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Name: Nancy Elizabeth "Betsy" Plummer

Birth: 1781 Tennessee

Death: Not Available Tennessee, USA

Father: George William Plummer

Mother: Elizabeth Jones Ransom

Name: Nancy/Ann Plummer

Birth: 19 MAY 1847 Simpsons Cottage, Shoreditch

Death: 19 09 1894 Whitechapel, London

Father: John Henry Plummer

Mother: Susannah Russell

Name: Nancy Leona Plummer

Birth: 18 June 1901 Labette Co., KS

Death: 29 Oct 1991 Pueblo, Pueblo, CO, USA

Father: John Luther William Plummer

Mother: Laura Ellen Burleyson

Name: Nancy Plummer

Birth: 12 APR 1791 Bedford County, PA

Death: 10 Sep 1862 Ribolt, Lewis, Kentucky, United States

Father: Isaac Plummer

Mother: Sarah McGuire

Name: Nancy Plummer

Birth: 12 Apr 1802 Harrison, West Virginia, United States

Death: 9 January 1892 Vandalia, Fayette, Illinois, United States

Father: Joel Plummer

Mother: Mary Self

Name: Nancy Ellen Plummer

Birth: 10 March 1927 Windfall, Tipton, Indiana, USA

Death: 6 June 2009 Anderson, Madison, Indiana, USA

Father: James Alvin Plummer

Mother: Winnow May Seely

Name: Nancy Mckee Plummer

Birth: 25 Jun 1877 Independence Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 1 Nov 1954 Chartiers, Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Plummer

Mother: Mary Margaret Crawford

Name: Nancy Plummer

Birth: 1798 Mason County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 31 July 1837 Ross County, Ohio, USA

Father: Hezekiah Plummer

Mother: Ruth Beall

Name: Nancy Ruth PLUMMER

Birth: 28 Oct 1820 Greene, Indiana, United States

Death: 15 Jul 1899 Greene, Indiana, United States

Father: Alexander Plummer

Mother: Sabitha Libey Barker

Name: Nancy Clyde Plummer

Birth: 24 February 1902 Virginia

Death: 19 Sep 1956 Rugley, Grayson County, Virginia, USA

Father: Elmer Alonzo PLUMMER

Mother: Emma J. Warren-Plummer

Name: Nancy C. Plummer

Birth: 27 Jul 1802 Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 20 Jun 1859 Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Bradstreet PLUMER

Mother: Anna Nancy ("Anne") TODD

Name: Nancy Plummer

Birth: 1758 Butler, Pennsylvania

Death: 29 October 1842 Butler County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Jonathan Plummer

Mother: Anna Farrell

Name: Nancy Plummer

Birth: 24 Dec 1795 Wilkes, North Carolina, United States

Death: 5 Oct 1870 Mt Pleasant, Texas, United States

Father: Samuel Plummer

Mother: Nancy Ann Higgins

Name: Nancy Caroline "Nannie" Plummer

Birth: 23 Dec 1865 Ashe Co., North Carolina, United States

Death: 1 apr 1939 Dublin, Pulaski, Virginia, USA

Father: John C Plummer

Mother: Mary Caroline Barnes

Name: Nancy Elizabeth Plummer

Birth: 23 December 1820 Alna, Lincoln County, Maine, USA

Death: 4 November 1908 Nevinville, Adams County, Iowa, USA

Father: Nathan Plummer

Mother: Nancy Agnes Cargill

Name: Nancy Jane Plummer

Birth: 26 July 1855 Indiana

Death: 11 August 1936 White, Indiana, United States

Father: John S. Plummer

Mother: Mary Rader

Name: Nancy A Plummer

Birth: 12 Jul 1854 Radfordville, Perry, Alabama, USA

Death: 3 Nov 1920 Perry, Alabama, USA

Father: Isaac Howze Plummer

Mother: Henrietta S Johnson

Name: Nancy D. Plummer

Birth: 4 November 1834 Highland County, Ohio, USA

Death: 10 Aug 1919 Salina, Saline, Kansas, USA

Father: Samuel Thomas Plummer

Mother: Elizabeth "Betsy" Drais

Name: Nancy K. Plummer

Birth: 29 Mar 1860 Ohio

Death: 15 Sep 1913 Lewistown, Logan, Ohio, USA

Father: Marshal Plummer

Mother: Nancy McCoy

Name: Nancy Pearl Plummer

Birth: 7 Jul 1874 Bourbon, Kentucky, United States

Death: 21 Apr 1954 Seattle, King, Washington, United States

Father: James John Plummer

Mother: Olivia R. Lander

Name: Nancy Catherine Plummer

Birth: 2 Sep 1850 Bourbon, Marshall, Indiana, USA

Death: 1 Dec 1896 Chatsworth, Livingston, Illinois, USA

Father: Abiezer (Ayi or Abyhue) Plummer

Mother: Catherine Mahala "Kate" Ball

Name: Nancy Jane Plummer

Birth: 27 Dec 1849 Meigs, Adams, Ohio, USA

Death: 21 Jun 1913 Meigs, Adams, Ohio, USA

Father: Conrad Plummer

Mother: Margaret Catherine FOSTER

Name: Nancy Plummer

Birth: 14 Dec 1845 Groton, Vermont, USA

Death: 13 Jan 1895 Haverhill, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA

Father: William Plummer

Mother: Olive Morrison

Name: Nancy Jane Plummer

Birth: abt 1844 Ohio (either Stark or Richland Co

Death: June 28, 1891 Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, USA

Father: John Plummer

Mother: Lydia Neidlinger

Name: Nancy Plummer

Birth: 1797/12/25 Ashe,North Carolina,USA

Death: 1884/03/05 Ashe,North Carolina,USA

Father: Joseph Plummer

Mother: Mary Cash

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