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Name: Louisa Ellen Kelsey

Birth: MAR 1867 Benton County, Oregon

Death: 07 JAN 1948 Junction City, Lane, Oregon, USA

Father: Joseph Kelsey

Mother: Phebe Liggett

Name: Louisa Kelsey

Birth: 28 August 1880 New Harmony, Washington, Utah Territory, United States

Death: 25 February 1959 Fairview, Sanpete, Utah, United States

Father: Orin Kelsey

Mother: Emeretta Amanda Angell

Name: Louisa Maude Kelsey

Birth: 18 Oct 1898 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

Death: 1997 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Father: Charles Kelsey

Mother: Lydia Cannings

Name: Louisa F Kelsey

Birth: 28 February 1865 Missouri

Death: 3 March 1950 Lavaca, Sebastian County, Arkansas, United States of America

Father: Francis M. Kelsey

Mother: Mary E. Kelsey

Name: Louisa Kelsey

Birth: 27 Jul 1897 Steep, Hampshire, England

Death: Mar 1973 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England

Father: Walter Kelsey

Mother: Louisa Elizabeth Hills

Name: Louisa Kelsey

Birth: 7 JAN 1810 Massachusetts, United States

Death: 3 Jun 1877 Lenox, Massachusetts

Father: Calvin Kelsey

Mother: Mary Hogeboom

Name: Louisa Kelsey

Birth: 1802 Bavaria / Bayern

Death: Apr 30, 1893 Fort Plain, Montgomery, New York, USA

Father: Georg Michael Klein

Mother: Magdelena Burkhardt

Name: Louisa Fanny Kelsey

Birth: 5 May 1877 Manning River, New South Wales, Australia

Death: 22 Feb 1952 Charlestown, New South Wales, Australia

Father: George Henry Littlefield (Kelsey)

Mother: Sarah Sophia Lee

Name: Louisa M Kelsey

Birth: 21 May 1831 NY

Death: 8 July 1910 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Thomas 6 Kelsey

Mother: Pamelia Wood

Name: Louisa Kelsey

Birth: 26 Apr 1897 Steep, Petersfield, Hampshire, England

Death: Sep 1977 Barking, Greater London, England

Father: Walter Kelsey

Mother: Louisa Elizabeth Hills

Name: Louisa Margaret Kelsey

Birth: 14 Feb 1823 Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States

Death: 3 March 1904 Eufoula, Barbour, Ala

Father: Joel Kelsey

Mother: Diana Miles

Name: Louisa Kelsey

Birth: Mar 1868 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Death: 27 Mar 1960 2 Wanlip Rd., Syston, Leicestershire Central, Leicestershire, England

Father: George Henry Kelsey

Mother: Ann Skins

Name: Louisa Kelsey

Birth: 1833 Steep, Hampshire, England

Death: Sep 1892 Petersfield, Hampshire, England

Father: Henry Kelsey

Mother: Eleanor Pierson

Name: Louisa Phoebe Kelsey

Birth: Mar 1858 Yorkshire West Riding, United Kingdom

Death: 1 July 1948 Eckington Chesterfield

Father: Thomas KELSEY

Mother: Martha TEMPERTON

Name: Louisa Kelsey

Birth: 15 May 1859 Lonsdale Twp, Leeds, Ontario, Canada

Death: 10 July 1923 Stamford, Welland, Ontario, Canada

Father: Howard Kelsey

Mother: Harriet Spicer

Name: Louisa Kelsey

Birth: 3 Apr 1841 Edmeston, Otsego, New York, United States

Death: 8 JAN 1895 Edmeston, Otsego, NY

Father: Silas Kelsey

Mother: Sally Cook

Name: Louisa Kelsey

Birth: 1780 Chichester, Sussex, UK

Death: ABT MAY 1857 Fareham, Hampshire

Father: William Kelsey

Mother: Elizabeth Johnson

Name: Louisa Minerva Kelsey

Birth: 6 Sep 1821 Whiting, Addison, Vermont, USA

Death: 8 Jan 1896 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Father: Daniel Kelsey

Mother: Marica/Marsha Needham

Name: Louisa Kelsey

Birth: 1820 Lingfield, Surrey, England

Death: 23 Jul 1884 Middlesex, England

Father: Robert Kelsey

Mother: Ann Laker

Name: Louisa M Kelsey

Birth: 30 Aug 1847 Michigan

Death: 7 Jul 1909 Kansas

Father: ISHI Kelsey

Mother: MARIA Monroe

Name: Louisa Kelsey

Birth: 1809 Dutchess, New York, United States

Death: 22 Apr 1878 Morris, Otsego, New York, United States

Father: Philo Kelsey

Mother: Margaretha Traver

Name: Louisa KELSEY

Birth: 22 Jun 1816 Champion, Jefferson, New York

Death: 12 Dec 1848 Chaumont, Jefferson, New York

Father: Charles Kelsey

Mother: Louisa "Lois" King

Name: Louisa Eliza Kelsey

Birth: 21 Dec 1874 Plaxtol, Kent, England

Death: Not Available

Father: Thomas Kelsey

Mother: Caroline Lawrence

Name: Louisa Kelsey

Birth: 12 Feb 1846 Bethnal Green, Middlesex, , England

Death: Not Available

Father: Thomas Kelsey

Mother: Matilda Pinkney

Name: Louisa Jane Kelsey

Birth: 12 Jul 1849 Pelham, Monck, Ontario, Canada

Death: Not Available Ontario

Father: Jesse Kelsey

Mother: Charlotte M Kelsey

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