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NAME: Leonard Jefferson Haney

BIRTH: 8 Aug 1859 Gainsborough Township, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 3 November 1924 Niagara Falls, New York, USA

FATHER: Nelson Sellone Haney

MOTHER: Marilda M. Cosby

NAME: Leonard Johnson Samuel Haney

BIRTH: 28 April 1825 Fenwick, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 9 Nov 1904 Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Reverand Leonard Haney

MOTHER: Elizabeth Maynes

NAME: Leonard Roy HANEY

BIRTH: 27 Sep 1897 Cooke, Texas, USA

DEATH: 13 Feb 1972 Sherman, Grayson, Texas, USA

FATHER: Thomas Abner HANEY

MOTHER: Clarissa Ann Haney

NAME: Leonard(Leo) C. HANEY

BIRTH: 09 Feb 1849 Bertie Twp., Welland Co., Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 4 Dec 1922 Pennington, Minnesota

FATHER: George Stoughton Charles Haney

MOTHER: Rebecca Carter

NAME: Leonard Lewis Haney

BIRTH: 5 Dec 1908 Bon Homme, South Dakota, USA

DEATH: 29 Aug 1978 Aurora, Arapahoe, Colorado, United States

FATHER: Andrew Lawrence Haney

MOTHER: Mary Luig

NAME: Leonard Hugh Haney

BIRTH: 7 Sep 1885 Calhoun, McMinn, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 3 Feb 1954 Laneville, Rusk, Texas, USA

FATHER: Isaac Buchanan Haney

MOTHER: Sarah Elvira Coston

NAME: Leonard Matthew Haney

BIRTH: 1836 Pelham, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 23 November 1898 Ellington, Tuscola County, Michigan, United States of America

FATHER: James Haney, Sr.

MOTHER: Mary Stringer

NAME: Leonard Kane Haney

BIRTH: 26 Aug 1915 Iron Springs, Alberta, Canada

DEATH: 31 Jan 2014 High River, Alberta, Canada

FATHER: Harry May Haney

MOTHER: Leone Evaline Kane

NAME: Leonard Banks Haney

BIRTH: 8 Jun 1900 East Davenport, Tasmania, Australia

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Herbert Haney

MOTHER: Emily Jane Banks

NAME: Leonard Haney

BIRTH: 1879 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 1936 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Chas. Haney

MOTHER: Margaret Buck

NAME: Leonard Joseph Haney

BIRTH: 10 May 1924 Brooklyn, Kings, New York

DEATH: 21 Jan 1992 Stoughton, Dane, Wisconsin, USA

FATHER: Stewart Haney

MOTHER: Mary C Heaney

NAME: Leonard William Haney

BIRTH: 14 Aug 1889 Black Hawk County, Iowa

DEATH: 5 Jun 1947 Los Angeles, California

FATHER: William Leonard Haney

MOTHER: Mary J Nicodemus

NAME: Leonard J. Haney

BIRTH: 23 Nov 1918 Delaware

DEATH: 13 Nov 1990 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, United States of America

FATHER: John J Haney

MOTHER: Mary Ann Festing

NAME: Leonard Floyd Haney

BIRTH: 2 Jul 1904 Hahatonka, Camden, Missouri, United States

DEATH: 5 Mar 1979 Sapulpa, Creek, Oklahoma, United States

FATHER: James William Haney

MOTHER: Maude Mae Wilson

NAME: Leonard Leon Lenard Haney

BIRTH: 26 Mar 1925 Social Security Death Index and Tennessee, Find A Grave Index and U.S., Find A Grave Index, Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee, United States

DEATH: 18 Nov 1982 Tennessee, Find A Grave Index, Etowah, McMinn County, Tennessee, United States

FATHER: Edward Haney

MOTHER: Pearl Collins

NAME: Leonard Leon HANEY

BIRTH: 20 Feb 1922 Cooke, Texas, USA

DEATH: 13 Jan 2004 Bowie, Montague, Texas, United States of America


MOTHER: Mary Alice "Allie" Jackson

NAME: Leonard Dale Haney

BIRTH: 20 JUL 1891 Illinois

DEATH: 24 May 1967 Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois, United States of America

FATHER: John Haney

MOTHER: Barbara Garber

NAME: Leonard J Haney

BIRTH: 13 May 1892 Lansing, Mower, Minnesota

DEATH: 5 Mar 1962 Mower, Minnesota

FATHER: Frank Haney

MOTHER: Lillie Allen Lacy

NAME: Leonard Haney

BIRTH: 24 Mar 1926 Bee Log Yanc, North Carolina

DEATH: 27 May 1992 Morganton, Burke, North Carolina, USA

FATHER: Alfred Haney

MOTHER: Mary L Phillips

NAME: Leonard Charles Haney

BIRTH: 6 Sep 1918 Bethlehem, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 1972

FATHER: Michael Haney

MOTHER: Margaret Maggie Marguerite A. Julien

NAME: Leonard Robert Haney

BIRTH: 01 20 1930 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 03 19 1980 Norfolk, Virginia, USA

FATHER: Robert Walter Haney

MOTHER: Anna G Kimble

NAME: Leonard Joseph Haney

BIRTH: 29 Jul 1943 Willmington, Delaware

DEATH: 10 Sep 2001 New Castle, New Castle, Delaware, United States of America

FATHER: Leonard J. Haney

MOTHER: Anna C. Destaffany

NAME: Leonard Martin Haney

BIRTH: 28 SEP 1932 New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania USA

DEATH: 2 Jun 2006 New Castle, Lawrence, Pennsylvania

FATHER: Thomas J Haney

MOTHER: Mary Blanche McCormick

NAME: Leonard Thomas Haney

BIRTH: 19 Jun 1919 Oklahoma

DEATH: 8 Aug 1972

FATHER: Charles Porter Haney

MOTHER: Nellie P. Cunningham

NAME: Leonard E Haney

BIRTH: MAY 1897 Texas

DEATH: 27 Apr 1916 Asheville, Buncombe Co., North Carolina, USA

FATHER: Robert Lee Haynie

MOTHER: Matilda Elizabeth Blair