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Name: Owen Ellsworth Brooks

Birth: 18 Oct 1890 Jasper, Illinois, United States

Death: 10 Jul 1981 Olney, Richland County, Illinois

Father: William Milton Brooks

Mother: Emma L Isley

Name: Owen Synder Brooks

Birth: 01 May 1887 Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio, United States

Death: Nov 1965 Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio, USA

Father: Owen Snyder Brooks

Mother: Ella Agness Boyle (Boylen)

Name: Owen Doward Brooks

Birth: 23 Mar 1883 Hart, Barren, Kentucky, United States

Death: 25 December 1945 Rocky Hill, Barren, Kentucky, United States

Father: James J Brooks

Mother: Mary Margaret Pace

Name: Owen D. Brooks

Birth: 15 Dec 1927 Somerfield, Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 14 May 2015 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Richard Brooks

Mother: Grace Evelyn Matthews

Name: Owen Herman Brooks

Birth: 18 November 1928 New York City, New York, USA

Death: 27 July 2014 Jackson, Hinds, Mississippi, USA

Father: Owen Herman Brooks

Mother: Thelma I Solomon

Name: Owen John Brooks

Birth: 21 May 1891 Hackney, London.

Death: 28 Nov 1966 Hackney, Greater London, England

Father: Owen John Brooks

Mother: Sarah Ann Smith

Name: Owen Brooks

Birth: January 1846 Llandudno, Caernarvonshire, Wales

Death: January 1896 Conway, Caernarvonshire

Father: William Brookes

Mother: Sarah “Sally” Owen

Name: Owen Christopher Brooks

Birth: 25 Mar 1901 Hailsham, Sussex, United Kingdom

Death: Mar 1980 Eastbourne, East Sussex, England

Father: James Brooks

Mother: Emma Kate Saunders

Name: Owen Brooks

Birth: 17 Aug 1899 Oakley, Buckinghamshire, England

Death: 30 MAY 1980 Oakley Bucks

Father: Thomas BROOKS

Mother: Selina Siviter

Name: Owen Calvin Brooks

Birth: 11 Apr 1912 Moran, Shackleford, Texas, USA

Death: 10 Apr 1981 Dallas, Dallas, Texas

Father: James Calvin Brooks

Mother: Eva May Nunn

Name: Owen P Brooks

Birth: 4 April 1868 Greenwood, Oxford, Maine, USA

Death: 1941

Father: David Parsons Brooks

Mother: Juliann Bennett

Name: Owen Arthur Brooks

Birth: 19 Mar 1926 Hinsdale, Illinois

Death: 14 Jan 2009 Reid Hospital, Richmond, Wayne Co., IN, USA

Father: Arthur S Brooks

Mother: Isabell E Griffith

Name: Owen Herman Brooks

Birth: 15 Mar 1899 Linstead, Jamaica, BWI

Death: 27 Sep 1937 Bronx, New York, USA

Father: James Brooks

Mother: Auarian McDethur Brooks


Birth: 17 Oct 1914 Amherst, Cumberland, Nova Scotia, Canada

Death: June 16, 1993 Highland View Hospital, Amherst, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia

Father: Thomas Christopher Brooks

Mother: Agnes Hannah Beharrell

Name: Owen D'Oyley Brooks

Birth: Jun 1846 Henley, Oxfordshire, England

Death: 27 Dec 1920 Bethlem Hospital, Surrey, England

Father: James Henry Brooks

Mother: Mary Bussell

Name: Owen Brooks

Birth: 9 Mar 1921 United Kingdom

Death: Jun 2005 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England

Father: James Brooks

Mother: Susan Hughes

Name: Owen Quentin “Pete” Brooks

Birth: 24 Nov 1927 Glazier, Hemphill, Texas, USA

Death: 24 October 2015 Texas, USA

Father: Earnest Birton Brooks

Mother: Piney Myrtle Westbrook

Name: owen alston Brooks

Birth: 7 Jul 1924 Tennessee

Death: 2013 Austin, Travis, Texas, USA

Father: Owen A Brooks

Mother: Fannie Johnson

Name: Owen Brooks

Birth: 4/6/1910 Marshallton,Delaware,USA

Death: 1/31/1977 Milford, Kent, Delaware, USA

Father: Walter Brooks

Mother: Perla Estella Gray

Name: Owen Evans Brooks

Birth: 1841 Williamson, Tennessee, USA

Death: BEF 1865 Battle of Shiloh

Father: Isaac Brooks

Mother: Elizabeth E BrooksWife

Name: Owen Alston "Jack" Brooks

Birth: 25 Jul 1888 Shelbyville, Bedford, Tennessee

Death: 19 May 1943 St Louis, Missouri

Father: Lynch Brooks

Mother: Ruth Tennessee (Ruthie) Reeves

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