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Name: Marie A Roller

Birth: abt 1882 Germany

Death: 4 Jun 1957 Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Hoeinrich Roller

Mother: Luise Forstner Roller

Name: Marie O Roller

Birth: abt 1913 Oklahoma

Death: 24 Mar 2018 DeRidder, Beauregard, Louisiana, USA

Father: Elmer "Mutt" Roller

Mother: Mary Etta Wasson


Birth: abt 1894 Kentucky

Death: 30 January 1961 Kenton, Kentucky


Mother: Anna C Smith

Name: Marie Ceceila Roller

Birth: 9 Oct 1912 Phila, Pennsylvania

Death: 2 Aug 1999 Marcus Hook, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Charles Raymond Roller

Mother: Rose Teresa Arata

Name: Marie ROLLER

Birth: 1883 Steinheim, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg

Death: 8 Mar 1972 Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Father: Jean Roller

Mother: Johanna Thill

Name: Marie Roller

Birth: 1856/02/12 Holzem, Mamer, Capellen, Luxembourg

Death: 13 Mar 1898 Holzem, Mamer, Luxembourg

Father: Hennericus Roller

Mother: Catherine Peschong

Name: Marie Friedrike Roller

Birth: 09 DEC 1775 Schwarzwaldkreis, Württemberg, Germany

Death: 14 JAN 1849 Schwarzwaldkreis, Württemberg, Germany

Father: Justinus Roller

Mother: Margarethe Boltinger Roller

Name: Marie Agnes Roller

Birth: 17 Oct 1788 Kuppingen

Death: 11 Feb 1862 Kuppingen

Father: Jaco Roller

Mother: Anne Maria Berstecherin Roller

Name: Marie Christiane Roller

Birth: 12 Nov 1838 Kalmbach

Death: 14 Juni 1893

Father: Gottfried Roller

Mother: Maria Sibylla Barth

Name: Marie C. Roller

Birth: 7 Oct 1920 Wisconsin, United States of America

Death: 20 DEC 1989 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Father: John Nicholas Roller

Mother: Agnes Seitz

Name: Marie Elizabeth Roller

Birth: 31 Dec 1912 Allentown, Pennsylvania

Death: 7 Feb 1994 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Francis Roller

Mother: Mabel Lilly Ruch

Name: Marie Good Roller

Birth: Mar 1887 Ohio

Death: Nov 1962

Father: John L Roller

Mother: Anna M. LONG

Name: Marie Elizabeth Roller

Birth: 20 January 1860 Folsom New Jersey

Death: 10 Aug 1942 Buried in Northwood Cemetery, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania

Father: Andreas "Andrew" Roller

Mother: Caroline Kugel

Name: Marie Luise Roller

Birth: 14 Apr 1886 Hochdorf Horb Germany

Death: 08 Jan 1963 Rottweil, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Father: Paul Roller

Mother: Luise Gutekunst

Name: Marie K Roller

Birth: 22 Mar 1901 New Jersey

Death: Jan 1969 Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey, USA

Father: Charles A Roller

Mother: Marie Ernst

Name: Marie Katherina Roller

Birth: 10 Jan 1791 Ludweiler - Völklingen, Lk Sv Saarbrücken, Saarland, DEUTSCHLAND

Death: Bef. 1860 Allen County, Indiana, USA

Father: Johann Peter Röller

Mother: Marie Luise Desgranges

Name: Marie Roller

Birth: 15 Mars 1860 Thann, Thann-Guebwiller, France

Death: 17 Mai 1861 Thann, Thann-Guebwiller, France

Father: Jean Roller

Mother: Rosine Mohn

Name: Marie Magdalena Roller

Birth: 30 Aug 1802 Wildberg, Calw, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Death: 25 Sep 1802 Wildberg, Calw, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Father: Johann Georg Roller

Mother: Maria Magdalena Seichter

Name: Marie Roller

Birth: 1852/06/16 Holzem, Mamer, Capellen, Luxembourg

Death: 1854/02/10 Holzem, Mamer, Capellen, Luxembourg

Father: Joannes Roller

Mother: Marie Braun

Name: Marie Roller

Birth: 22 Oct 1909 Ettmannsweiler, Nagold Oa, Wuerttemberg, Germany

Death: 17 Jul 1915 Ettmannsweiler, Nagold Oa, Wuerttemberg, Germany

Father: Michael Roller

Mother: Christine Waidelich

Name: Marie Roller

Birth: 27 AUG 1903 Ebersbuehl, Calw OA, Wuerttemberg

Death: 25 SEP 1903 Ebersbuehl, Calw Oa, Wuerttemberg

Father: Johann Adam Roller

Mother: Emilie Kling

Name: Marie ROLLER

Birth: 1875 Lorentzweiler, Luxembourg

Death: 1942 Lorentzweiler, Lorentzweiler, Luxembourg

Father: Petrus ROLLER

Mother: Catharina Bertrang

Name: Marie R Roller

Birth: 23 Jan 1922 Sullivan, Franklin, Missouri, USA

Death: 20 Nov 1998 Sacramento County, California, USA

Father: Andrew Wats Roller

Mother: Oney Zelmyra Bacon

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