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Name: mary inez smith

Birth: 23 Oct 1900 Kentucky

Death: 13 Aug 1978 Springfield, Washington County, Kentucky

Father: Thomas Kent Smith

Mother: Rebecca Frances Montgomery

Name: Mary Smith

Birth: 13 Oct 1867 Horry, South Carolina, USA

Death: 25 Jul 1949 Berkeley, South Carolina, USA

Father: John Travis Smith

Mother: Helen Victoria Allen

Name: Mary D Smith

Birth: 10 Apr 1863 Friendship,Hot Springs , Arkansas, USA

Death: 30 Dec 1944 Hot Springs, Garland, Arkansas, United States

Father: William B. Smith**

Mother: Nancy Funk

Name: Mary Smith

Birth: 6 May 1896 Tennessee

Death: 21 December 1954 Conway, Mount Vernon, Rockcastle Co., KY

Father: Robert J Smith

Mother: Cornelia Drucilla Collins

Name: Mary H Smith

Birth: 18 Apr 1900 Newark, Texas, USA

Death: 6 MAY 1980 Arlington, Tarrant, Texas, United States

Father: John Wesley Smith

Mother: Janie Thomas Pierce

Name: Mary Smith

Birth: 15 Aug 1837 Ohio, United States

Death: 17/18 Jun 1921 Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa, USA

Father: John G. Carter*

Mother: Ruth Hager*

Name: Mary Elizabeth Smith

Birth: 9 APR 1902 Carroll County, Georgia

Death: 12 OCT 1985 Carroll County, Georgia

Father: Marion Smith

Mother: Almyra Darthula Brown

Name: Mary Smith

Birth: 4 Nov 1886 New York, USA

Death: 8 Apr 1957 Neville, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John O'Black

Mother: Mary Gradner

Name: Mary Ann Smith

Birth: 05 Oct 1863 Tyler, Texas, USA

Death: 18 Mar 1961 Milo, Carter, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Andrew George

Mother: Martha A Wheat

Name: Mary Smith

Birth: 5 May 1923 Illinois

Death: 11/19/1988 decatur, macon, illinois, u.s.a.

Father: Dominic Giovanni Boggia

Mother: Maria Rosa Gandolfi

Name: Mary Ellen Smith

Birth: 15 Mar 1857 Franklin Coundty, Missouri

Death: May 12, 1934 Oxford, Johnson, Kansas, United States

Father: John R. Smith

Mother: Susan Smith

Name: Mary Smith

Birth: November 1847 Tennessee, United States of America

Death: 1925 Granite Oklahoma

Father: Martin A Hogan LHGG-3Z3

Mother: Martha Dennis

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