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Name: Mary Susan Westbrook

Birth: 02 July 1855 Cherokee County, Texas

Death: 23 April 1935 Red River, Texas

Father: Samuel Heidelberg Westbrook

Mother: Nancy Elizabeth Vickers

Name: Mary Elender Westbrook

Birth: 1 December 1841 Fayetteville, Fayette County, Georgia, United States of America

Death: 7 August 1877 Blue, Lee County, Texas, United States of America

Father: Bartholomew Joseph Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth "Betsy" Hill

Name: Mary "Polly" Hudson Westbrook

Birth: 26 March 1792 Franklin, Georgia, United States

Death: 27 Apr 1850 Franklin, Georgia, United States

Father: Anphilady Hudson

Mother: Amphelady D. Hudson

Name: Mary Lou Westbrook

Birth: 15 Mar 1913 Lick Skillet District, Cherokee Co., GA

Death: 09 Feb 2002 Roswell, Fulton, Georgia, USA

Father: Levi Thomas Westbrook

Mother: Eleanor Eugene Rusk

Name: Mary Margaret Westbrook

Birth: 22 June 1864 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Death: 26 July 1942 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Father: HENRY Armstrong Westbrook

Mother: Sarah Ann Westbrook

Name: Mary Westbrook

Birth: 18 Nov 1860 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Death: 2 Jun 1950 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Father: JOSHUA Henry Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Norman

Name: Mary Gertrude Westbrook

Birth: 24 Oct 1897 Sumner, Nebraska

Death: 20 Aug 1986 Lexington, Nebraska

Father: William Elross Westbrook

Mother: Martha Jane Wells

Name: Mary Westbrook

Birth: 1846 Yapton, Sussex, England

Death: 1902 Sussex, England

Father: William Westbrook

Mother: Ann Millyard

Name: Mary Elizabeth Westbrook

Birth: 12 April 1843 Georgia

Death: 18 January 1927 Cherokee, Georgia, United States

Father: John Randolph Westbrook


Name: Mary Katherine Westbrook

Birth: abt 28 Feb 1895 North Carolina

Death: 02 Jul 1976 Columbia, Richland, South Carolina, USA

Father: James M Westbrook

Mother: Mary Ellen Inman

Name: Mary Westbrook

Birth: 19 MAR 1896 Eldorado, Illinois

Death: 16 Feb 1995 IL

Father: Alexander Westbrook

Mother: Martha I O'Neal

Name: Mary M "Viney" Westbrook

Birth: 3 Mar 1816 Bladen, North Carolina, United States

Death: 20 Jun 1890 Clio, Barbour, Alabama, USA

Father: John Manley Westbrook

Mother: Zilphia/Zilpha "Zilphy" (White) Westbrook/Brooks

Name: Mary Hannah Westbrook

Birth: Jan 1671 Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States

Death: 12 September 1749 (May 1746) Scarborough, Cumberland, ME, USA

Father: John Westbrook

Mother: Mary Walford

Name: Mary Anne Westbrook

Birth: 1809 Jones, North Carolina, USA

Death: 13 Dec 1857 Sumter, Georgia, USA

Father: Thomas Westbrook

Mother: Mary Shine

Name: Mary E. "Mittie" Westbrook

Birth: 07 Oct 1841 Monroe County, Mississippi

Death: 23 Jun 1873 Kerens, Navarro, Texas, USA

Father: Zachariah W Westbrook

Mother: Mary Z "Polly" Agnew (Westbrook)

Name: Mary Ella Westbrook

Birth: 27 FEB 1884 Huron, South Dakota, USA

Death: 2 Oct 1962 Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA

Father: Cornelius Mandon Westbrook

Mother: Corilla Wood Kenny

Name: Mary Frances Westbrook

Birth: JUN 1852 Georgia

Death: 31 Dec 1908 Miller Co, AR

Father: John Henry Westbrook

Mother: Zerilda Williamson Stell

Name: Mary Elizabeth Westbrook

Birth: ABT 1857 Cherokee Co., Georgia

Death: 16 July 1936 Birmingham Community, Alpharetta, Fulton, Ga., USA

Father: Thompson T Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Mary Cynthia Chatham

Name: Mary Jane Westbrook

Birth: 30 Jun 1882 Kennard, Houston, Texas, USA

Death: 30 Jun 1954 Houston County, Texas, USA

Father: Rubin H. Westbrook

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth English

Name: Mary Elizabeth Westbrook

Birth: 16 September 1838 GA

Death: 29 Aug 1902

Father: Reuben W. Westbrook

Mother: Tabitha Hall

Name: Mary Westbrook

Birth: abt 1843 Jones County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 1870 Jones County, North Carolina

Father: John Westbrook

Mother: Phebe Westbrook

Name: Mary Eunice Westbrook

Birth: 1 Jun 1844 Monroe County, Mississippi, USA

Death: 07 Dec 1912 Navarro, Texas, United States

Father: William Westbrook

Mother: Margaret 'Peggy' Agnew

Name: Mary Katherine Westbrook

Birth: 06 Feb 1900 Wellsboro, Tioga, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Oct 1987 Wellsboro, Tioga, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: George P Westbrook

Mother: Anna N "Annie" Coolidge

Name: Mary "Molly" Westbrook

Birth: May 1860 Kemper, Victoria, Texas, USA

Death: Between 1900/1910 Llano County, Texas, USA

Father: James Oliver Westbrook

Mother: Delana Ann Angelina Blair

Name: Mary Lou Westbrook

Birth: 10 MAY 1894 Chickasaw County, MS

Death: 13 MAR 1959 Chickasaw County, MS

Father: JAMES "1863" "J L" LEE "JAY" "JIM" WESTbrook

Mother: Sarah Margaret Pearson

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