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Name: Mary Elsie Tyler

Birth: 26 Oct 1920 Hendon, Middlesex, England

Death: 18 Sep 1976 Edgware, Middlesex, England

Father: Herbert William Tyler

Mother: Maud Mary Spencer

Name: Mary "Sarah" Tyler

Birth: 11 April 1721 Voluntown, New London, Connecticut, USA

Death: 1791 Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island, United States

Father: John Tyler

Mother: Sarah Brame


Birth: Feb 1811 Martin, Lincolnshire, England

Death: abt 1875 Northampton, Northamptonshire, England

Father: John Tyler

Mother: Rebecca Cooper

Name: Mary Eliza Tyler

Birth: 6 Jan 1868 Horry, South Carolina, United States

Death: 01 Jul 1935 Bayboro Township, Horry County, SC

Father: Elisha Jackson Tyler

Mother: Amelia Anne Tyler

Name: Mary Ellen Tyler

Birth: 25 Mar 1878 Brooklyn, NY

Death: 08 Apr 1956 Coaldale, Schuylikill County, Pa

Father: John B Tyler

Mother: Margaret Esther(sis) Brittingham

Name: Mary Lorena Tyler

Birth: 14 Jan 1873 Denison, Crawford, Iowa, USA

Death: 27 Dec 1931 Medow Grove, Madison, Nebraska

Father: Jay Milton Tyler

Mother: Elizabeth (Eliza) Jane Morris

Name: Mary Tyler

Birth: 14 Nov 1856 Smartscastle Co Kilkenny Ireland

Death: 10 July 1941 Morley Terrace, Gracedieu, Waterford City, Ireland

Father: Edward/Edmond Tyler

Mother: Mary Anna McGrath

Name: Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Tyler

Birth: 12 Dec 1889 Mt Hope, Lawrence, Alabama, USA

Death: 3 Oct 1961 Lawrence, Alabama, United States

Father: Calvin Washington Tyler

Mother: Mary Ann Stokes

Name: Mary Judy Tyler

Birth: 12 Nov 1866 Big Stone Gap, Wise, Virginia, USA

Death: 08 Oct 1957 Marion, Florida, USA

Father: Ambrose Jackson Tyler

Mother: Nancy Taylor

Name: Mary Helen Tyler

Birth: 11 Aug 1909 Baltimore County, Maryland, USA

Death: 17 Feb 1994 Millersville, Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA

Father: George Severn Tyler

Mother: Ada Fisk

Name: Mary Elizabeth Tyler

Birth: 15 Aug 1858 Claiborne Pa., Louisiana, USA

Death: 18 Mar 1935 Austin, Travis, Texas

Father: Thomas Tyler

Mother: Sarah Jane (Sally) Trammell

Name: Mary Ann Louisa Tyler

Birth: 26 Feb 1871 New Norfolk TAS Australia

Death: 26 Oct 1954 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Father: Charles Tyler

Mother: Ellen Rust

Name: Mary Emma Tyler

Birth: 28 Jul 1879 Mount Vernon, Fairfax County, Virginia

Death: 18 Mar 1944 Fairfax County, Virginia

Father: Daniel Tyler

Mother: Julia Ann Davis

Name: Mary Francis Tyler

Birth: 24 JUN 1860 Evergreen, San Jacinto, Texas, United States

Death: 23 Apr 1938 Springville, Utah, Utah, United States

Father: Charles Marion Tyler

Mother: Mary Catherine Longley

Name: Mary E Tyler

Birth: 13 Feb 1872 Leicester, Leicestershire, England

Death: 26 Dec 1950 Tonbridge Wells, Kent

Father: Josiah Tyler

Mother: Martha Emery Deeble

Name: Mary Law Tyler

Birth: 2 March 1840 Norwich, New London County, Connecticut, United States of America

Death: 13 March 1916 New London, New London County, Connecticut, United States of America

Father: Brigadier General Daniel P Tyler, President Of The Mobile-Montgomery-Norwich-Worcester-Macon-Western-Schuylkill-Susquehanna Railroads

Mother: Emily Lee

Name: Mary Elvira Tyler

Birth: 22 Apr 1822 New Haven, Oswego, New York, United States

Death: 13 Mar 1886 Fillmore, Millard, Utah, United States

Father: Ezra Tyler

Mother: Rhoda Halladay

Name: Mary Tyler

Birth: 03 Jun 1891 Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA

Death: 31 Aug 1972 Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho, USA

Father: Daniel Moroni Tyler

Mother: Sarah Elzina Pulsipher

Name: Mary Cynthia Tyler

Birth: 12 MAY 1838 Hall Co., Georgia, United States

Death: 10/21/1900 Hartman,johnson Co.,Arkansas

Father: Jacob Joseph Tyler


Name: Mary Allie Tyler

Birth: 26 JUN 1876 Jasper Co GA

Death: 19 NOV 1971 Crawfordville, Taliaferro, Georgia, USA

Father: Michael David Tyler

Mother: Sarah Ann Sallie Waldrup

Name: Mary Ada TYLER

Birth: 22 Sep 1922 Gallia County, Ohio, USA

Death: 25 Feb 2010 Brandywine, Prince George's, Maryland, USA

Father: Lylburn Lee "Chick " Tyler

Mother: Alice Gertrude Gertie GASKINS

Name: Mary Abigail Tyler

Birth: 10 AUG 1863 Dundee, Kane County, Illinois

Death: 05 OCT 1951 Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas

Father: George Noah Tyler

Mother: Margaret McCartney

Name: Mary Frances Tyler

Birth: August 15, 1886 Hanover Co., Virginia

Death: 19 Mar 1957 Ellerson, Hanover, Virginia, United States

Father: Charles Cary Tyler

Mother: Commorah Catherine Tyler

Name: Mary Josephine (Mamie) Tyler

Birth: 17 July 1879 Camanche, IA

Death: 23 July 1962 Covington Memorial Gardens, Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana, United States

Father: William Asahel Tyler

Mother: Huldah Margaret Stafford

Name: Mary Letella Tyler

Birth: 20 Mar 1846 Virginia, United States

Death: 13 Sep 1904

Father: John Pettus Tyler 9MM5-67H ​

Mother: Mary Ann Elizabeth 'Polly' Timberlake

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