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Name: Mary Ann (Mrs Potter) Brown Leach

Birth: 1815 c) Flinders Island, Tasmania, Australia

Death: 5 Jan 1910 Birch's Bay, Woodbridge, Tasmania

Father: John William Smith (Burwood/Barwood)

Mother: Pleenerperrener Palawa (Nancy) aka (Sarah or Mother Brown)

Name: Mary Viola Leach

Birth: 12 Dec 1887 Alabama

Death: 4 Dec 1955 Foley, Baldwin, Alabama

Father: Will Leach

Mother: Missouri W Petty

Name: Mary Lucy Leach

Birth: Feb 1893 Tennessee, USA

Death: 22 Oct 1925 Cameron, Texas

Father: Milford Meshack 'Mitt' Leach

Mother: Mary Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Lambdin

Name: Mary Elizabeth Leach

Birth: 24 Apr 1886 Colliery Cottages East Perry Barr West Bromwich Staffordshire UK

Death: 19 Jun 1966 Croydon Victoria Australia

Father: John Leach

Mother: Hannah Smallman

Name: Mary Magdalena (Maggie) Leach

Birth: 6 Mar 1889 Texas

Death: 20 Mar 1939 Marlow, Stephens Cnty, Oklahoma

Father: William Fender Leach

Mother: Ella Naomi Marks

Name: Mary Clark Leach

Birth: 5 Sep 1867 Trinity, Randolph, North Carolina, United States

Death: 4 Dec 1956 Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Father: Joseph Clark Leach

Mother: Mary Nancy Jones

Name: Mary A. Leach

Birth: 09 April 1873 Hartford, Van Buren Co., MI

Death: 31 December 1955 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA

Father: Samuel Gilbert Leach

Mother: Rhoda A. Gleason

Name: Mary Ann LEACH

Birth: 20 Feb 1855 Montague Ont per 1861,71,81,91,1901 census-Montague

Death: 1947 Ontario, Canada

Father: Edward A. LEACH

Mother: Jane Armstrong


Birth: April 14, 1906 Jellico, Tennessee

Death: 24 Sep 1963 Webster County, West Virginia, USA

Father: Robert Boyd Leach

Mother: Nancy Jane Williams

Name: Mary Altha "Sil" Leach

Birth: 01 Oct 1905 Wolfe City, Hunt, Texas, USA

Death: 15 Nov 1978 Odessa, Ector, Texas, USA

Father: Harold Montreville Leach

Mother: Virginia Singletary Royal

Name: Mary Ann Leach

Birth: 20 August 1832 Ontario, Canada

Death: 27 January 1913 Mecosta County, Michigan, United States of America

Father: John Henry Leach

Mother: Jane Jennette Mall Maule

Name: Mary A Leach

Birth: 3 June 1879 Naples, Ontario County, New York, USA

Death: 8 January 1944 Fremont, Steuben County, New York, USA

Father: George M Leach

Mother: Ella Gertrude Haviland

Name: Mary Matilda Josephine Leach

Birth: 2 Oct 1858 Franklin County, Tennessee

Death: 12 March 1943 Moore County, Tennessee, USA

Father: John T. Leach

Mother: Rebecca( Leach ) Reavis

Name: Mary Ann Leach

Birth: 23 Aug 1831 Devon County, England

Death: 28 Aug 1908 Valley, Stevens, Washington, USA

Father: William Leech

Mother: Hannah Pharaoh

Name: Mary Ellen Leach

Birth: 24 July 1877 Franklin St, Thames. New Zealand

Death: 1942 Orange, New South Wales, Australia. 1942-21122

Father: Thomas Leach

Mother: jane Folley

Name: Mary Caroline Leach

Birth: 20 FEB 1838 Ohio, Kentucky, USA

Death: 19 July 1920 Ohio County, Kentucky, USA

Father: William C. Leach

Mother: Nancy A Leach

Name: Mary Ann Leach

Birth: 9 May 1839 Lithopolis Village, Fairfield, Ohio, USA

Death: 17 Oct 1915 Fairfield County, Ohio

Father: John Craig Leach

Mother: Nancy Boyd Doughty

Name: Mary Annis Leach

Birth: 16 Apr 1890 Tennessee

Death: 25 Nov 1981 Mason, Mason, Texas, USA

Father: Samuel Wesley Leach

Mother: Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jones

Name: Mary Josephine Leach

Birth: 18Aug1853 Selbyville, Illinois, USA

Death: 6 Jun 1926 St. Louis City, St. Louis City, Missouri, USA

Father: Jacob Leach

Mother: Sarah Abigail Abby Hardy

Name: Mary Ellen Leach

Birth: 26 Feb 1867 Gardiner, Douglas, Oregon, USA

Death: 22 Feb 1936 Coos, Coos, Oregon, United States

Father: Martin Van Buren Leach

Mother: Rebecca Jeannette Nottage / Nataze

Name: Mary Ann Blackmore Leach

Birth: 1812 Kentisbeare, Devon, England

Death: 23 Sep 1890 Maynard, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Father: William Leach

Mother: Mary BLACKMORE

Name: Mary Elizabeth Leach

Birth: 19 October 1858 Newton, Buchanan, Iowa

Death: 16 February 1933 Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, USA

Father: John H. Leach

Mother: Elizabeth Mcclure

Name: Mary Leach

Birth: 03 Sep 1654 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

Death: 05 Mar 1711 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

Father: Richard Leach

Mother: Sarah Ann Fuller

Name: Mary Ann Leach

Birth: 27 Jan 1860 70 East Street, Marylebone

Death: 13 Apr 1940 St Charles Hospital

Father: William Leach

Mother: Elizabeth Bishop

Name: Mary Belle Leach

Birth: abt 1878 Montague

Death: 19 Mar 1928 Lethbridge, Lethbridge Census Division, Alberta, Canada

Father: James LEACH

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Dillabough

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