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Name: Mary Holland Plummer

Birth: 22 Jun 1897 Missouri

Death: 22 April 1969 Springfield, Greene, Missouri, United States of America

Father: Benjamin Plummer

Mother: Mary Jones

Name: Mary Frances Plummer

Birth: Nov 1858 Kansas

Death: 1932 Yates Center, Woodson, Kansas, USA

Father: Alexander Oscar Hamilton

Mother: Lucinda Jane SCOTT

Name: Mary Mollie Plummer

Birth: 27 Feb 1870 Lyon, Preston, West Virginia, United States

Death: 10 Sep 1945 Newburg, Preston, West Virginia, USA

Father: Patrick Plummer

Mother: Susan Paxton

Name: Mary Plummer

Birth: 22 Jan 1896 Dutton, Madison, Arkansas, USA

Death: 25 May 1985 Fayetteville, Washington, Arkansas, USA

Father: Daniel Jackson Plummer

Mother: Emily Calvert

Name: Mary Plummer

Birth: 1811 Pattishall, Northamptonshire, England

Death: 1869 Stoke Goldington, Buckinghamshire, England

Father: Thomas Plummer

Mother: Sarah Ayers

Name: Mary Jane PLUMMER

Birth: Abt. 1869 Bolam, Durham, England

Death: 03 Dec 1955 West Hartlepool, Durham, England

Father: George PLUMMER

Mother: Isabell HOWE

Name: Mary E Plummer

Birth: 3 Apr 1845 Indiana

Death: 7 Oct 1929 Pendleton, Madison, Indiana, USA

Father: BENJAMIN Collimore PLUMMER

Mother: Barbara Sells

Name: Mary Plummer

Birth: 25 Mar 1812 Monmouth, Kennebec, Maine, USA

Death: 22 Dec 1886 Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA

Father: John W Plummer

Mother: Rebecca T Johnson

Name: Mary Louise Plummer

Birth: 06 Feb 1925 Texas, USA

Death: Oct 1988 Deer Park, Suffolk, New York, USA

Father: Roy King Plummer

Mother: Arietta Hortence Carpenter

Name: Mary C. Plummer

Birth: 16 Feb 1848 Walker, Georgia, United States

Death: 10 May 1910 Scott, Arkansas, United States

Father: Samuel Stevens Plummer

Mother: Dorcas Workman

Name: Mary Elizabeth Plummer

Birth: 2 July 1849 Kentucky, USA

Death: 1930 Blaine, Oklahoma, United States

Father: Leven Vincent Plummer

Mother: Harriett Matilda Norman

Name: Mary Louise Plummer

Birth: 7 February 1918 Crestline Cr, Ohio

Death: 17 Aug 2003 Crestline, Crawford, Ohio, USA

Father: Frank Lewis Plummer

Mother: Eva Holsinger

Name: Mary Ann PLUMMER

Birth: 4 Jul 1828 Davidson, North Carolina, USA

Death: 18 Dec 1886 Shelby, Indiana, USA

Father: Zadoc Plummer

Mother: Catherine K. Fox

Name: Mary E Plummer

Birth: 1882 Massachusetts, USA

Death: Apr 1973 Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island, USA

Father: James Jolley

Mother: Mary Carney

Name: Mary Catherine Plummer

Birth: 8 Jan 1913 Chestertown, Maryland

Death: Mar 1993 Chestertown, Kent, Maryland, USA

Father: Francis Archibald Plummer

Mother: Sara Jane Hawkins

Name: Mary Plummer

Birth: 9 Jul 1839 Merrymeet, Cornwall, England

Death: 14 Feb 1916 Dunham, Quebec, Canada

Father: William Plummer

Mother: Jane Lean

Name: Mary Plummer

Birth: 1 Mar 1848 Augusta, Kennebec, Maine, USA

Death: 31 Jul 1916 Maine, USA

Father: James I PLUMMER

Mother: Elizabeth Neal Clifford

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