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Name: Margaret M Paterson

Birth: 19 Jan 1884 Westbreakville, New York, USA

Death: 30 Dec 1952 Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Paterson

Mother: Margaret McFarlane

Name: Margaret Paterson

Birth: 12 Dec 1802 Riccarton, Ayrshire, Scotland

Death: abt 1851 Craigie By Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland

Father: John Paterson

Mother: Elizabeth Wylie

Name: Margaret Paterson

Birth: Abt. 1770 Scotland

Death: 1869 Victoria. (Reg 3504) 73 Yrs

Father: John Paterson

Mother: Margaret Paterson

Name: Margaret Paterson

Birth: 1821 Galston, Ayr, Scotland

Death: 12 Jul 1859 Dunlop, East Ayrshire, Scotland

Father: George Paterson

Mother: Grizzal Cameron

Name: Margaret Howieson Paterson

Birth: SEP 1614 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Death: DECEASED Scotland

Father: George Patersone

Mother: Agnes Patterson/Patersone (Rose)

Name: Margaret Paterson

Birth: 26 May 1771 Coldingham, Berwickshire, Scotland

Death: 1 December 1848 Cartland, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Father: William Paterson

Mother: Margaret Spouse

Name: Margaret Paterson

Birth: abt 1820 Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Death: 22 Jan 1901 Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Father: Robert Hunter

Mother: Agnes Bell

Name: Margaret McCulloch Paterson

Birth: 23 Nov 1857 Anderston, Glasgow, Scotland,

Death: 11 Jan 1939 76 Eldridge Road, Croydon, Surrey, England

Father: John Paterson 🔴

Mother: Isabella Mooney 🔴

Name: Margaret "Maggie" Paterson

Birth: abt 1824 Inverarity, Forfarshire

Death: 17 Jan 1886 Ovenstone, Inverarity, Forfarshire

Father: James Paterson


Name: Margaret Paterson

Birth: 16 Jun 1877 Leith walk Edinburgh

Death: 31 July 1949 Warsaw, Wyoming, New York, USA



Name: Margaret Lindsay Paterson

Birth: abt 1802 Colinton, Edinburgh

Death: 22 Apr 1876 Wilson's Land, Dalkeith

Father: James Paterson

Mother: Agnes Brown

Name: Margaret Paterson

Birth: Abt. 1806 Castleton Parish, Roxburghshire, Scotland

Death: 29 Jan 1861 Hardon, Castleton Parish, Roxburghshire, Scotland

Father: William Pattison

Mother: Margaret Nicol

Name: Margaret Paterson

Birth: 27 Aug 1788 Bolton, East Lothian, Scotland

Death: 28 Dec 1878 Tranent, East Lothian, Scotland

Father: Archibald Paterson

Mother: Marion Raeburn

Name: Margaret Ann Paterson

Birth: 22 Jun 1857 New Brunswick

Death: 1 Jan 1932 Saint John , New Brunswick , Canada

Father: Archibald Campbell Patterson

Mother: Sarah Ann Thorne

Name: Margaret E Paterson

Birth: abt 1915 Pennsylvania

Death: 13 Jan 1950 Santa Barbara

Father: Robert Douglas Paterson

Mother: Margaret J. Gill

Name: Margaret Paterson

Birth: jan 1776 Lasswade,,,

Death: 1855 Penicuick, Midlothian, Scotland

Father: Ralph Paterson

Mother: Alison Crawford


Birth: 31 Mar 1788 Calton, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Death: Jan 1868 Stepney, Middlesex, England

Father: Hugh Paterson

Mother: Margaret Turner

Name: Margaret Paterson

Birth: 12 Aug. 1837 Blairgourie, Perthshire

Death: 23 July 1924 Kirkmichael, Perthshire

Father: James Patterson

Mother: Catherine/Christina Duff

Name: Margaret Paterson

Birth: c.3 MAY1835 Haddington, East Lothian, , Scotland

Death: 20 jAN 1906 Haddington, East Lothian, , Scotland

Father: Alexander Paterson

Mother: Isabella Whitelaw

Name: Margaret Ann Paterson

Birth: 1867 Scotland

Death: 14 Jul 1958 Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Father: Thomas Paterson

Mother: Ann Gauld

Name: Margaret Paterson

Birth: 19 Feb 1845 Seymour Township Northumberland, Ontario, Canada

Death: 23 Oct 1901 Portsmouth, Frontenac County, Ontario, Canada

Father: john Paterson

Mother: Helen Donald

Name: Margaret PATERSON

Birth: 30 Oct 1778 Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland

Death: 1865 Lanarkshire, Scotland

Father: William Paterson

Mother: Catherine (Johnstone) Patterson

Name: Margaret Sime Paterson

Birth: 23 Aug 1786 Foveran, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 03 Mar 1874 24 James Street, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Father: William (Sailor) Paterson

Mother: Marjory Kinnaird

Name: Margaret Paterson

Birth: abt 1895 Alloa, Clackmannanshire

Death: Sep 1979 Birmingham, West Midlands, England

Father: James Paterson

Mother: *Margaret Paterson

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