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NAME: Lewis C Haney

BIRTH: 3 Jul 1835 Ontwa, Cass, Michigan, USA

DEATH: 18 Sep 1862 Luka, Tishomingo, Mississippi, USA

FATHER: Charles Haney

MOTHER: Jane Smith


BIRTH: 01 Jul 1819 German Township, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 14 July 1904 Fulton County, Illinois, United States of America

FATHER: Samuel Haney

MOTHER: Rachel Moore

NAME: Lewis Haney

BIRTH: 8 Jan 1813 Carbon Count then, Northampton, Pennsylvania, United States

DEATH: Apr 1878 Parryville, Carbon, Pennsylvania, United States

FATHER: Charles Haney

MOTHER: Rachel McDaniel

NAME: Lewis Albert Haney

BIRTH: 31 Dec 1861 McDowell County, North Carolina, USA

DEATH: 26 Sep 1928 Higgins, McDowell, North Carolina, USA


MOTHER: Margaret Rebecca Mosteller

NAME: Lewis Leslie Haney

BIRTH: 9 Nov 1872 German, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 3 Oct 1951 Uniontown, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Colvin Haney

MOTHER: Priscilla J Knotts

NAME: Lewis Foster Haney

BIRTH: 29 Apr 1918 Chancellor, Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 06 Nov 2002 Todds Tavern, Spotsylvania County, Virginia, USA

FATHER: Aubrey Rufus Haney

MOTHER: Lily Foster Haney

NAME: Lewis Haney

BIRTH: 8 Sep 1873 Jackson, Madison, Tennessee, United States

DEATH: 28 Sep 1907 Brotherton, Putnam, Tennessee, United States

FATHER: Henry Haney

MOTHER: Margaret Pippin

NAME: Lewis G Haney

BIRTH: 6 August 1884 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, United States

DEATH: 14 March 1975 Belleville, Republic, Kansas, USA

FATHER: Ephraim Darius Haney

MOTHER: Alice Adele Comstock

NAME: Lewis Henry Haney

BIRTH: 5 Sep 1839 Maryland, United States

DEATH: 5 Feb 1917 Chambersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: John Haney

MOTHER: Jane Rebecca Ramsburg

NAME: Lewis Haney

BIRTH: 19 Jan 1859 Shelby, Ohio, United States

DEATH: 5 Jul 1937 Cottage Grove, Lane, Oregon, United States

FATHER: David Haney?

MOTHER: Malinda Cecil

NAME: Lewis Lavon Haney

BIRTH: 2 February 1923 Columbia City, Whitley, Indiana, USA

DEATH: 9 May 1999 South Bend, St Joseph, Indiana, USA

FATHER: Fay Serel Haney

MOTHER: Mildred B Coyle

NAME: Lewis Haney

BIRTH: 1 OCT 1823 Elizabeth, Pennsylvania

DEATH: 26 Jun 1885 McKeesport, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States

FATHER: John Haney

MOTHER: Sarah Lewis

NAME: Lewis Earl Haney

BIRTH: 19 Jul 1882 Montgomery, Ohio

DEATH: 4 Jan 1971 Miami, Ohio, United States of America

FATHER: Jacob Haney

MOTHER: Elizabeth Helmstedter

NAME: Lewis Haney

BIRTH: 25 Feb 1925 Gastonia Gas, North Carolina

DEATH: 27 Apr 2002 California, USA

FATHER: Lawrence Rector Haney

MOTHER: Margaret Elizabeth Houser

NAME: Lewis William Haney

BIRTH: 19 Aug 1883 Saunders County, Nebraska, USA

DEATH: Apr 1963 Arkansas, United States of America

FATHER: Jonathan Mark Haney

MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth Flannigan

NAME: Lewis B Haney

BIRTH: 20 Feb 1909 Morgan, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 27 May 1989 Harrison, Ohio, USA

FATHER: Wilson Marion Haney

MOTHER: Mary Adelaide Lewis

NAME: Lewis Haney

BIRTH: 26 Dec 1760 Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: Jul 1839 Hopewell, York, Pennsylvania, United States

FATHER: Johann Hennig

MOTHER: Marie Elisabeth Dammeyer

NAME: Lewis Filmore Haney

BIRTH: 13 Jan 1920 Lewiston, Cache, UT

DEATH: 14 August 2013 Nolanville, Bell, Texas, United States

FATHER: Pierce Melvin Haney

MOTHER: Lucy Cummins Payne

NAME: Lewis Van Haney

BIRTH: 14 Jun 1920 Centralia, Marion, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 2 May 1991 Tucson, Pima, Arizona, USA

FATHER: Franklin Malachi Haney

MOTHER: Cora Ella Daggett

NAME: Lewis Arthur Haney

BIRTH: 6 Jun 1912 Boyd, Kentucky

DEATH: 18 Oct 1941 Ashland, Boyd, Kentucky

FATHER: George Barnes Haney

MOTHER: Cora Alice Fuller

NAME: Lewis Haney

BIRTH: Abt. 1852 Indiana

DEATH: Bef 1880

FATHER: George Haney

MOTHER: Elizabeth "Eliza" Ann Harritt

NAME: Lewis Haney

BIRTH: abt 1861 Indiana

DEATH: 8 May 1955

FATHER: James M "Jesse" Haney

MOTHER: Mary Monica Edney (Haney)

NAME: Lewis Earl Haney

BIRTH: 16 Feb 1895 Malahide, Elgin, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 1967 Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Andrew Wilson Haney

MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth Bain

NAME: Lewis Edward Haney

BIRTH: Sep 14 1913 Carter Co, KY

DEATH: 3 July 1974 Ashland, Boyd, Kentucky, United States

FATHER: James Mitchell Haney

MOTHER: Ruby Elizabeth Lambert

NAME: Lewis Charles Haney

BIRTH: 7 January 1924 Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, United States

DEATH: 8 Sept 1997 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA

FATHER: Karl "Charles" Haney

MOTHER: Elizabeth M. Mutti