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Name: Lillie Westbrook

Birth: 7 Oct 1896 Winfield, Marion, Alabama, USA

Death: 15 Jan 1971 Winfield, Marion, Alabama, USA

Father: George Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Graham

Name: Lillie Viola Westbrook

Birth: November 21,1885 Hunt County, Texas

Death: 21 Jan 1975 Junction, Kimble, Texas, USA

Father: Lumpkin Westbrook

Mother: Oleva "Olevie" McKay

Name: Lillie Westbrook

Birth: Jun 1899 Alabama

Death: 10 August 1989 Walker County, Alabama, United States of America

Father: Virgil Jackson Westbrook

Mother: Tennessee D Franks

Name: Lillie Westbrook

Birth: Jan. 26, 1883 Lenoir County, North Carolina, USA

Death: Jun. 26, 1953 Durham, North Carolina, USA

Father: William Westbrook

Mother: Martha Ezzell

Name: Lillie Edna Westbrook

Birth: 22 Aug 1886 Milam, Texas, United States,

Death: June 11, 1980 Rockdale, Milam, Texas, USA

Father: Thomas Elbert Westbrook

Mother: Lydia Anne(Annie) Suggs

Name: Lillie Gertrude Westbrook

Birth: 13 Jun 1903 Ladessa, Greer County, Oklahoma, United States

Death: 15 JUN 2002 Mangum, Greer Co., Oklahoma

Father: Franklin (Doc) Westbrook

Mother: Laura Donehoo

Name: Lillie Lorene Westbrook

Birth: 07Sep1918 Lowes, Graves, Kentucky, USA

Death: 17Mar1952

Father: Robert Alfred Westbrook

Mother: Mary Adella Holifield

Name: Lillie F Westbrook

Birth: Dec 1880 Mississippi

Death: 11 Feb 1946 Pine Bluff, Jefferson, Arkansas, USA

Father: Henry M Westbrook

Mother: Martha E Westbrook

Name: Lillie May Westbrook

Birth: abt 1911 Arkansas, United States

Death: 1943

Father: Abram Westbrook

Mother: Effie Donetti Mitchell-Westbrook-Davis

Name: Lillie Maud Westbrook

Birth: 22 Dec 1905 Chelsea, London

Death: Feb 1992 Lambeth, Greater London, England

Father: Alfred Frederick Westbrook

Mother: Caroline Emma Clarke

Name: Lillie V Westbrook

Birth: 14 Feb 1881 New Hanover, North Carolina, United States

Death: 23 November 1968 Wilmington, New Hanover, North Carolina, USA

Father: David George Westbrook

Mother: Julia Ellen Ormsby

Name: Lillie Eliza Westbrook

Birth: 1862 Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Death: 6 December 1887 Brant County, Ontario, Canada

Father: Wilkerson D Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Howell

Name: Lillie Vita Westbrook

Birth: 31 Mar 1908 North Carolina

Death: 14 Mar 1993 North Carolina

Father: John Q Westbrook

Mother: Nicey Elizabeth Inman

Name: Lillie Vashti Westbrook

Birth: 4 Apr 1892 Fort Deposit, Alabama

Death: 11 Jul 1971 Tyler, Smith, Texas, United States

Father: James Hartley Westbrook

Mother: Hettie C. Vashtie Barganier

Name: Lillie Ida A Westbrook

Birth: 25 Nov 1876 Erath, Texas

Death: 8 Aug 1974 Eugene West, Lane, Oregon, USA

Father: William Nathaniel Westbrook

Mother: Caroline Arline Sansom-Westbrook

Name: Lillie Mae Westbrook

Birth: 15 Aug 1922 Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, USA

Death: 16 Sep 1997 Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, USA

Father: Lonnie S Westbrook

Mother: Blonnie M Hall

Name: Lillie Westbrook

Birth: October 1881 Abingdon, Berkshire, England

Death: Jun 1933 Wallingford, Berkshire, England

Father: Charles Westbrook

Mother: Ellen Selina Westbrook

Name: Lillie Jane Westbrook

Birth: 22 Oct 1872 Lobo Twp., Middlesex, Ontario, Canada

Death: 23 Mar 1954 Lobo Twp., Middlesex, Ontario, Canada

Father: Richard Westbrook

Mother: Julia Ann Steels

Name: Lillie Catherine Westbrook

Birth: 15 Mar 1920 North Carolina, USA

Death: 17 November 1980 Sampson, North Carolina

Father: James Abraham Westbrook

Mother: Molly R. Hill

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