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Name: Nancy Evilena "Evie" Copeland

Birth: Feb 1848 Georgia, USA

Death: 1 Jun 1934 Greene County, Georgia, USA

Father: John Copeland

Mother: Nancy Williams - Copeland

Name: Nancy Luvenia Copeland

Birth: 31 Aug 1886 Great Swamp, Wayne, North Carolina, USA

Death: 21 Feb 1939 Montgomery County, Maryland, USA

Father: Green Copeland

Mother: Martha E. Hooks

Name: Nancy Cassandra Copeland

Birth: 12 Nov 1866 Dallas, St Clair, Missouri, USA

Death: 26 Aug 1954 Brent, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Noah C Copeland

Mother: Ruth Doyle

Name: Nancy Adeline Copeland

Birth: 01 Nov 1849 Overton Co, TN

Death: 12 Apr 1925 Livingston, Overton, Tennessee, USA

Father: George Washington Copeland

Mother: Ruth Townsend Bilbrey

Name: Nancy Jane Copeland

Birth: 28 Feb. 1849 Waynesboro, Wayne County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 31 Oct. 1906 Waynesboro, Wayne County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Joseph Matthew Copeland

Mother: Sarah Wade (mCopeland) Cypart

Name: Nancy Elizabeth Copeland

Birth: 15 Oct 1870 Arkansas, USA

Death: 15 Nov 1950 Hollis, Harmon, Oklahoma, USA

Father: William G "Buck" Copeland

Mother: Martha Alameda McConnell

Name: Nancy Ann Copeland

Birth: 31 MAR 1854 Madison County, Missouri

Death: 4 Jan 1925 Iron Co, Mo

Father: George P Copeland

Mother: Nancy Braden

Name: Nancy Copeland

Birth: 27 Feb 1803 Kentucky, United States

Death: 21 MAY 1877 Winston, Davies, Missouri, USA

Father: John Copeland

Mother: Sarah Pipes (Copeland)

Name: Nancy Ellen Copeland

Birth: 12 Apr 1881 Overton, Tennessee, USA

Death: 06 Dec 1956 Overton, TN

Father: William Ishmael Bilbrey

Mother: Elizabeth (Smith) Oakley-Bilbrey

Name: Nancy Ida Copeland

Birth: 07 Jan 1896 Waverly, Camden, Georgia, USA

Death: 23 Mar 1984 Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida

Father: George Fleming Copeland

Mother: Linnie Lee Parker

Name: Nancy Elizabeth Copeland

Birth: 29 March 1904 Georgia

Death: 20 January 1961 Baldwin County, Georgia, USA

Father: James W Copeland

Mother: Mattie Miller

Name: Nancy Elizabeth Copeland

Birth: 30 Apr 1844 Ballard, Kentucky, United States

Death: 22 May 1939 Young County, Texas, United States of America

Father: Isaiah Wilson Copeland

Mother: Marilla Sarah Rhea

Name: Nancy Jane Copeland

Birth: 04 Jul 1845 Laurens District, South Carolina

Death: 10 Jan 1935 Hempstead, Arkansas, United States

Father: James Copeland

Mother: Elizabeth Baldwin Copeland

Name: Nancy Jane Copeland

Birth: 24 Dec 1879 Choctaw, Alabama, United States

Death: 05 sept 1963 Quitman, Clarke, Mississippi, United States

Father: Reubin C Copeland

Mother: Nancy Jane GIBSON

Name: Nancy Copeland

Birth: 10 June 1819 Sumter, South Carolina, United States

Death: 6 Oct 1894 Smith, Mississippi, United States

Father: Reuben Copeland


Name: Nancy "Mabel" Mahala Copeland

Birth: 24 January 1880 DeKalb, Alabama, United States

Death: 20 Jul 1948 Alvord, Wise, Texas, USA

Father: William Leander Copeland

Mother: Hannah Elizabeth Graham

Name: Nancy Penelope (Neppie) Copeland

Birth: Dec. 15,1892 Wrightsboro, Gonzales, Texas

Death: 22 May 1978 Nixon, Gonzales County, Texas, USA

Father: Early Williams Copeland

Mother: Lorena Elizabeth Hinds

Name: Nancy Anna "Nannie" Copeland

Birth: 22 Oct 1842 Polk, Georgia, United States

Death: 10 Mar 1928 Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, United States

Father: Robert Hatten "Snake" Copeland

Mother: Sarah Minerva Neal

Name: Nancy A. Copeland

Birth: 14 Jun 1822 White, Tennessee, United States

Death: 23 Dec 1884 Morgan, Alabama, USA

Father: James Wilson Copeland

Mother: Elizabeth Anderson

Name: Nancy Elizabeth Copeland

Birth: 4 Feb 1845 Oktibbeha, Dallas, Mississippi, United States

Death: 23 Jan 1925 Clayton, Panola, Texas, United States

Father: Wiley Copeland

Mother: Nancy Ragsdale Greer

Name: Nancy F Copeland

Birth: 22 Feb 1837 Forest County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 12 Nov 1918 Waterford, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Alden Parcus Copeland

Mother: Rachel Fleming


Birth: 9 SEP 1881 Valley Park, St Louis, Missouri

Death: 29 December 1968 Valley Park, St Louis County, Missouri, United States

Father: James Melvin Copeland

Mother: Clementine Augusta ( Tina ) Brandon

Name: Nancy Elizabeth Copeland

Birth: 20 Sep 1874 Pin Hook, Roane , Tennessee

Death: 31 Dec 1956 Ball Camp, Knox , Tennessee

Father: James K Copeland

Mother: Mary Catherine Qualls

Name: Nancy Thomas Copeland

Birth: 10 Jan 1894 Orr, Love County, Oklahoma, Indian Territory

Death: 23 Mar 1974 Bakersfield, Kern, California, USA

Father: Charles Albert Copeland

Mother: Luella Molly Wyatt Webb

Name: Nancy Dora Copeland

Birth: Nov 1876 Lafayette, Florida, United States

Death: 1938 Old Town Dixie County Florida, USA

Father: Lorenzo D (L.D.) Copeland

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Lanier/Copeland/Godwin

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