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Name: Mary Ellen Willoughby

Birth: September 6, 1872 Miffin Twp, Wyandot, Ohio, United States

Death: January 20, 1965 Owosso City, Shiawassee, Michigan

Father: Nathan McBain Willoughby

Mother: Hester Ann Gibson

Name: Mary Helen Willoughby

Birth: 26 Feb 1886 Stanton, Powell County, Kentucky

Death: 23 10 1977 Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada

Father: Moses Willoughby

Mother: Polly Willoughby

Name: Mary Willoughby

Birth: abt 1844 North Shields, Northumberland, England

Death: 1911 North Shields, Northumberland, England

Father: Ralph Willoughby

Mother: Ann Carr

Name: Mary J "Polly Jane" Willoughby

Birth: 2 Jul 1879 Powell, Kentucky, United States

Death: 06 May 1964 Stanislaus, California, United States

Father: Moses Willoughby

Mother: Polly Willoughby

Name: Mary Elsie Willoughby

Birth: 22 Dec 1882 Vigo County, Indiana, USA

Death: 11 November 1969 Brazil, Clay, Indiana, USA

Father: Benjamin F Willoughby

Mother: Alice Luvina Willoughby

Name: Mary Ruth Willoughby

Birth: 23 June 1911 Bethlehem, Northampton, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 8 Mar 1977 Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Oscar Willoughby

Mother: Mary Jane Cavanaugh

Name: Mary Jane Willoughby

Birth: 26 Sep 1870 Iowa, USA

Death: 24 Mar 1952 Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska, USA

Father: Thomas William Willoughby

Mother: Mary Matilda Spoon

Name: Mary Ann Willoughby

Birth: ABT 1867 Bourke, New South Wales, Australia

Death: 29 Nov 1907 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Father: John Willoughby

Mother: Charlotte Wood

Name: MARY Willoughby

Birth: 1 Sep 1676 Charleston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

Death: 7 Jan 1758 Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Nehemiah Willoughby

Mother: Abigail Bartholomew

Name: Mary Willoughby

Birth: 1758 Augusta (later Botetourt), Virginia, North America

Death: 14 Oct 1818 Saltville, Washington County, Virginia, USA

Father: Andrew Willoughby Sr.

Mother: Elizabeth Wallace

Name: Mary Louise Willoughby

Birth: 18 Aug 1911 Calloway, Kentucky, USA

Death: 14 Oct 1995 Calloway, Kentucky, USA

Father: William Price Willoughby

Mother: Gertrude Edna Futrell

Name: Mary Emma Willoughby

Birth: 25 DEC 1890 Coalville, Summit, Utah, United States

Death: 7 Dec 1983 Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA

Father: John Willoughby

Mother: Annie Elizabeth Wilson

Name: Mary Halsie Willoughby

Birth: 26 Sep 1895 Giles Co, TN

Death: May 11, 1981 Pulaski, Giles, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: William Thomas Willoughby

Mother: Mary Ann Florence Taylor


Birth: 22 May 1924 Pittsburgh (Carrick), Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 26 December 2003 Littleton, Jefferson, Colorado, United States of America


Mother: Mary L Walton

Name: Mary Ruth Willoughby

Birth: 6 MAR 1905 Montgomery, Kentucky

Death: 26 JUN 1967 Winchester, Clark, Kentucky, USA

Father: Henry Willoughby

Mother: Allefar/Alafair "Allie" G. Watkins

Name: Mary Rosetta Willoughby

Birth: 17 Jul 1898 Adams, Washington, USA

Death: 18 Jan 1928 Colfax, Whitman, Washington, USA

Father: Alexander McNeilly

Mother: Minnie May Gosney

Name: Mary Clementine Willoughby

Birth: 23 Mar 1852 Montrose, Dane Co, WI, USA

Death: 24 January 1931 Oregon, Dane County, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Peter Boss Willoughby

Mother: Sarah West

Name: Mary Bernice Willoughby

Birth: 7 Mar 1931 Byars, McClain, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 12 Nov 2004 Tulsa, Osage, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Russell Shirley Willoughby

Mother: Dovie Susan Hale

Name: Mary Elizabeth Willoughby

Birth: 1 Mar 1918 Circleville, Pickaway, Ohio, United States

Death: 01 May 2001 Madison Cunty, Ohio, USA

Father: Cecil Floyd Willoughby

Mother: Ecil Allie Siniff

Name: Mary Jane Willoughby

Birth: 31 JAN 1854 Rockford, Illinois

Death: 12 JUN 1914 Marionville, Lawrence County, Missouri

Father: John Combs Willoughby

Mother: Elizabeth L. Bryant

Name: Mary Ann Willoughby

Birth: 7 May 1882 Rutherford County, Tennessee, United States of America

Death: 15 May 1932 Hendersonville, Sumner, Tennessee, USA


Mother: Sallie F McCoy

Name: Mary Langrill Willoughby

Birth: 7 Mar 1853 Eramosa Twp., Wellington Co, ON, Canada

Death: 24 Oct 1930 Burlington, ON, Canada

Father: Charles Willoughby

Mother: Sarah Langrill

Name: Mary Elizabeth(Minnie) Willoughby

Birth: 1883 Bourke, New South Wales, Australia

Death: 17 Oct 1975 Pendle Hill, New South Wales, Australia

Father: Thomas Albert Willoughby

Mother: Mary Ann Crawford

Name: Mary Jane WILLOUGHBY

Birth: 06 Feb. 1913 Warner, Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 22 Dec 1998 Colbert, Spokane, Washington, USA

Father: John Henry Willoughby

Mother: Mamie Almer/Alma Morris

Name: Mary Marie Willoughby

Birth: 6 Aug 1908 North Shade Twp, Gratiot County, Michigan, USA

Death: 6 Sep 1958 Elwell, Gratiot, Michigan, USA

Father: Willis Luther Burke Willoughby

Mother: Pearl Irene Kridler

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