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Results for "paul haney"

Name: Paul B Haney

Birth: 2//6//1900 Illinois

Death: 3 Aug 1984 Vancouver, Washington

Father: Clark Haney

Mother: Maggie Peak

Name: Paul Rufus Haney

Birth: Feb 18, 1935 MS

Death: Sep 10, 2009 MS

Father: Paul Rufus Haney

Mother: Gracie Mae Cobb

Name: Paul Jefferson Haney

Birth: 8 Mar 1930 Barnitz, Custer, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 28 Jun 1977 Cheyenne, Roger Mills, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Arthur Elbert Haney

Mother: Ruby Eaton

Name: Paul Orville HANEY

Birth: 14 Sep 1912 Konawa, Seminole, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 24 Aug 2005 Sweet Home, Linn, Oregon, USA

Father: Arthur Orville HANEY

Mother: Clara Belle Doughty

Name: Paul Calvin Haney

Birth: 7 Apr 1952 Greeneville, Greene, Tennessee, USA

Death: 1 Jun 2007 Greeneville, Greene, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: Andrew Dutch Haney

Mother: Cora Mae Gray

Name: Paul Edward Haney

Birth: 01 NOV 1891 Fairland, Douglas County, Illinois

Death: 13 Aug 1977 Dallas, Paulding, Georgia, United States

Father: Edward Jackson Haney

Mother: Marie "Mary" Knutzen

Name: Paul Cornelious Haney

Birth: 22 Oct 1916 Weaverville, North Carolina, USA

Death: 7 Oct 1964 Rt 3, Waynesville, Haywood, North Carolina, US

Father: John William Haney,

Mother: Lillie Viola Rice

Name: Paul Haney

Birth: 26 Jul 1917 Ottsville, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 28 Apr 1977 Greentown, Pike, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Joseph Harvey Haney

Mother: Ella M Reinhold

Name: Paul F. Haney

Birth: 29 June 1896 Rillton, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Death: Feb 1973 Oil City, Venango, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Edward Haney

Mother: Martha Emily Ewig

Name: Paul E Haney

Birth: 20 AUG 1909 <Pennsylvania>, USA

Death: 3 Dec 1982 Tel Aviv, Israel

Father: Charles Freeborn Haney

Mother: Mary Ida Parkhurst

Name: Paul Haney

Birth: 7 Mar 1919 Texarkana, Miller, Arkansas, USA

Death: 24 Sep 1976 Pacoima, Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Father: Joe Haney

Mother: Girlnay Stewart Stewart

Name: Paul M Haney

Birth: 9 Oct 1907 Kansas

Death: Mar 1980 Larned, Pawnee, Kansas, USA

Father: Pearl Garfield Haney

Mother: Goldie Deborah Dreese

Name: Paul Edward Haney

Birth: 16 May 1941 Fairmont, Marion, West Virginia, United States

Death: 20 Jul 1973 Kanawha, West Virginia

Father: Homer Paul Haney

Mother: Georgia Ella Wilson

Name: Paul B. Haney

Birth: 21 Feb 1911 Hastings, Kosciuscko, Indiana, USA

Death: 4 February 1990 Elkhart, Elkhart, Indiana, USA

Father: Peter Edward Haney

Mother: Frances Belle Weaver

Name: Paul Haney

Birth: 6 Oct 1927 Clyde, Haywood County, North Carolina

Death: 15 april 1997 Canton, haywood, NC U.S.

Father: Alfred Joseph Haney

Mother: Lou Ellen Mathis-Haney

Name: Paul S Haney

Birth: 28 Mar 1903 Pennsylvania, United States

Death: Nov 1973 Bloomsbury, Hunterdon, New Jersey, USA

Father: Lewis E. Heaney

Mother: S Anna Sigafoos

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