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NAME: Nancy L Stanford

BIRTH: 09/26/1860 Beaverton Marion AL USA

DEATH: 1939 Amory MONroe MS USA

FATHER: David S. Stanford

MOTHER: Mildred Eva Watson

NAME: Nancy Lou Stanford

BIRTH: 29 NOV 1905 Lamar Co. Alabama

DEATH: 30 Sep 1975 Vernon, Lamar, Alabama, USA

FATHER: Thomas Franklin Stanford

MOTHER: Nancy Adeline Robertson

NAME: Nancy Isabelle Stanford

BIRTH: 18 Jul 1867 Alabama, USA

DEATH: 24 Jul 1949 Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas, United States

FATHER: William Shaffer Stanford

MOTHER: Rebecca Duncan

NAME: Nancy E L Stanford

BIRTH: 7 April 1892 Georgia

DEATH: 22 Mar 1978 Forsyth Co, GA

FATHER: John Marshall Stanford

MOTHER: Nancy E. Jones

NAME: Nancy Peggy Stanford

BIRTH: 10 Apr 1914 Maryland

DEATH: 1/14/1988 Pasadena, Los Angeles, California, USA

FATHER: Paul W. Cooper

MOTHER: Margaret A Stanford

NAME: Nancy Ann (Nannie) Stanford

BIRTH: 1 Apr 1901 Ranger, Eastland Co., Texas

DEATH: 02 May 1983 Alto, Texas 82 yrs old Cherokee

FATHER: Mark Nimrod Stanford

MOTHER: Martha Jane Edwards

NAME: Nancy Malinda (mSummers) Stanford

BIRTH: 18 May 1839 Marion County, Mississippi United States

DEATH: 13 May 1881 Hancock, Mississippi, United States

FATHER: Noah Stanford

MOTHER: Elizabeth Lowe "Betsy" Felder


BIRTH: 12 October 1878 Wootan Wells, Robertson County,Texas, USA

DEATH: 26 February 1966 Mexia, Limestone County, Texas, USA (Nelson Nursing Home

FATHER: Elijah Robert Stanford

MOTHER: Mary Ann Green

NAME: Nancy Caroline Stanford

BIRTH: 4 APR 1844 North Carolina, United States

DEATH: 19 Apr 1882

FATHER: Thomas Douglas Oldham

MOTHER: Elizabeth Ann Brewer

NAME: Nancy Ann Stanford

BIRTH: 1795 Bulloch, Georgia, United States

DEATH: 8 June 1865 Bulloch, Georgia, United States

FATHER: John Stanford

MOTHER: Rachel Upton

NAME: Nancy Ellen Stanford

BIRTH: 20 Aug 1799 Somerset County, Maryland, USA

DEATH: 24 Jan 1872 Marion, Mississippi

FATHER: John Frances Stanford-DNA

MOTHER: Nancy Delilah Ruark

NAME: Nancy Idellia Stanford

BIRTH: 7 Nov 1870 ohio

DEATH: 23 May 1959 youngstown, ohio

FATHER: Hiram Stanford

MOTHER: Lydia Martin

NAME: Nancy Jane Stanford

BIRTH: 4 Feb 1853 TN USA

DEATH: 29 OCT 1910 Crawford Co., Missouri

FATHER: Solomon Stanford

MOTHER: Margaret Louis (Lewis)

NAME: Nancy Stanford

BIRTH: 1856 Tipton, Staffordshire, England

DEATH: 1932 West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England

FATHER: Richard Stanford

MOTHER: Jane Whitehouse

NAME: Nancy (Nonie) Jane Stanford

BIRTH: 25 Apr 1847 Columbia County, Georgia, United States

DEATH: 20 Sep 1917 Columbia County, Georgia, USA

FATHER: William Nathan Stanford

MOTHER: Rebecca Langford

NAME: Nancy Elizabeth Stanford

BIRTH: 29 January 1868 Franklin County, Alabama

DEATH: 20 APR 1949 Rosser, Kaufman County, Texas

FATHER: James Franklin Stanford

MOTHER: Sarah Malinda (Quinn) Stanford

NAME: Nancy Amanda "Nan" Stanford

BIRTH: 11 FEB 1888 Van Zandt Co., TX

DEATH: 28 JUN 1972 Brownfield, Terry, Texas, United States

FATHER: Thomas Jefferson Stanford

MOTHER: Linnie Melville Reuter

NAME: Nancy Jane "Nannie" Stanford

BIRTH: 27 Jan 1841 Grayson, Virginia

DEATH: 26 Aug 1918 Tilden, Madison, Nebraska, United States

FATHER: Joseph Stanford

MOTHER: Mary Nancy Phipps

NAME: Nancy Jane Stanford

BIRTH: 1 Jan 1850 Alabama

DEATH: 05/17/1914 Florida, USA

FATHER: Andrew J Stanford

MOTHER: Nancy Adaline Hammonds

NAME: Nancy Rebecca Ansley Stanford

BIRTH: 11 September 1831 Putnam, Georgia, United States

DEATH: 16 September 1891 Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, United States of America

FATHER: Isaiah Ansley

MOTHER: Susan Robinson

NAME: Nancy Emmeline Stanford

BIRTH: 15 March 1918 Haralson County, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 1 January 1994 Fulton County, Georgia, USA

FATHER: William Hosey Stanford

MOTHER: Willie Jo Reeves

NAME: Nancy Chubb Stanford

BIRTH: 18 Nov 1835 West Fairlee, Orange, Vermont, USA

DEATH: 16 Aug 1902 Lebanon, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA


MOTHER: Eunice Whitcomb

NAME: Nancy "Nannie" Stanford

BIRTH: Apr 1878 Mouth of Wilson, Grayson, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 11 Apr 1931 Piney Creek, Alleghany, North Carolina, USA

FATHER: Joseph Melvin Stanford

MOTHER: Sarah Lucinda "Sallie" Hash

NAME: Nancy Elizabeth Stanford

BIRTH: 3 Mar 1920 MT Rozell, Alabama, USA

DEATH: 19 Aug 2014 Loretto, Lawrence Co., Tennessee, USA

FATHER: John Robert "Bud" Stanford

MOTHER: Bertha Lee Swindle

NAME: Nancy Kathleen Stanford

BIRTH: 8 February 1902 Bromley, Kent, England

DEATH: 22 May 1978 Woodbridge Suffolk

FATHER: Edward Stanford

MOTHER: Caroline Elizabeth Fraser