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Results for "patrick farrell"

Name: Patrick O Farrell

Birth: 12 FEB 1837 Ireland, United Kingdom

Death: 1893 Handy, Livingston, Michigan, USA

Father: Patrick O Farrell

Mother: Rose Rafferty

Name: Patrick Farrell

Birth: Feb 1832 Clonmel, Munster, Tipperary, Ireland

Death: 6 Dec 1896 Newark, Essex, New Jersey

Father: James Farrell

Mother: Bridget Fagan

Name: Patrick J. Farrell

Birth: Mar 18, 1871 Greenbush, Rensselaer, NY, USA

Death: 1945 Rensselaer, New York

Father: Bernard Farrell

Mother: Sarah Goodwin

Name: Patrick J. Farrell

Birth: 1860 Ireland

Death: abt 1915 Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, United States of America

Father: John Farrell

Mother: Margaret Cunnane

Name: Patrick Farrell

Birth: 6 Mar 1930 Joliet, IL

Death: 20 March 1995 St. Joseph Hospital, Joliet, IL

Father: James Leo Farrell

Mother: Aileen C. Raleigh

Name: Patrick Farrell

Birth: Mar 1855 Canada Eng

Death: 31 Dec 1946 Swanton, Franklin, Vermont, United States

Father: Patrick Farrell

Mother: Bridget Battles

Name: Patrick Farrell

Birth: 16 Mar 1848 New York

Death: 1915/06/01 Dexter,,Michigan,USA

Father: Patrick Farrell

Mother: Mary Ellen Kelly

Name: Patrick L. Farrell

Birth: 17 Mar 1835 Saint Johns, Quebec, Canada

Death: 22 Apr 1915 Washington, Vermont

Father: Patrick Farrell

Mother: Mary Clark

Name: Patrick Farrell

Birth: 18 Feb 1865 St Clair

Death: 21 Jan 1925 St Clair, St Clair, Michigan, USA

Father: Patrick Farrell

Mother: Margaret Hogan

Name: Patrick Farrell

Birth: abt 1839 Ireland

Death: Nov. 1918 Cumberland, Allegany, MD

Father: James O'Farrell

Mother: Mother Farrell

Name: Patrick Henry Farrell

Birth: abt 1876 Sligo

Death: 13 Feb 1914 Denver, Adams Co., CO

Father: James Farrell

Mother: Nora Hynes

Name: Patrick Farrell

Birth: 22 May 1935 Concordia, Cloud, Kansas, USA

Death: 8 Aug 2015 Denver, Colorado, USA

Father: James Jay Farrell

Mother: Mary Faye Green

Name: Patrick Farrell

Birth: 3//4//1848 Ireland

Death: 25 Aug 1940 Pottawatomie County, Kansas

Father: Patrick Farrell

Mother: Mary Milnamow

Name: Patrick Joseph Farrell

Birth: 26 October 1870 Pakenham, Lanark, Ontario, Canada

Death: 24 November 1952 Arnprior, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada

Father: Matthew Farrell

Mother: Mary Murphy

Name: Patrick Farrell

Birth: 10 Aug 1820 Ballsadare, Sligo, Ireland

Death: 20 Sep 1902 Underhill, Chittenden, Vermont, USA

Father: James Farrell

Mother: Nora Madden

Name: Patrick Henry Farrell

Birth: 10 Mar 1856 Dushore, Sullivan, Pennsylvania

Death: 20 January 1934 Benezette, Elk County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John K Farrell

Mother: Anna Dunne

Name: Patrick J Farrell

Birth: abt 1917 Iowa

Death: Abt 2004 Iowa

Father: Joseph E Farrell

Mother: Loretta May Minard

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