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Name: Martha Russell

Birth: 1828 Fulmodeston, Norfolk, England

Death: 1885 South Shields, Durham, England

Father: Benjamin Russell

Mother: Martha Farrow


Birth: 15 Dec 1836 Ohio

Death: 9 Apr 1917 Aid, Lawrence County, Ohio, United States of America

Father: Samuel James Russell

Mother: Mary Irwin

Name: Martha Russell

Birth: 21 Jun 1891 Alma, Scott County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 19 April 1985 Fayette, Kentucky

Father: William Morgan Russell

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Llewellyn Russell

Name: Martha M Russell

Birth: 10 Nov 1897 Flushing, Belmont, Ohio, USA

Death: 25 May 1966 Wheeling, Marshall, West Virginia, USA

Father: John Russell

Mother: Keziah Cecil

Name: Martha Jane RUSSELL

Birth: 10 August 1846 Tennessee, United States

Death: 1 Feb 1916 Richland, Ozark, Missouri

Father: Uriah Wiley Russell

Mother: Lucinda Crow (Russell)

Name: Martha Russell

Birth: 4 October 1861 Miller County, Missouri, United States of America

Death: 03 17 1943 Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Father: James Russell

Mother: Delilah Loveall

Name: Martha Jane Russell

Birth: 11 May 1841 McMinn County, Tennessee

Death: 14 Feb 1920 Mora, Mora, New Mexico, USA

Father: Rev Russell

Mother: Jane "Jennie" Green

Name: Martha Russell

Birth: 1 Aug 1873 Lee Co, Virginia, USA

Death: 3 September 1965 Wise, Wise, Virginia, United States

Father: Dickson Henderson Russell

Mother: Orra Gilley

Name: Martha A Russell

Birth: February 14, 1862 Piney Woods District, Morgan Township, Rowan County, North Carolina

Death: December 13, 1913 Piney Woods District, Morgan Township, Rowan County, North Carolina

Father: McGlemry Russell

Mother: Aramintha Morton

Name: Martha Ellen Russell

Birth: 9 Jun 1864 Missouri

Death: 4 Mar 1942 Los Angeles County, California, United States of America

Father: Thomas Hill Russell

Mother: Martha Jane WORTHAN

Name: Martha Jennie Russell

Birth: 30 August 1872 Davilla, Taylor County, Texas

Death: 15 May 1968 Dallas, Texas

Father: John Russel

Mother: Rachel Isabelle Paxton

Name: Martha Angela Russell

Birth: 10 June 1856 West Virginia

Death: 10 Mar 1940 Lincoln, West Virginia, United States

Father: * Russell

Mother: * Turley

Name: Martha Russell

Birth: Nov 1868 Tennessee, USA

Death: 9 Sep 1922 San Angelo, Tom Green, Texas, USA

Father: Stephen H Russell

Mother: Martha Ann Lanier

Name: Martha Elizabeth Russell

Birth: 23 Sep 1874 Pontotoc Co, MS, USA

Death: 4 Apr 1955 Union, Mississippi, United States

Father: Jessie Russell

Mother: Sara Drury

Name: Martha Russell

Birth: 30 Aug 1871 Arkansas

Death: 14 Jul 1943 Faulkner, Arkansas, United States

Father: William Greenberry Russell

Mother: Elizabeth Tygart

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