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Name: Mattie Lee Hester

Birth: 14, July, 1880 Johnson County, Texas, USA

Death: 18, January, 1933 Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas United States

Father: Henry Hilliard Hester

Mother: Mary Candice Griffith Hester

Name: Mattie G Hester

Birth: Jan 1864 Wallonia, Trigg, Kentucky, United States of America

Death: 7 Aug 1902 Frankfort, Franklin, Kentucky, United States of America

Father: John William Hester

Mother: Sarah E (Sallie) Dillard

Name: Mattie D Hester

Birth: 31 August 1875 Colbert County, Alabama, USA

Death: 19 May 1940 Russellville, Franklin, Alabama

Father: Robert Monroe Hester

Mother: Mary Susan Ligon

Name: Mattie E. Hester

Birth: 12 Mar 1873 Mississippi, USA

Death: 12 Dec 1944 Mississippi, USA

Father: George W Hester

Mother: Mary E Fortenberry

Name: Mattie G Hester

Birth: 11 Jul 1871 Livingston District, Spotsylvania County, Virginia, USA

Death: 26 Aug 1965 Mechanicsville, Hanover, Virginia, USA


Mother: Amanda M Chewning

Name: Mattie Gertrude Hester

Birth: 4 Jul 1904 Alabama

Death: Feb 1992 Haleyville, Winston, Alabama, United States of America

Father: Henry Timothy Hester

Mother: Ada Lou Hester

Name: Mattie Viola Hester

Birth: 29 August 1894 Goldthwaite, Mills, Texas, USA

Death: 18 March 1969 Hamilton, Hamilton, Texas, USA

Father: Robert Fulton Hester

Mother: Jane Cordelia Duncan

Name: Mattie Lou Hester

Birth: 7 Jul 1905 Rockledge, Laurens, Georgia, USA

Death: 04/29/1996 Thomasville, Georgia, USA

Father: John Redding Hester

Mother: Martha "Mattie" Easom

Name: Mattie Hester

Birth: 15 Sep 1883 Alabama

Death: 21 Apr 1967 Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas, United States of America

Father: Obediah B Hester

Mother: Margaret Ann Hester

Name: Mattie Zelma Hester

Birth: 30 Nov 1892 Kentucky

Death: 21 Feb 1983 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA


Mother: Virginia A Hester

Name: Mattie Hester

Birth: 29 May 1905 Henrietta, Clay, Texas, USA

Death: 14 Mar 1955 Amarillo, Potter, Texas, USA

Father: James Mercer Hester

Mother: Sally Lee Walker

Name: Mattie Maude Hester

Birth: 31 OCT 1880 Erath County Texas

Death: 19 Dec 1956 Vernon, Wilbarger County, Texas

Father: Samuel Lemuel Jeptha Hester

Mother: Georgia Texanna Myers

Name: Mattie Pearl Hester

Birth: 29 Jan 1900 Hillsboro HI, Texas

Death: 21 May 1988 Bell County, Texas

Father: John William Hester

Mother: Phoebe Rosaline "Febe" Denton

Name: Mattie Lou Hester

Birth: 9 May 1903 Fairplay, Morgan, Georgia

Death: 20 May 1928 Morgan County, Georgia

Father: Ebenezer Franklin Hester

Mother: Elizabeth Knight

Name: Mattie Lue Hester

Birth: 10 Jul 1891 Russellville, Alabama

Death: 30 Aug 1989 Cherokee, Colbert, Alabama, USA

Father: John Walter Hester

Mother: Betty Josephine Sparks

Name: Mattie L Hester

Birth: 1929 Muscadine, Cleburne County, Alabama, USA

Death: 1983 Attala County, Mississippi, USA

Father: James Franklin Jim Hester

Mother: Rhonda Ruth Wallace

Name: Mattie Estelle Hester

Birth: 18 Jan 1899 Louisiana

Death: 4 Dec. 1982 Columbia, Caldwell, Louisiana, USA

Father: Nathan Henry Hester

Mother: Martha Minerva Welch

Name: Mattie L Hester

Birth: abt 1904 North Carolina

Death: Not Available

Father: Fletcher Hester

Mother: Mary F Holeman Hester

Name: Mattie Jane Hester

Birth: 1879 Kentucky, United States

Death: 3 Apr 1938 Bloomington, Indiana

Father: Andrew Jackson "Jack" Hester

Mother: Elizabeth "Lizzie" McDaniel

Name: Mattie A. Hester

Birth: Aug 1891 Oxford, Granville, North Carolina, USA

Death: 13 Feb 1949 Chicod, Pitt, North Carolina, USA

Father: Lee H Hester

Mother: Emma T Hester

Name: Mattie Mary Smith Hester

Birth: 3 Oct 1884 Flintville, Lincoln, Tennessee, USA

Death: 18 May 1973 Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas, USA

Father: Nathan McClure "Mack" "M. C." Smith

Mother: Lucy Caldwell Franklin

Name: Mattie Pearl Hester

Birth: 23 May 1921 Dublin, Laurens, Georgia

Death: 11 Jun 1997 Dublin, Laurens, Georgia

Father: Henry Morris Hester

Mother: Zenobie Harrison Hester

Name: Mattie Hester

Birth: 10 May 1915 Talladega Ta, Alabama

Death: 29 Jan 1990

Father: John Hester

Mother: Mary Cockrell

Name: Mattie A. Hester

Birth: 3 September 1889 Georgia

Death: 8 JAN 1968

Father: Andrew Thomas Hester

Mother: Eliza Davis

Name: Mattie Martha Hester

Birth: 1 Sep 1897 Ft Payne, Alabama, USA

Death: 7 Dec 1966 Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, United States

Father: Andrew Jackson "Drew" Hester

Mother: Emma Harris

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