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Name: Mary Melissa Meadows

Birth: 02 Dec 1853 Mercer, Virginia, USA

Death: 16 Mar 1942 True, Summers, West Virginia, USA

Father: William Henry Harrison Meadows

Mother: Rebecca Susan Tyree

Name: Mary Ann Meadows

Birth: Nov 10, 1818 Ubbeston Suffolk England

Death: 27 MAR 1869 Laxfield, Suffolk, England

Father: Benjamin Meadows

Mother: Martha Mann

Name: Mary Madelyn Meadows

Birth: 13 Feb 1925 Hoo Hoo Hollow, Lester, Raleigh, West Virginia

Death: 04 Jun 2011 Elbert, McDowell, West Virginia

Father: Joseph Matthew Meadows

Mother: Clydia McGrady Comer

Name: Mary Ann Meadows

Birth: 01 May 1868 Leicester, Leicestershire, England

Death: April 1945 70 Morton Road, Leicester

Father: William Meadows


Name: Mary Ann Meadows

Birth: 1818 Heveningham, Suffolk, England

Death: 27 Mar 1869 Laxfield, Suffolk, England

Father: Benjamin Meadows

Mother: Martha Mann

Name: Mary Belle Meadows

Birth: 26 Aug 1889 Big Creek, Limestone, Alabama

Death: 5/26/1981 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Father: Alexander L. Meadows

Mother: Francis Missouri Lewis

Name: Mary Ann Meadows

Birth: 3 Dec 1818 Russell, Kentucky, United States

Death: 29 Sep 1898 Wayne, Kentucky, United States

Father: Andrew Carson Meadows

Mother: Jane Graham

Name: Mary Ann "Mollie" Meadows

Birth: 30 Apr 1874 Hamilton County, Illinois, USA

Death: 03 Aug 1951 Flint, Genesee, Michigan, USA

Father: Richard R. Meadows

Mother: Margaret Ann Elizabeth Summers

Name: Mary Ann"Mollie" MEADOWS

Birth: 23 Aug 1860 WVa

Death: 22 Apr 1945 Summers, West Virginia, United States

Father: James W Meadows

Mother: Lucinda Melinda Wyant

Name: Mary Mollie Meadows

Birth: 14 Jan 1859 Cotton Hill, Fayette County, West Virginia

Death: 7 Sep 1945 Page, Fayette County, WV

Father: Lewis Meadows

Mother: Lucinda K Blake

Name: Mary Ann Meadows

Birth: 14 Aug 1879 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, United States

Death: 22 Oct 1915 Kettle Falls, Stevens, Washington, United States

Father: George Riley Meadows

Mother: Mary Malinda Totman

Name: Mary Estaline Meadows

Birth: 17 December 1853 Monroe County, West Virginia, USA

Death: 1 February 1915 Summers County, West Virginia, USA

Father: Richard Meadows

Mother: Nancy Kincaid

Name: Mary Martha Meadows

Birth: 21 Dec 1830 Tunstall, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom

Death: 18 Nov 1915 Sudbourne, Suffolk, , England

Father: Robert Meadows

Mother: Letitia Curtis

Name: Mary Meadows

Birth: 7 Oct 1804 Morgan, GA

Death: 04 Jan 1871 Troup,GA

Father: Abraham Aaron (Abram) Meadors

Mother: Margaret (Peggy) Simmons

Name: Mary Synthia Meadows

Birth: 14 Nov 1883 West Virginia

Death: 2 Feb 1963 Arlington, Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Father: James H Meadows

Mother: Virginia Narcissa ELLERD

Name: Mary Ann Meadows

Birth: 12 Jan 1832 Taliaferro County, Georgia, USA

Death: 26 Aug 1898 Butler, Taylor County, Georgia, USA

Father: Vincent Thompson Meadows

Mother: Martha E. King

Name: Mary Meadows

Birth: 18 Jul 1715 Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire

Death: 24 Sep 1751 Leigh, Lancashire

Father: Rowland Meadow

Mother: Ann Hindley

Name: Mary Meadows

Birth: 13 Oct 1810 Greene, Georgia, United States

Death: 13 Mar 1896 Lowndes, Alabama, United States

Father: Benjamin Franklin Meadows

Mother: Sarah Leona Stephens

Name: Mary Lucy Meadows

Birth: 3 Jul 1873 Benton, Mississippi, United States

Death: 5 Nov 1962 Benton, Mississippi, United States


Mother: Amanda Wilkerson

Name: Mary Beulah Meadows

Birth: 10 Jun 1869 Lisbon, Claiborne Parish, LA

Death: 30 Jun 1900 Lisbon, Claiborne Parish, LA

Father: Thomas Daniel MEADOWS

Mother: Mary Ann HILLEY

Name: Mary Catherine Polly Meadows

Birth: 28 Mar 1838 Page, Virginia, USA

Death: 14 Jan 1917 Madison, Iowa, USA

Father: Thomas Meadows M3GGF


Name: Mary Meadows

Birth: 27 April 1930 Ince-In-Makerfield, Wigan, Lancashire

Death: 29 Dec 2012 Platt Bridge, Hindley, Nr Wigan Lancashire

Father: John Meadows

Mother: Jane Fisher

Name: Mary Gladys Meadows

Birth: 27 December 1915 Scott County, Morton, Mississippi, USA

Death: 26 Oct 1996 Brunswick, Cumberland, Maine, United States

Father: Willis Levi Meadows

Mother: Mary A (May) Butler

Name: Mary Catherine Meadows

Birth: 17 February 1889 Putnam County, West Virginia, USA

Death: 16 November 1968 Scott Depot, Putnam, West Virginia, USA

Father: Thomas Harvey Meadows

Mother: Catherine Lorena McClain

Name: Mary Polly Meadows

Birth: 1789 Greenbrier, West Virginia, United States

Death: 16 Feb 1849 Clear Creek, Monroe, Indiana, United States

Father: Israel Meadows

Mother: Barbara Green

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