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Name: Marvin Hudson Haney

Birth: 21 Nov 1915 Cory, Clay County, Indiana

Death: 02/06/1984 Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Father: Franklin Haney

Mother: Grace Catherine Elliott

Name: Marvin LeRoy Haney

Birth: 25 Jul 1917 Glenwood, Winneshiek, Iowa, USA

Death: 19 Jul 1969 Idaho, USA

Father: William H. Haney

Mother: Nina R. Trobaugh

Name: Marvin L Haney

Birth: 1906 Rising City, Butler County, Nebraska, United States of America

Death: 9 June 1955 United States of America

Father: Joseph Leonard Haney

Mother: Maude Isabelle Peck

Name: Marvin Elvis Haney

Birth: 16 Feb 1919 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK

Death: 2 Sep 1998 Stratford, Garvin, Oklahoma, United States of America

Father: Marion Everett (Ebb) Haney

Mother: Cleator Cordellia Rycroft

Name: Marvin Edward Haney

Birth: 10/09/1907 Williamson County, Texas, USA

Death: 16 Nov 1948 Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, United States

Father: John Ruben Haney

Mother: Ophelia Moye

Name: Marvin T Haney

Birth: abt 1898 Pennsylvania

Death: 12 Apr 1970

Father: William F Haney

Mother: Margaret Ellen Owens

Name: Marvin H. “Sonny” Haney

Birth: Sept 11, 1933 Tennessee

Death: 6 Oct 2002 Apopka, Orange, Florida, USA

Father: Roy Lester Haney

Mother: Tera Duck

Name: Marvin Eugene Haney

Birth: 12 Feb 1937 Grand Forks, Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA

Death: 15 Oct 2016 Bismarck, Burleigh, North Dakota

Father: Vernon Harold Haney

Mother: Ella Christina Severson

Name: Marvin Winston Haney

Birth: 19 Sep 1877 Yell Co., AR

Death: 26 Jan 1938 Tulia, Swisher Co., Texas

Father: Thomas Jefferson Haney

Mother: Eudora 'Dora' Alice Rounsaville

Name: Marvin Arnold Haney

Birth: 07 Jan 1944 Smithland, Livingston County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 11 Dec 2000 St. Louis County, Missouri, USA

Father: Vernal Miles Haney

Mother: Edna Lorene Stringer

Name: Marvin Grover Haney

Birth: 5 Nov 1893 Buncombe Co., NC

Death: 23 Feb 1963 South Carolina, USA

Father: Franklin P Haney

Mother: Rhoda Worley

Name: Marvin Allen Haney

Birth: 19 Dec 1936 Merrill,,Oregon,USA

Death: 17 February 2008 Redding, Shasta County, California, USA

Father: Elmer Ellsworth "Pete" Haney

Mother: Opal May FOGLE

Name: Marvin Ernest HANEY

Birth: 10 Jan 1883 Hunt, Texas, USA

Death: 26 May 1972 Terrell, Kaufman, Texas, USA

Father: John J HANEY

Mother: Susan A St CLAIR

Name: Marvin Dale Haney

Birth: 08 Feb 1921 Brandon, Hill, Texas, USA

Death: 01 Jul 1971 Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA

Father: William Randolph Haney

Mother: Winnie Bell Hill

Name: Marvin Mauzon Haney

Birth: 13 Jun 1920 Berwyn, Carter, Oklahoma

Death: 28 Sep 1986 Denton, Texas

Father: Hurban Harrison Haney

Mother: Bertha Irene Brock

Name: Marvin Labon Haney

Birth: 11 MAR 1929 Union, North Carolina

Death: 16 JAN 1999 Albemarle, Stanly, North Carolina

Father: John Eustace Haney

Mother: Hettie Wilma Davis

Name: Marvin David Haney

Birth: 19 July 1914 Virginia

Death: 3 Mar 2008

Father: David Sinclair HANEY

Mother: Susie Victoria Daniel

Name: Marvin York Haney

Birth: 15 Apr 1927 Nara Visa, Quay, New Mexico, USA

Death: 23 October 2013 Tupelo, Lee County, Mississippi, United States of America

Father: Coleman Bailey Haney

Mother: Nellie Josephine Logan

Name: Marvin Haney

Birth: 5 Jun 1923 Ontario, Canada

Death: 2005 Elgin, Ontario, Canada

Father: William Lewis Haney

Mother: Stella Baker

Name: Marvin Armstrong Haney

Birth: 08 Apr 1916 Mississippi

Death: 24 Jun 1974 Amory, Monroe Co, MS

Father: Richard Armstrong HANEY

Mother: Sadie Rieves

Name: Marvin Alfred Haney

Birth: 23 May 1923 Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 31 May 1951 South Korea (Korean War

Father: Columbus Monroe Haney

Mother: Anna M LIST

Name: Marvin E. Haney

Birth: 26Jan1930 Arlington, Van Buren, Michigan, USA

Death: 15Dec1987 South Haven, Van Buren, Michigan, USA

Father: Raymond Haney

Mother: Hazel I Krugler

Name: Marvin M. Haney

Birth: 28 Oct 1915 Decatur, Van Buren, Michigan, USA

Death: 12 Dec 1915 Decatur, Van Buren, Michigan, USA

Father: Marlin Riley Haney

Mother: Mary Bell Moon

Name: Marvin Haney

Birth: 1851 Kentucky, USA

Death: Not Available

Father: Private

Mother: Private

Name: Marvin T Haney

Birth: abt 1899 Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Not Available

Father: Private

Mother: Private

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