bedfordshire, England

Father: Harry Evans Ford

Mother: Kate Hopkin

Name: Leah Eleanor 'Ella' Ford

Birth: 5 March 1854 Beaver Prairie, Ill

Death: 27 Jun 1928 Clinton County, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Daniel Boone Ford

Mother: Nancy M Dunn

Name: Leah Ford

Birth: 10 FEB 1833 Tippecanoe, Indiana, USA

Death: 23 Feb 1878 Jackson Twp, Clinton, Indiana, United States

Father: Thomas Ford

Mother: Ann Devoss

Name: Leah Ford

Birth: 1862 Chilton Foliatt, Wiltshire, England

Death: Dec 1926 Swindon, Wiltshire, England

Father: Edwin FORD

Mother: Sarah Reason

Name: Leah Ford

Birth: 1800 Ross County, OH, USA

Death: 1870 Ohio, United States

Father: Benjamin Ford GG3

Mother: Mary Dever/Deavers

Name: Leah Ford

Birth: abt 1915 Wilson, North Carolina, USA

Death: 6 Jun 1951 Wayne, North Carolina, USA

Father: Curtis Ford

Mother: Mannie Battle Ford

Name: Leah Ford

Birth: 12 Sep 1895 Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Death: 6 August 1988 Denver, Denver County, Colorado, United States of America

Father: Edwin Coulter FORD

Mother: Fanny Irene SMITH

Name: Leah Maria Ford

Birth: 3 Mar 1864 Exeter, Devon

Death: 16 Jan 1951 Plymouth

Father: William Ford

Mother: Mary Ann Wilkinson

Name: Leah Ford

Birth: 1826 Binstead Isle of Wight

Death: January 1901 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Father: Barnabas Ford

Mother: Anisa JONES

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