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Name: Mary Paralee Peebles

Birth: 24 Mar 1925 Haskell, Haskell, Texas, United States

Death: Apr 1983 Vacaville, Solano County, California, USA

Father: Wyatt Savage Peebles Andrews

Mother: Sophie "Ann" Burdine . Peebles

Name: Mary Peebles

Birth: 20 Nov 1843 Williamson County, Tennessee

Death: 24 Mar 1924 Admiral, Callahan, Texas, United States

Father: Ingram Blanks Peebles

Mother: Minerva A Scales

Name: Mary Elizabeth Peebles

Birth: 1874 Penwood, Hampshire, England

Death: Mar 1934 Kingston, Surrey, England

Father: Andrew Peebles

Mother: Phoebe Royle

Name: Mary Peebles

Birth: 13 May 1841 Martinsburg, Lewis, New York, USA

Death: 29 Sept 1917 Martinsburg, Lewis, New York, United States

Father: Samuel Safford Peebles

Mother: Lucy Babcock

Name: Mary H PEEBLES

Birth: 06 Feb 1871 Ohio

Death: 16 Jan 1966 Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio, USA

Father: Mordecai Peebles

Mother: Amanda Metzger

Name: Mary Ann Peebles

Birth: 17 MAY 1875 MORGAN CO., OHIO

Death: 1942 Wooster, Wayne, Ohio, USA

Father: Josiah K Peebles

Mother: Margaret A Jones

Name: Mary Blanche Peebles

Birth: 29 Jun 1889 Chattanooga, United States

Death: 2 Jan 1982 Augusta GA

Father: William Lemuel Peebles

Mother: Anna Leighton Bradbury

Name: Mary Peebles

Birth: 1875 Pendleton, Ribble Valley Borough, Lancashire, England

Death: 1 July 1938 Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: George Bowyer

Mother: Mary Price

Name: Mary Chastine Peebles

Birth: 20 Mar 1867 Petersburg, Virginia, USA

Death: 1 January 1926 Brunswick County, Virginia, United States

Father: Lemuel Pebbles, (Slave Trader),

Mother: Susan Elizabeth Haskins

Name: Mary Elizabeth PEEBLES

Birth: 1860 New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 28 December 1932 Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio, USA

Father: William Peebles

Mother: Ann DAVIES

Name: Mary Ann Peebles

Birth: 1889 North Carolina


Father: Peter Frank Peoples

Mother: Laura Ann Pitt

Name: Mary Ann Peebles

Birth: 5 Sep 1861 Buncombe County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 23 Nov 1946 Candler, NC Route #1, Buncombe, North Carolina

Father: Joseph James Warren

Mother: Manerva Warren

Name: Mary Peebles

Birth: May 1881 New York

Death: 16 Nov 1961 Clinton, New York, USA

Father: Charles W Peebles

Mother: Elmira Bradt

Name: Mary Peebles

Birth: Abt 1817 Georgia

Death: 9 May 1883 Georgia

Father: Henry Peebles

Mother: Delilah Bailey

Name: Mary Jane Peebles

Birth: 5 Feb 1878 Coffeyville, Liberty, Kansas, USA

Death: 22 MAY 1965 White County, Arkansas

Father: Andrew Turpie PEEBLES

Mother: Ellen PEARSON

Name: Mary Peebles

Birth: 13 Oct 1871 Kenton, Kentucky, USA

Death: 4 Oct 1946 Kenton, Kentucky, United States

Father: Jacob Hance Peebles

Mother: Sarah Frances Parker

Name: Mary V PEEBLES

Birth: 25 June 1855 Pickens, Alabama, United States

Death: 2 Jun 1893 Gordo, Pickens, Alabama, USA

Father: John C Peebles

Mother: Harriet Jane ELLEDGE

Name: Mary Jane Peebles

Birth: 18 Sep 1822 North Carolina, USA

Death: 17 Feb 1907 Grenada, Grenada County, Mississippi, USA

Father: Allen Peeples

Mother: Elizabeth F Breazeale

Name: Mary Inez Peebles

Birth: 22 Mar 1856 Martinsburg, Lewis, New York

Death: 9 Apr 1899 Watertown city, Jefferson, New York

Father: Charles W. Peebles

Mother: Permelia Arthur

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