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Name: Margaret Westbrook

Birth: 24 Apr 1901 Binghamton, Broome, NY, USA

Death: 14 Feb 1983 Binghamton, Broome, NY, USA

Father: Horace Westbrook

Mother: Georgianna Clark

Name: Margaret Estelle Westbrook

Birth: 29 Jul 1911 Beebe, White County, Arkansas, USA

Death: 8 Mar 1978 Beebe, White County, Arkansas, USA

Father: Walker Lipsey Westbrook

Mother: Mary E Morrison

Name: Margaret Westbrook

Birth: 27 Sep 1769 Schodack, Rensselaer, New York, USA

Death: 1856 Standing Stone, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Abraham Dirkse Westbrook

Mother: Blandina (Dina) Rosenkrans

Name: Margaret Henrietta Westbrook

Birth: 01 MAR 1850 Harrison Creek, Pender County

Death: 9 August 1925 New Hanover County, North Carolina, United States of America

Father: Andrew Jackson Westbrook

Mother: Mary Eliza Foyles

Name: Margaret Westbrook

Birth: 13 DEC 1807 New Madrid, New Madrid, Missouri, United States

Death: 1879/02/19 High Point,Moniteau,Missouri,USA

Father: Derick "Richard" Westbrook

Mother: Lydia McKinstry

Name: Margaret E Westbrook

Birth: 15 Jun 1826 Fauquier, Virginia

Death: 1908 Morgan County, Indiana, United States of America

Father: William A. Westbrook

Mother: Dorcas Enoch Moffat Moffett

Name: Margaret Ann Westbrook

Birth: 18 July 1845 Tennessee, United States of America

Death: 18 NOV 1932 Deport, Lamar Co., TX

Father: Samuel Heidelberg Westbrook

Mother: Amelia Werley

Name: Margaret Anna Westbrook

Birth: 27 Jun 1864 Sampson County, North Carolina

Death: 7 Feb 1942 Piney Grove, Sampson, North Carolina, United States

Father: Uriah (Royal) Westbrook---DNA

Mother: Sarah "Sallie" Tart

Name: Margaret Westbrook

Birth: 22 Jul 1923 Chandler, Warrick, Indiana, USA

Death: August 8, 2011 Good Samaritan Home, Evansville, Indiana

Father: Allie West Brouk

Mother: Leslie Mae Westbrook

Name: Margaret Georgene Westbrook

Birth: 21 Aug 1928 Tennessee

Death: 21 Jun 2016 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: George Thomas Westbrook

Mother: Maggie Belle Leonard

Name: Margaret M Westbrook

Birth: 21 Jun 1861 Spartanburg County, South Carolina, USA

Death: 19 May 1930 Green Creek Township, Polk, North Carolina

Father: Thomas M Westbrook

Mother: Mariah Jane Horne

Name: Margaret Westbrook

Birth: 1 Sep 1837 Woodbourne, Sullivan, New York

Death: 3 Oct 1881 New York

Father: Solomon Westbrook

Mother: Hannah Westbrook

Name: Margaret Ann Westbrook

Birth: 25 Apr 1827 Johnstown, Licking, Ohio, United States

Death: 30 Aug 1871 Ohio, USA

Father: Solomon Westbrook

Mother: Marthena Edmunds Crawford

Name: Margaret E Westbrook

Birth: 04 Dec 1846 Monroe County, Mississippi

Death: 25 May 1886 Navarro,Texas

Father: Zachariah W Westbrook

Mother: Mary Z "Polly" Agnew (Westbrook)

Name: Margaret Hardena Westbrook

Birth: 11 NOV 1858 Weatherford, Parker, TX

Death: 15 Nov 1929 Dekalk, Bowie, Texas, United States

Father: Jarrett WESTBROOK


Name: Margaret Westbrook

Birth: November 27, 1878 Boone Co., Missouri

Death: June 24, 1913 Greene County, Missouri, USA

Father: Edwin Ruthven Westbrook

Mother: Margaret Teresa Carruth Westbrook

Name: Margaret Westbrook

Birth: Abt 1835 Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 19 Dec 1893 Huntingdon, Pa

Father: Levi WESTBROOK

Mother: Mary Martha Downey

Name: Margaret A Westbrook

Birth: 10 Jul 1834 Chester County, South Carolina

Death: 25 Apr 1894 Wheelock, Robertson County, Texas

Father: Samuel W Westbrook

Mother: Sarah Heath

Name: Margaret Westbrook

Birth: 28 May 1800 Chester, South Carolina, USA

Death: 08 Aug 1878 Chester, South Carolina, USA

Father: Jacob Westbrook

Mother: Nancy Campbell

Name: Margaret Westbrook

Birth: 13 Mar 1802 Delaware Twsp, Monroe, Pennsylvania

Death: 10 Jan 1871 Blooming Grove, Pike, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Solomon Westbrook

Mother: Margrieta DeWitt

Name: Margaret Westbrook

Birth: 15 Sep 1836 Madison Co, Mississippi, USA

Death: 2 Mar 1902 Eastland, Eastland, Texas, USA

Father: Mabry Westbrook

Mother: Martha Carson Newton

Name: Margaret Westbrook

Birth: 1811 Middlesex

Death: Jul 1859 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, England

Father: William WESTBROOK

Mother: Tryphosia Stewart

Name: Margaret Tabitha Westbrook

Birth: 12 May 1885 Canton, Cherokee, Georgia, United States

Death: 12 May 1921 Winder, Georgia

Father: Seaborn Madison 'Hall' Westbrook

Mother: Emaline F Rogers

Name: Margaret Sarah Westbrook

Birth: 12 Sep 1822 Tower Hamlets, Kent, England

Death: 11 Jun 1854 Saltwater River, Tasmania, Australia

Father: Dr Samuel WESTBROOK

Mother: Mary Margaret MASON

Name: Margaret Geraldine Westbrook

Birth: 18 May 1904 Schuyler Co., Missouri, USA

Death: 10 Jul 1990 Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa

Father: Agrippa W. Westbrook

Mother: Lura Elizabeth Mills

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