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NAME: Mary Gladys Plummer

BIRTH: 29 August 1915 Limestone County, Texas, United States of America

DEATH: 9 Apr 2000 Conroe, Montgomery Co, Texas

FATHER: James Luther Plummer

MOTHER: Maude Terry

NAME: Mary Plummer

BIRTH: Bef. 11 Feb 1827 Mells, Somerset, England

DEATH: October 1905 Frome, Somerset

FATHER: Tardaw Plummer

MOTHER: Ann Moon

NAME: Mary Plummer

BIRTH: 1766 Stillingfleet, Yorkshire

DEATH: Feb 1809 Yedmandale, Yorkshire

FATHER: William Plummer

MOTHER: Mary Mowberry

NAME: Mary Alice Plummer

BIRTH: 23 Jun 1862 Fleming, Kentucky, United States

DEATH: 6 Dec 1943 Galesburg, Knox, Illinois

FATHER: Benjamin James Plummer

MOTHER: Martha Ann Muse

NAME: Mary A. Plummer

BIRTH: 31 Dec 1865 Ohio, USA

DEATH: 21 Feb 1940 Fostoria, Seneca, Ohio, USA

FATHER: Israel Plummer

MOTHER: Laura Ann "Lorry" Ruble

NAME: Mary E (Snare) Plummer

BIRTH: Feb 1847 McKean, Licking, Ohio, United States

DEATH: 1930 Decatur City, Decatur, Iowa, United States

FATHER: James Plummer

MOTHER: Mary Ellen POLLY Fry Plummer

NAME: Mary Plummer

BIRTH: 01 Mar 1925 Butte, Silver Bow, Montana, USA

DEATH: 18 Mar 2011 Oceanside, San Diego, California, USA

FATHER: Wade Malcom Plummer

MOTHER: Chloris Maurine Powell

NAME: Mary Elizabeth Plummer

BIRTH: 18 Mar 1849 Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: 1923 Paris, Paris, Ile-de-France, France



NAME: Mary Anne Plummer

BIRTH: 8 Mar 1835 Westley, Suffolk, England

DEATH: 28 Sep 1888 Orroroo, South Australia, Australia

FATHER: Thomas Plummer

MOTHER: Mary Ann Goodman

NAME: Mary Plummer

BIRTH: Jan 1863 Clandown, Somerset, England

DEATH: 6 May 1944 Bronx, New York, USA

FATHER: Isaac Plummer

MOTHER: Ann Treasure

NAME: Mary Elsa Plummer

BIRTH: 29 Nov 1893 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: 24 Jun 1987 Kenwood, Sonoma, California, USA

FATHER: Rufus Burnham Plummer

MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth GIRVIN

NAME: Mary Lizzie Plummer

BIRTH: 23 Aug 1873 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA

DEATH: 1964 Concord, Merrimack, NH


MOTHER: Weltha Caroline J WHEELER

NAME: Mary Ann Plummer

BIRTH: 15 Nov 1829* Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: March 29, 1913 Jackson Township, Cambria County, PA

FATHER: Abraham 'Abram' PLUMMER

MOTHER: Susannah Crum

NAME: Mary Sabrina Plummer

BIRTH: 11 Oct 1853 Illinois

DEATH: 20 Jun 1886

FATHER: Benjamin Franklin Plummer

MOTHER: Eliza Ann Pennington

NAME: Mary Margaret Plummer

BIRTH: 16 AUG 1849 Circleville, OH

DEATH: 15 March 1935 Greeley, Weld co CO

FATHER: Isaac D Plummer

MOTHER: Julia Ann Hillery

NAME: Mary Jane Plummer

BIRTH: 20 Mar 1882 Pendleton County, Kentucky, United States of America

DEATH: July 19,1955 Pendleton, Kentucky, United States

FATHER: William Butler Plummer

MOTHER: Sarah Elizabeth Lonaker/Loninaker/Longnecker

NAME: Mary C Plummer

BIRTH: 31 Jul 1886 Pennsylvania

DEATH: 10 Apr 1931 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Philip Augustine Plummer

MOTHER: Amanda Agnes Peach


BIRTH: 04 Apr 1874 Dry Creek, South Australia, Australia

DEATH: 27 Dec 1940 Yorketown, South Australia, Australia

FATHER: George Plummer

MOTHER: Mary Anne Mott

NAME: Mary Plummer

BIRTH: 26 Nov 1723 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: 1795 Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

FATHER: Samuel Plummer

MOTHER: Hannah Woodman

NAME: Mary M Plummer

BIRTH: 7 Jun 1871 Kentucky

DEATH: Oct 4, 1937 Lewis, Kentucky, USA

FATHER: Robert O. Boyd

MOTHER: Lucinda Short Boyd

NAME: Mary "Mollie" Gillespie Plummer

BIRTH: 18 Oct 1862 Wilson, Texas, USA

DEATH: 7 Dec 1944 Atoka, Atoka, Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: Joseph R Plummer

MOTHER: Mary Susan Spruill

NAME: Mary Ann Plummer

BIRTH: Sep 1840 Caddington, Hertfordshire, England

DEATH: Apr 1872 Luton, Bedfordshire, England

FATHER: Samuel Plummer

MOTHER: Dinah How

NAME: Mary Ann Rose Plummer

BIRTH: 25 Jul 1912 Bermondsey London

DEATH: Jul 1964 Rotherhithe London

FATHER: George Arthur Plummer

MOTHER: Jane Leader

NAME: Mary Maxine Plummer

BIRTH: 26 Dec 1911 Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 21 Aug 1932 Barboursville, Cabell County, West Virginia, USA

FATHER: Frank Plummer

MOTHER: Alberta Lee Hannah


BIRTH: 16 Feb 1767 Beighton, Norfolk, England

DEATH: 23 Apr 1842 Blundeston, Suffolk, England