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Name: Martha Susan Draper

Birth: abt 1874 Virginia

Death: 12 Dec 1953 Martinsville, Henry, Virginia, USA

Father: Robert (nmn) McBRIDE

Mother: Martha Elizabeth Stokes

Name: Martha DRAPER

Birth: 8 Dec 1874 TN

Death: August 16, 1959 Mangum Oklahoma

Father: William M Draper

Mother: "Perrlia" Sullivan

Name: Martha Draper

Birth: 1834 Indiana

Death: aft 1900 Iowa

Father: Nathaniel Draper

Mother: Mary Nickleson

Name: Martha Draper

Birth: 1829 Thetford St Peter Norfolk England

Death: Apr 1903 Brandon Suffolk England

Father: Robert Draper

Mother: Elizabeth Hunt

Name: Martha Draper

Birth: 1812 Richmond (independent city), VA,

Death: 04 Sep 1901 Noblesville, Hamilton, IN,

Father: Thomas Draper

Mother: Mary Polly Turner

Name: Martha Augusta Draper

Birth: May 12, 1907 Northampton, New Brunswick, Canada

Death: May 17, 1991 Nakawic, New Brunswick, Canada

Father: George Warren Draper

Mother: Lillie McGee

Name: Martha Pearl Draper

Birth: 26 Jun 1882 Freedom Samp, Utah

Death: 30 May 1962 Vernal, Uintah, Utah, United States

Father: William Lathrop Draper

Mother: Ellen Alvina Williams

Name: Martha DRAPER

Birth: Jan 1870 Illinois

Death: May 22, 1946 Hillsboro, Montgomery, Illinois, USA

Father: Noah Draper

Mother: Charity Arnold

Name: Martha Lee Draper

Birth: 2 February 1884 Alabama

Death: 30 Jan 1929 Lamar County, Alabama

Father: James William Draper

Mother: Susan Delilah Dunnam

Name: Martha Draper

Birth: 20 May 1886 Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England

Death: Dec 1965 Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England

Father: William Draper

Mother: Rebecca Chambers

Name: Martha Draper

Birth: Jan 1853 Camp, Polk County, Iowa, USA

Death: 5 Nov 1928 San Diego, San Diego, California, United States

Father: Ira Dillingham Draper

Mother: Celia Means

Name: Martha Jane DRAPER

Birth: 13 Oct 1857 Canada

Death: 16 May 1949 Los Angeles


Mother: Martha Ann Young


Birth: Jun 1855 Birmingham, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Death: 5 SEP 1933 Lake Clarendon, Queensland, Australia

Father: William Draper

Mother: Elizabeth Lockton

Name: Martha Draper

Birth: 6 Feb 1735 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England

Death: 1812 London, England

Father: Thomas Draper

Mother: Martha Cable


Birth: 23 Jul 1848 Union City, Union, Ohio, United States

Death: 4 Oct 1876 Union, Ohio, United States

Father: George Draper

Mother: Lydia Shirk

Name: Martha Draper

Birth: Sep 1843 Missouri

Death: 1932 NE

Father: George Mullins

Mother: Nancy

Name: Martha D DRAPER

Birth: 28 May 1844 Salem, Washington, Indiana, USA

Death: 25 Apr 1925 Richland, Keokuk, Iowa, USA

Father: Elwood Draper

Mother: Margaret Pritchard

Name: Martha E Draper

Birth: abt 1867 Ohio

Death: 26 Mar 1922 Findlay, Hancock, OH

Father: John Wesley Taylor

Mother: Eliza E Moyer

Name: Martha A Draper

Birth: 18 Jan 1844 New Albany, Floyd, Indiana, USA

Death: 08 Oct 1933 St Louis (Independent City), Missouri, USA

Father: Edward Draper

Mother: Elizabeth Cole

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