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Name: Mabel Plummer

Birth: 15 Nov 1919 Kettering, Northamptonshire England

Death: 19 May 1985 Kettering, Northamptonshire England

Father: Frank Plummer

Mother: Martha Annie Sharman

Name: Mabel Oretta Plummer

Birth: 11 Aug 1892 Rutland, Meigs, Ohio, United States

Death: 13 APR 1963

Father: Leslie Plummer

Mother: Victoria Tewksbury Plummer

Name: Mabel Kate Plummer

Birth: August 9, 1888 Illinois, USA

Death: 16 Nov 1979 Sequim, Clallam, Washington, USA

Father: John Adams Plummer

Mother: Bertha Adelaide Lorenz

Name: Mabel Gwendoline Plummer

Birth: 27 May 1883 Harby, Newark, Nottinghamshire, England

Death: Dec 1969 Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England

Father: Charles Green Plummer

Mother: Fanny Richardson

Name: Mabel Aleathea Plummer

Birth: 1872 Paddington, New South Wales, Australia

Death: 24/04/1959 West Wyalong, New South Wales, Australia

Father: Thomas Plummer

Mother: Harriet Taylor

Name: Mabel Plummer

Birth: 20 Jun 1884 Hollidaysburg, Blair, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 11 Aug 1907 Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: James S Plummer

Mother: Charlotte Wharton

Name: Mabel Norine Plummer

Birth: 26/1/1919 Wolcott, White, Indiana, USA

Death: 26 Nov 1998 Steger, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Ray Albert Plummer

Mother: Ada Ellen FOSTER

Name: Mabel C Plummer

Birth: 21 Jun 1884 Dixon, Solano, Calif

Death: 21 Feb 1956 Woodland, Yolo County, California, USA

Father: Charles Edward Plummer

Mother: Lucy Mary Payne

Name: Mabel Florence PLUMMER

Birth: Bet. Jul–Sep 1879 Dunkerton, Somerset, England

Death: Dec 1948 Bath, Somerset, England

Father: David PLUMMER

Mother: Alice Young

Name: Mabel Plummer

Birth: 30 Nov 1879 Camden, Camden, New Jersey, USA

Death: 13 June 1965 West Jersey Hospital, Monmouth Co., New Jersey

Father: Burris Plummer

Mother: Emma Jane Sheldon

Name: Mabel Beatrice Plummer

Birth: December 1882 Belchamp St Paul, Essex, England

Death: 1975 Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Father: Robert Plummer

Mother: Ellen Eda Reeve

Name: Mabel C Plummer

Birth: 22 April 1892 California

Death: 28 March 1986 Sacramento County, California, United States of America

Father: Samuel Curnow

Mother: Mary Jane Reynolds

Name: Mabel May Plummer

Birth: 12 Aug 1886 Stepney, London, England

Death: 16 December 1951 Ilford, Essex, England

Father: William Doughty Plummer

Mother: Anna Jane Longmaid

Name: Mabel Mary Ann Plummer

Birth: Jan 1886 Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Death: about 1958 Bristol, Somerset, England

Father: George Albert Plummer

Mother: Adeline Clara Pumford

Name: Mabel J Plummer

Birth: 1875 Orora, Illinois

Death: 17 Jul 1930 Spangle, Spokane, Washington

Father: Charles M Plummer

Mother: Alice J Brooke

Name: Mabel M Plummer

Birth: abt 1894 Greenwich, London, England

Death: 1984

Father: William John Plummer

Mother: Emily Holmes

Name: Mabel Maud Plummer

Birth: 04 Apr 1880 Honiton, South Australia, Australia

Death: 1957 Minlaton, South Australia, Australia

Father: George Plummer

Mother: Mary Anne Mott

Name: Mabel Mary Plummer

Birth: 2 Dec 1892 Arkansaw, Pepin County, Wisconsin

Death: 12 Oct 1985 Alpena Co, MI

Father: Lewis Lane Plummer

Mother: Katherine "Katie" Swartz

Name: Mabel Beatrice Plummer

Birth: 12 April 1901 Forest City, Holt County, Missouri, USA

Death: 04 SEP 1945 San Francisco, California

Father: Frederick Alexander Plummer

Mother: Nancy Elizabeth "Eliza" Geer

Name: Mabel Bates Plummer

Birth: 7 July 1877 Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA

Death: 1935 Norwood, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Benjamin PLUMER

Mother: Ellen M. Frye

Name: Mabel Margaret Plummer

Birth: 8 Dec 1878 Clearfield, Taylor, Iowa

Death: 1963 Buffalo, Erie County, New York, USA

Father: Jackson R Plummer

Mother: Etta Margaret Gibson

Name: Mabel Mae Plummer

Birth: 2 Dec 1900 Pepin, Pepin, Wisconsin, USA

Death: Not Available

Father: Abraham Plummer

Mother: Clara Augusta Riley

Name: Mabel Plummer

Birth: 17 Apr 1898 Pennsylvania

Death: 21 October 1954 Rural) Portage, Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Oliver Plummer

Mother: Louisa (Lewisa) Carpenter

Name: Mabel Ardele Plummer

Birth: 12 Mar 1905 Wood River, Hall Co., NE

Death: 19 February 1976 Broken Bow, Custer Co., NE, USA

Father: Charles William Plummer

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Garrison

Name: Mabel Ester Plummer

Birth: 14 Nov 1898 Indiana, USA

Death: Mar 1991 Pipe Creek, Madison, Indiana, United States

Father: Henry F Plummer

Mother: Mary "Mollie" McCord (Plummer)

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